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05 Aug 2013 description

The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2014 provides a critical moment for the United States to evaluate its development objectives in Pakistan and signal its credibility as a long-term partner. Afghanistan and Pakistan are at different points on the path of development and require different kinds of assistance delivered in different way. Short-term stabilization is the top priority in Afghanistan while long-term development is and should be the priority in Pakistan.

19 Dec 2012 description

By Amanda Glassman in USAID, Vaccination

This is a joint post with Charles Kenny.

30 Jul 2012 description

In March 2009, the Obama administration announced its intention to significantly increase civilian (nonsecurity) assistance to Pakistan. Underlying this new push was a realization within the administration that Pakistan’s ability to grow economically, to meet its citizens’ basic needs, and to reduce conflict, insecurity, and instability depended on the establishment of a more capable, democratic state.

01 Jun 2011 description

Experts Urge Revamp of U.S. Approach to Pakistan

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 1, 2011) — U.S. and Pakistani development experts are urging a substantial revamp of the U.S. approach to Pakistan, saying that U.S. efforts to build prosperity in the nuclear-armed nation with a fledgling democratic government, burgeoning youth population, and shadowy intelligence services are not yet on course.