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28 Oct 2010 description

Three months following devastating flooding in Pakistan, a Church World Service (CWS) staff member in Pakistan stated: "The loss remains incomprehensible, especially for those who repeatedly witnessed a series of hardships over the past decade, including other floods, earthquakes and civil conflict."

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) continues to respond to the needs of flood-affected families in Pakistan. In cooperation with our ecumenical partners CWS and members of ACT Alliance, more than 100,000 people have received food, medical care and/or tents.

Once emergency …

05 Oct 2010 description

PC(USA) has contributed $250,000 through PDA; much more needed


As winter approaches, the summer monsoon-induced floods in Pakistan threaten to lead to more deaths and illness.

The flooding, which began in northern Pakistan and has spread to cover almost a quarter of the country, has affected more than 21 million people, according to a Sept. 24 update from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

About 1.8 million homes have been …

03 Sep 2010 description

church, ecumenical partners working together to meet overwhelming need

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) has funneled nearly $250,000 through ecumenical partner agencies to aid flood relief efforts in Pakistan.

Presbyterian mission workers in Pakistan and the institutions they serve are also providing services to help with the relief effort.

The worst flooding in Pakistan's history has left about 1.5 million homeless and has caused the death of more than 1,600 people.

17 Aug 2010 description

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is responding to the worst flooding in Pakistan's history, which has left about 1.5 million homeless and has caused the death of more than 1,600 people.

The floods in Pakistan began in the northern parts of country and have spread to four provinces, covering about 82,000 square miles (Pakistan's total square miles: 340,132). This disaster has been described as affecting more people than the Haiti earthquake and the Tsunami combined.

25 Jun 2009 description

Pakistan Crisis

The ongoing violence in Pakistan between Pakistan's military and the Taliban rebels has displaced more than 3.5 million people. United Nations high commissioner for refugees, António Guterres, said the current displacement is bigger and faster than the movement of people following the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

Displaced women and children are at the greatest risk, with families split up in the chaos and children separated from parents.

12 May 2009 description


Fighting between the Pakistan Army and Taliban in the northwest of Pakistan has intensified in recent days in an area where as many as 500,000 civilians have been displaced since October 2008.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance's partner Church World Service (CWS) is warning of a worsening humanitarian disaster in northern Pakistan and is calling on the United Nations and governments to increase their assistance to the affected region.

12 Nov 2008 description

The death toll from the Wednesday (Oct. 29) 6.4-magnitude earthquake in southwest Pakistan along the Afghan border remains unclear, with officials saying it could climb beyond 300, though officially the toll has been said to be 160 persons; unofficial estimates have put the toll at about 350 persons. Some 3,000 homes were destroyed and about 15,000 left homeless, the Associated Press reported.

Many houses collapsed during the quake and some were destroyed in landslides that followed it.

16 Aug 2007 description

Across the Asian continent, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance partners are planning and implementing assistance for more than 270,000 vulnerable people in various flood-related emergencies. Emergency responses include immediate food distribution, safe water, housing reconstruction and future risk reduction.

19 Jan 2006 description

In the first 100 days since a powerful earthquake hit northern Pakistan in October last year, killing 73,000 and leaving up to three million people homeless, the humanitarian aid community has encountered a host of challenges and is now facing its biggest test -- harsh winter weather settling in over the quake-affected mountainous areas.

"It has been a challenge from day one to respond to this emergency because of the high terrain, culture, security -- all the challenges you can imagine," said Marvin Parvez, director of Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A).

10 Oct 2005 description

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and members of the global alliance Action by Churches Together (ACT) International are providing immediate relief to survivors while preparing for a major, organized response as the extent of damage and number of deaths becomes more apparent following Saturday morning's (October 8, 2005) powerful earthquake in Pakistan.