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23 Aug 2016 description

Brigitte Rohwerder, July 2016


What have been the different approaches/strategies to transitional shelter in post-natural disaster contexts in developing countries and what lessons have been learned (with a focus on the non-technical aspects of transitional shelter)?


Literature on approaches to transitional shelter in post-natural disaster contexts reflects the variety of different approaches and definitions, which complicate understandings of transitional shelter and lessons learned.

18 Mar 2016 description

Iffat Idris


What are the economic impacts of humanitarian aid? What is the impact on the local economy? How is economic impact/gain distributed? How does economic impact vary with different modalities of aid? What is the economic impact of humanitarian aid on affected populations, e.g. on their access to credit? Identify key gaps in evidence.


25 Jan 2016 description

This research report draws on empirical case studies on the mainstreaming of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) to provide insights into the experience of low and middle-income countries in Asia. Most case studies are based on reviews and assessments done by international organisations such as the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

11 Oct 2015 description

This Topic Guide draws on lessons from programmes and case studies to explore which types of economic development interventions can be effective in FCAS and which factors have contributed to successes and failures.

About this Topic Guide

This GSDRC Topic Guide was written by Katie McIntosh and Joanna Buckley (Oxford Policy Management). The production of this Guide was supported by the UK Government.

28 Apr 2015 description

Initiatives to strengthen rule of law in Sindh: Please provide evidence of local, national or international initiatives to strengthen rule of law in Pakistan, with a focus on initiatives in Sindh. What lessons can be learnt from the literature on these initiatives, with a focus on factors contributing to success?

Helpdesk response

Key findings: As in the rest of Pakistan, there are number of concerns relating to rule of law in Sindh that include:

07 Jul 2014 description

Urbanisation and conflict in Pakistan: What are the main links between urbanisation and violence in Pakistan? What positive opportunities does urbanisation offer for conflict reduction? Provide examples of donor approaches to conflict reduction in urban environments.

Helpdesk response

Key findings: There is a broad body of literature on violence in Pakistan, however less specific material drawing links between urbanisation and incidences of violence. Some of the main links between urbanisation and violence identified in the available literature include:

27 Jan 2014 description

Community-based disaster risk management in Pakistan: Please provide an overview of the literature on Community-Based Disaster Risk Management in Pakistan. Identify successes and failures (including with regard to inclusion), and key factors of success and failure. Where possible, consider variation among provinces, engagement with local and district government, and the types and methodologies of interventions supported, including links with environmental management.

07 Jun 2013 description


The impact of integrated missions on humanitarian operations: What is the evidence on the impact of integrated UN missions on the conduct of humanitarian operations? Specifically look at impact on the protection of civilians, humanitarian access and the security of humanitarian agencies, and the perception of humanitarian organisations by warring parties.

Helpdesk response

Key findings

Evidence remains scarce, problematic and contested. There is at least limited agreement on the following:

19 Oct 2012 description


Preventing conflict between refugees and host communities: Provide examples of good practice/programmes in preventing/addressing conflict between refugees and host communities

Helpdesk response

This report includes programme examples from 13 countries. It highlights three main types of programme designed to tackle tensions and conflicts between refugees and host communities: