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04 Aug 2014 description


On the 7th, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the preliminary results of the runoff. It showed that 8.1 million ballots were cast, 56% of which had gone to Ashraf Ghani. This was a pleasant reversal of fortunes for him as he only got 32% of votes in the first round. Abdullah cried foul and alleged that the one million additional voters were the result of industrial-level fraud orchestrated by the IEC.

14 Jul 2014 description


On the 14th, the Presidential Elections run-off was held between Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani. Election authorities put the turnout at 7 million - higher than the first round. A heavy price was paid. Election-related violence claimed around 60 lives, while dozens more were injured including 11 elderly men whose index fingers were cut off by the Taliban because they voted.

30 Nov 2004 description


  • Hamid Karzai formally appointed as President
  • UNODC issues annual opium survey
  • Kidnap victims released
  • Iran gives notice to Afghans to leave
  • Iran completes bridge to link Nimroz with Iranian road network.
31 Jul 2004 description


Medecins Sans Frontieres announced on 28th July that it was withdrawing from Afghanistan, citing the killing of five of its staff in a deliberate attack on June 2nd.

30 Jun 2004 description

Hopes that the NATO summit held in Istanbul from 28th to 29th June would result in a substantial increase in the resources made available to the International Security Assistance Force were only partly realised. NATO agreed to provide an additional 3,500 troops to complement the existing force of 6,500 soldiers. However, it was made clear that no long-term strategies were envisaged, through ISAF, to address the serious security situation other than by an expansion of Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs).

31 May 2004 description

Political and economic developments

30 Apr 2004 description

Political and economic developments

31 Jan 2003 description

Political and security developments

30 Nov 2002 description

Political and economic developments

24 May 2002 description


  • The selection process for the Loya Jirga faces inevitable hurdles as it seeks to encourage participation in the face of intimidation by existing power holders.
  • The outcome of the Loya Jirga depends on a resolution of fundamental power relationships and further unrest may result.
  • The economy shows signs of picking up but programmes to strengthen the infrastructure are slow to get going.
  • WFP reports on high levels of food vulnerability in many parts of the country
Political and economic developments

The Loya Jirga process is very much …

30 Apr 2002 description


  • As the Loya Jirga approaches, support for the Afghan Interim Administration appears to be less secure.
  • The former King returns but with little discernible impact on the political scene.
  • The number of Afghans returning from Pakistan reaches 370,000 but the infrastructure does not exist to support their return.
  • The reported involvement of US forces on the Pakistan side of the border could fuel support for radical conservative movements.
Political and economic developments

Reports in the Washington Post and the New York Times that U.S.

31 Mar 2002 description


  • Refugees return on a large scale from Pakistan but increased criminality generates concern that the economy may not be able to support the demands being made of it.
  • Two major earthquakes in a single month "with unusually strong and lengthy tremors" raise questions over an apparent change in seismic patterns.
  • US and other coalition forces face an elusive enemy in the mountains of Paktia.
  • In spite of the efforts of agencies to reach those affected by the drought, pockets of severe malnutrition remain.
  • Encouraged by the recent rains, …
31 Oct 2001 description

The US-led military intervention

30 Mar 2001 description


  • Reports from Afghanistan indicate growing distress and vulnerability as a consequence of the drought and of the displacement brought on by the conflict.
  • The destruction of the Bamyan Buddhas and of many other historical artefacts is confirmed.
  • The UN Secretary-General concludes, controversially, that the recent UN sanctions have had only a minimal humanitarian impact.
  • Pakistan takes a tougher position on Afghan refugees.
The Humanitarian Situation

Reports from across the country indicate very high levels of distress as people are increasingly …