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10 Jul 2017 description
report Plan International

Social isolation forms a key, unrecognised barrier to gender equality, and reduces many girls’ life chances, suggests new research from Plan International.

The social isolation of adolescent girls, caused by restricted freedoms, domestic duties and early marriage, emerges as a major, unrecognised barrier to equality in new research from Plan International.

31 May 2017 description
report Plan International

1.1 Introduction

In 2016, in an effort to further the global understanding of adolescent girls’ rights, Plan International commissioned and undertook a three-country study (in Nicaragua, Zimbabwe and Pakistan) on a set of themes related to the SDGs.

11 May 2016 description
report Plan International


This edition of OPENPlan marks the first issue of Volume 2, and the first for 2016. We have sought to bring you as varied research studies as possible in order to give you a sampling of some of the interesting studies being undertaken across Plan International.

07 Oct 2015 description
report Plan International

Girls say violence holds them back

The lives of adolescent girls in developing countries hold more promise than in previous generations, but pervasive violence still holds them back, reveals research commissioned by Plan International.

As part of the research interviews were conducted by Ipsos MORI with over 4,000 girls aged 15 to 19 in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Pakistan and Zimbabwe. The majority of girls surveyed remain in fear of violence, whether in the home, on the street, at school or as a result of forced marriage or pregnancy.

06 Aug 2015 description
report Plan International

5 August 2015: Plan International is responding after thousands of children have been left vulnerable by the devastating floods in Pakistan.

As the rains continue to intensify, Plan International Pakistan’s emergency teams have found that most families, forced to evacuate their homes, are now living in dense, overcrowded camps without adequate shelter.

In addition, many of these camps are still dangerously close to surging flood waters.

As of 3 August, over 1 million people have been affected by floods in 23 districts across Pakistan with 86 reported deaths.

05 Mar 2015 description

2 March 2015: To most of us, the belief that our children should have to worry about violence at school is unthinkable. Parents should be able to trust that their kids’ schools are safe, and that an environment of learning should be devoid of violence.

Yet according to evidence being released this week from Plan International and the International Centre for Research on Women, violence is distressingly commonplace within schools in Asia.

16 Feb 2012 description


The floods that began in August 2011 and swept across the province of Sindh and parts of neighbouring Balochistan resulted in one of the most destructive disasters that Pakistan has experienced. More than five million people have been affected: 1.8 million people were left homeless and more than 2.2 million acres of crops were lost, resulting in agricultural losses of nearly $2 billion.

23 Nov 2011 description
report Plan International

By Nopporn Wong-Anan

BADIN, Pakistan, Nov 2011 – Farmer Noor Muhammad was hit with the worst disaster in nearly five decades of his life when the monsoon rains and floods in August/September destroyed his home and damaged his rice and cotton crops in a remote village in Pakistan’s southeastern province of Sindh.

26 Sep 2011 description
report Plan International

26 September 2011: Plan has launched an emergency appeal to help families caught up in the floods that are now affecting more than 6,800,000 people across southern Pakistan.

Our teams have set up a camp for 2,000 people displaced by floods in Badin district and have begun providing safe water and child protection to over 22,000 people in surrounding communities.

Please support our vital work and make a donation to the Pakistan floods appeal today.

16 Sep 2011 description
report Plan International

16 September 2011: Torrential rains are threatening thousands of children’s lives in southern Pakistan as more than 5,300,000 people are now affected by floods.

In Badin district alone, almost half a million homes have been flooded.

19 Aug 2011 description
report Plan International

19 August 2011: Plan teams are providing emergency aid to thousands of people affected by floods in southern Pakistan as torrential rains hit Sindh province.

Over 300,000 people have been left homeless in Badin district after water one foot high swamped villages.

“Our specialist disaster response teams are on the ground in Sindh province where thousands of people are in need of food, shelter and safe drinking water,” says Haider Yaqub, Plan’s country director in Pakistan.

12 Jul 2011 description
report Plan International

One year on, Pakistan’s flood survivors recovering and rebuilding lives

A year after Pakistan's worst floods in modern history killed around 2,000 and displaced millions, Plan has helped hundreds of thousands of families recover and rebuild their lives with better access to clean water, schools and child-friendly spaces.

01 Jul 2011 description
report Plan International

Plan UK is joining the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to tackle major humanitarian crises overseas.

The international children’s charity is the first agency to join the umbrella organisation in six years.

The DEC has run joint fundraising appeals for emergency response and early recovery programmes since 1963, and most recently in the aftermath of the Pakistan floods and the earthquake in Haiti.

25 May 2011 description
report Plan International

Millions of children in developing countries are at greater risk of being trafficked, abducted or abused because they do not exist on government records. As the world marks International Missing Children’s Day, it is estimated that globally 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Plan, as part of its Universal Birth Registration campaign, is calling for every child in the world to be registered as an effective prevention tool to tackle child trafficking and abuse.

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22 Feb 2011 description
report Plan International

February 2011: Plan is continuing to help thousands of children to recover from the floods that devastated Pakistan 6 months ago.

Watch the video and see children's joy at the opening of a child-friendly space - one of 162 safe areas set up by Plan where children can learn, play and receive emotional support.

The new space has already made a huge impact on 10-year-old Ayesha, who was made homeless and lost her sister to dysentery shortly after.

08 Feb 2011 description
report Plan International

Fewer than half (43%) of people who donate to charity disaster appeals are told about the difference their money has made, according to new research from international children's development charity, Plan UK.

The study, which was carried out by research company ComRes on Plan's behalf, seeks to understand the public's perception of the media's reporting of humanitarian disasters.

Just one in five people (20%) who contributed to disaster appeals received some sort of communication regarding their donation.

Only 5 per cent of these were personalised; fewer than one …

31 Jan 2011 description

New NGO inter-agency group learning review highlights successes and challenges of Disaster Risk Reduction initiatives

28 Jan 2011 description
report Plan International

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating floods that hit Pakistan, Plan assisted some 300,000 people with life-saving supplies such as shelter, food, safe water and hygiene kits.

17 Nov 2010 description
report Plan International

Posted by Mary Matheson

17 November 2010: Shona and I are sitting on top of a tractor, lurching from side to side as it slowly crawls through the uneven fields. Our camera equipment is precariously balanced on the back, and dust blows relentlessly in our faces.

I look down at the enormous tractor wheel and think were it not for Plan Pakistan's Co-ordinator For Disaster Relief, Uzma Shafi, holding tightly to my arm, I'd be squashed like an ant in the next ditch.

But Shona and I know we're lucky to get this ride.