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16 Aug 2010 description

American Refugee Committee Teams Provide Health Care to Thousands of Flood Survivors in Pakistan

Contact: Therese Gales, 800-875-7060

Minneapolis, MN (August 16, 2010) - The American Refugee Committee is providing medical care to survivors of the floods in Pakistan, which have uprooted 20 million people and which the UN Secretary General called the worst disaster he's ever seen.

"The situation here is desperate," said Jill McGrath Jones, American Refugee Committee team leader. "People lack food and clean water.

02 Aug 2010 description

American Refugee Committee Teams Travel by Boat to Assist Survivors


Therese Gales, 612-221-5161; ThereseG@archq.org

27 Oct 2009 description

Minneapolis, MN (October 27, 2009)-The American Refugee Committee-which assists more than 500,000 people in Pakistan-said today that the headlines about the turmoil in Pakistan have been missing a critical element: the voices of people who are caught in the crossfire.

"The situation on the ground in Pakistan is complicated, and violence makes headlines daily-but there's another story to tell: the real human story which takes place in homes, in communities, and in refugee camps," said Daniel Wordsworth, President of the American Refugee Committee.

13 May 2009 description

Hundreds of thousands flee cities in the wake of fighting north of the capital

Minneapolis, MN - Relief workers from the Minneapolis-based American Refugee Committee are assessing the needs of refugees in the Swat Valley north of Islamabad, Pakistan. Intense fighting between Taliban militias and the Pakistani military has caused hundreds of thousands to flee their homes since Friday.

They are crowding into makeshift refugee camps carrying little more than the clothes on their backs.

29 Oct 2008 description

American Refugee Committee Team is One of the First on the Ground to Assist Survivors of Pakistan Earthquake

- ARC providing relief services in wake of 6.4 magnitude earthquake; 200 feared dead -

Minneapolis, MN - A team of relief workers from the American Refugee Committee was one of the first teams on the ground to reach survivors of a 6.4 magnitude earthquake which struck Southwest Pakistan today.

05 Jul 2007 description

The American Refugee Committee is responding to a flooding emergency in Balochistan Province, Pakistan. Rains caused by Cyclone Yemyin last week have damaged or destroyed an estimated 200,000 houses, affecting more than 800,000 people.

"This is a huge humanitarian emergency," said ARC President Hugh Parmer. "ARC teams in the region are doing all they can to provide relief to those affected by this distaster."

ARC's medical assistance camp has been set up near District Nushki.

06 Oct 2006 description

One Year after Earthquake

Minneapolis, Minn. (October 6, 2006) - One year ago, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) rushed to the Kashmir region of Pakistan to provide critical assistance to the survivors of a 7.6 magnitude earthquake that killed 73,000 people and rendered nearly 3.5 million homeless. But the brutal unforgiving winter is quickly approaching this mountainous region, directly threatening the lives of those who need immediate help.

18 Aug 2006 description

Minneapolis, MN (August 18, 2006) - The South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund (SAERF)-led by five private sector CEOs and supported by President Bush-has selected the American Refugee Committee (ARC) to receive a $1 million grant to provide health care to survivors of the earthquake in Pakistan.

SAERF was formed when five private-sector CEOs, supported by President George W.

15 Aug 2006 description

Pakistan Earthquake Relief Continues

The South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund (SAERF) has selected ARC to receive a $1 million grant to provide health care to survivors of the earthquake in Pakistan. More than 200,000 people will receive essential health care services as a result of the grant.

ARC has been working to rebuild the health care system that was devastated by the October quake.

19 Dec 2005 description

The American Refugee Committee (ARC) recently received $2,700,000 from the US Agency for International Development's (USAID) Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance to continue providing shelter, safe water and work for survivors of the earthquake that shook Pakistan on October 8th.

The programs will benefit 46,000 people made homeless or impacted by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. The quake initially claimed more than 175,000 lives, and wintry conditions in the region are threatening even more lives.

15 Oct 2005 description

Minneapolis, Minnesota -- October 15, 2005 -- American Refugee Committee's (ARC) Security Manager Alex Erolin is leading ARC's earthquake relief efforts on-the-ground in Pakistan. Erolin, who has served as ARC's Security Manager since 2003, is an experienced relief worker and served more than 2 decades with the U.S.

09 Oct 2005 description

Minneapolis, MN - October 9, 2005 - Following the massive South Indian earthquake on October 8th, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) was asked by the United Nations High Commision for Refugees (UNHCR) to assist in relief efforts in the region. The disaster has left at least 20,000 people dead, injured countless more, and reduced areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan to rubble.

ARC's staff members in the region were unharmed by the earthquake and have been able to mobilize to respond to the needs of those impacted.

24 Jul 2002 description

By ARC Vice President Joe Bock

16 May 2002 description

Health workers perform 900 vaccinations in one day

25 Jan 2002 description

The American Refugee Committee has sent a mission to Central Asia to lay the groundwork for ARC's initiative to help Afghan refugees.
The team will visit Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. ARC is planning to set up programs in all three countries to help Afghans who have fled war and drought.

14 Jan 2002 description

By Erin Galbally
Minnesota Public Radio

12 Dec 2001 description

Minneapolis, December 12, 2001 Afghan refugees in Pakistan are suffering from high rates of tuberculosis as an outgrowth of crowded living conditions, poor ventilation and malnutrition, an American Refugee Committee team found during an assessment mission.

29 Nov 2001 description

Minneapolis, November 29, 2001 - An American Refugee Committee team, including several health experts, will travel to Pakistan this week to assess tuberculosis treatment needs and methodologies among Afghan refugees.

10 Oct 2001 description

Population: 26,813,057 (July 2001 est.)

03 Oct 2001 description

Minneapolis, October 3, 2001 - The American Refugee Committee International will launch an effort to help people fleeing hunger and war in Afghanistan, where a catastrophic humanitarian crisis has been unfolding since the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11.