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23 Feb 2016 description
report CBM

Partner background

CBM was one of several partners who contributed to this ground-breaking global collaboration, working in Pakistan with the College of Ophthalmology and Allied Visions Sciences, Lahore, to map prevalence of the disease across 4 districts of Punjab province and 2 districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) province.

27 Jul 2015 description


Persons with disabilities often experience discrimination and exclusion, despite the adoption of an increasingly rights-based approach to humanitarian assistance. The past three decades have witnessed a growing awareness of disability issues and the emergence and spread of disabled people’s organisations.

The growing awareness must be accompanied by practical measures to identify and reduce the barriers faced by persons with disabilities in an emergency situation.

18 May 2013 description
report CBM

CBM and partners launch key publication on Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

As disasters have such a huge impact on human lives, it is important to make Disaster Risk Management inclusive to all. CBM and its partners have launched a key publication on good practices in this important field. It gives great examples of disability inclusive Disaster Risk Management, showing persons with disabilities as active participants in Disaster Risk Response interventions.

What Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction means?

13 Oct 2010 description
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Along with providing the necessities of life, such as food, water, shelter and medical care, CBM and its local partners are planning to rebuild the homes, schools and livelihoods of thousands of flood survivors.

Uncertain future

"We had a good life before the floods. We had our own business, our own home, land, crops and plenty of food, but all that is lost now. I'm not sure how long it will be before we can rebuild, or if we will be able too."

Muhammed Ismial's story isn't unique, millions of people in Pakistan have lost everything.

09 Sep 2010 description
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Pakistan's 2010 flooding has affected millions, but it is those who have disabilities who are often hardest hit. Meer (pictured below) is one example. Although he contracted polio as a child, he was self-sufficient before his house and means of income was washed away. He and his family now live in a temporary camp 600km from home

Before the flooding

Meer is 50 years old. He was diagnosed with polio at a young age and prior to the recent flooding lived in a house with 10 members of his extended family in Jacobabad.

He was financially independent.

24 Aug 2010 description
report CBM

CBM and its local partners are providing life saving assistance to more than 10,000 flood survivors after the worst floods to hit Pakistan in 80 years.

Numbers in need keep growing

According to the United Nations the number of people affected by flooding in Pakistan has now risen to more than 20 million.

One fifth of Pakistan - the size of Florida - has been flooded in relentless monsoon rains.

The number of people in dire need of immediate assistance now stands at eight million, and of those, less than one million have received basic supplies such as tents or plastic …

06 Jan 2006 description
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In response to the 8th October 2005 Pakistan Earthquake, and the subsequent destruction of the hospitals and other health services across the affected area, CBM constructed and equipped a Field Hospital in Battagram, to serve the needs of the local people until the local hospital can be rebuilt.