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04 Jul 2017 description

In Serbia and FYR Macedonia, SOS Children’s Villages technology centres offer various learning opportunities

02 Feb 2017 description

Recent emergencies in Philippines, Nepal and Haiti show the value of sound construction

When a natural disaster hits an SOS Children’s Village, the ability of its infrastructure to resist the forces of nature is crucial to keep the children and staff safe. That no fatalities due to natural disaster have been reported in the history of the organisation is testimony to the construction standards it maintains.

11 Sep 2015 description

SOS Children’s Villages International is continuing to respond in every possible way to the global humanitarian crisis of refugees and displaced people. Emergency response activities are underway in the Middle East and across Europe, bringing much needed relief to refugee children and their families.

Globally, SOS Children’s Villages is working to prevent the problems that create refugees, to support children and families in their path to safety, and to provide care for unaccompanied children in the destination countries.


31 Dec 2011 description

Deprived of love and laughter, children globally are afflicted by war, violence, disease, exploitation, neglect and other devastating circumstances. Progress has been made in strengthening their families of origin and preventing child abandonment, but much remains to be done.

02 Sep 2010 description

02/09/2010 - Several truckloads and airlifts with food, medical supplies and tents from SOS Children's Villages have already reached dozens of towns in Pakistan's flood-affected areas to provide children and families with the bare necessities of survival.

Floodwaters in Pakistan are receding, but millions of people have been displaced and have nothing but their lives. Trucks containing food packages have by now distributed a total of 4650 food packages (some 744,000 meals) to over a dozen different towns in the affected provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit Baltistan and South …

13 Aug 2010 description

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan is cooperating with other local NGOs to support families with desperately needed supplies. We help with purchasing and distribution of food packages. In a second phase, orphaned, abandoned, lost children could be find shelter and security in any of the eight SOS Children's Villages in the country.

SOS Children's Villages Pakistan stands firm in its offer for accepting children which certainly is an equally important effort when others have left the scene already.

02 Jun 2009 description

The violence in Northwest Pakistan has displaced an estimated two million civilians; thousands more are expected to become refugees. The majority of the victims are children, their prospects for the immediate future far from bright.

31 Oct 2008 description

The earthquake that killed 215 people in Baluchistan, Pakistan, has left the children, staff and facilities unscathed.

SOS Children's Villages' emergency relief programme from 2005 is still operational - Photo: SOS CV Pakistan

The 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the poorest region of Pakistan, Baluchistan, on Wednesday, has killed about 215 people and reduced 1,500 houses to rubble, leaving close to 20,000 people homeless in freezing temperatures, according to Reuters.

02 Oct 2006 description

SOS Children's Villages continues caring for quake-affected children

On 8 October 2005, a devastating earthquake shook vast areas of the Pakistani province Jammu Kashmir, where the situation remains dire. In addition to providing immediate material aid, SOS Children's Villages has concentrated on taking in and caring for orphaned and unaccompanied children. A total of 224 children are now receiving care at various facilities of SOS Children's Villages in Pakistan.

31 Mar 2006 description

Six months after the quake which devastated large areas of northern Pakistan, living conditions remain dire in the affected areas. Suitable shelter, health and sanitation facilities, proper schooling and clean water are among the many needs of children and families. SOS Children's Villages continues providing aid for affected children and families.

13 Mar 2006 description

SOS Children's Village Sialkot opened in Pakistan on 4 March. 35 of the admitted children were orphaned as a result of the earthquake in October 2005.

24 Feb 2006 description

Conditions in the quake-hit regions of Pakistan-administered Kashmir remain catastrophic five months after the devastating natural disaster. SOS Children's Villages is providing more tents for survivors, while the organisation's "search and rescue" team continues to identify unaccompanied and orphaned children.SOS Children's Villages is providing a further 100 weatherproof tents to affected areas in and around Muzaffarabad, in addition to the more than 1,000 tents that the organisation has distributed to survivors since the quake struck on 8 October 2005.

10 Jan 2006 description

Three months after the earthquake that devastated large areas of northern Pakistan and India, conditions in the region have worsened due to heavy snowfall, rain and resulting landslides. SOS Children's Villages continues providing aid for children and families affected by the natural disaster.

Massive landslides resulting from heavy snowfall and rain often block the main road from Islamabad to quake-hit Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. Relief aid often cannot be airlifted into the region because of fog.

17 Dec 2005 description

SOS Emergency Relief Centre, Rawalpindi

There has been some delay in our "Search and Rescue" operation as we were sorting out formalities with the various agencies involved. We now have all the clearances necessary and have resumed the operation.

To date, we have admitted 78 children and, of these, 31 have been moved to Lahore where they are housed in the National Training Centre.

14 Dec 2005 description

On 12 December, SOS Children's Villages Ambassador Princess Salimah Aga Khan accompanied a cargo flight transporting 100 tons of much needed relief goods from Germany to quake-hit Pakistan. Conrad Hilton III joined the Princess on her trip.

16 Nov 2005 description

SOS Children's Villages is providing the medical group Operation Heartbeat with a fully equipped tented hospital which will be set up in Chakkaz, a mountainous town at an altitude of 2,400 metres in earthquake-hit Kashmir. Chakkaz has a population of 120,000 and not a single hospital or medical centre.

The tented hospital consists of ten weatherproof tents, medicine, medical equipment, beds, blankets, an electricity generator and four medically equipped backpacks.

02 Nov 2005 description

Over the past week, a "search and rescue" team of SOS Children's Villages has been looking for unaccompanied children in the earthquake-stricken regions of northern Pakistan.

31 Oct 2005 description

There are currently 27 children and four widowed women at the emergency shelter of SOS Children's Villages in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, and a further group is expected to arrive this evening.

The "search and rescue" team of SOS Children's Villages is searching all field hospitals and camps in and around Muzaffarabad in search of unaccompanied children. After being identified, the children are then assembled at the children's village in Muzaffarabad, before one of the nurses of SOS Children's Villages accompanies them to Rawalpindi.

25 Oct 2005 description

SOS Children's Villages to care for unaccompanied children at its Rawalpindi shelter

More than two weeks after the devastating earthquake in South Asia, thousands of children are still in need of basic aid. As approved by the governments of Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir, SOS Children's Villages is searching for unaccompanied children and women in Muzaffarabad and surroundings, and is bringing them to the organisation's emergency relief shelter in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

24 Oct 2005 description

More than two weeks after the devastating earthquake which ripped through large areas of Northern Pakistan and India, thousands of survivors including many children, are still homeless and in need of emergency aid. The relief efforts of SOS Children's Villages for survivors in quake-hit Azad Kashmir continue.

Today, a plane carrying some 80,000 units of energy bars and 100,000 surgical masks, equipped with three layers and which also serve for the protection of droplet infection, arrived at the airport in Islamabad.