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21 Sep 2011 description

Heavy monsoon rains over the last month have caused widespread flooding of homes, livestock, food stores and farmland in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. The plight of the affected, particularly the displaced population, is a dire situation which requires an immediate response. Over 5.4 million people have been impacted and the Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 70% of standing crops have been destroyed. The majority of Sindh residents are poor and landless, relying on agriculture and livestock production in order to provide for their families.

06 Dec 2010 description

Mirpurkhas, Pakistan

Everywhere we travel here, a giant dust cloud follows close behind. The land is so dry the earth cracks and the sun scorches. Having arrived in the city of Mirpurkhas, Sindh province, Pakistan, I've visited several remote villages where our partners, Church World Service - Pakistan/Afghanistan, are conducting a variety of programs to establish food security for people living in the region.

Our first visit was to the community of Babar Kaloi.

03 Dec 2010 description

PWS&D communications coordinator, Barb Summers, is currently visiting program partners in Pakistan along with PWS&D program coordinator, Alex Macdonald, and Canadian Foodgrains Bank communications officer, Emily Cain.

I wish I could effectively describe the landscape of Pakistan's Swat valley, however I'm afraid I just wouldn't do it justice.

19 Oct 2010 description

Supporting Health and Livelihood Restoration in Pakistan

When the floods hit Royan Bibi's neighbourhood, the 50-year-old woman watched helplessly as her house and all her possessions washed away. With nowhere else to go, Royan, her husband and one of her sons moved in with her daughter's family, living in tight quarters.

Although there is little space to spare in the house, Royan's daughter offered up a room for a PWS&D-supported mobile health clinic, providing a place where female flood victims can receive medical treatment.

11 Aug 2010 description

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Monsoon rains and severe flooding have washed away tens of thousands of homes and killed as many as 1,500 people in Pakistan. In some of the worst flooding ever recorded in the region, thousands have lost livelihoods and are now homeless.

PWS&D Responds

In the wake of widespread damage to agricultural lands, Presbyterian World Service & Development is working with Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) to provide over 25,000 people (3,000 families) with food packages for two months in the province of Balochistan, one of the worst affected areas.

16 Jun 2009 description

Over 3 million people have been displaced by violence between the Pakistan military and militants in recent weeks. Displaced people face a crisis in food, clean water, shelter and medical care, especially for women and children. Conditions of extreme heat are exacerbating the humanitarian situation.

Many mothers fled the conflict areas with their children while their husbands stayed to try to protect their property and crops. Obtaining relief items and other services has been difficult for many women as they are culturally unaccustomed to leaving their homes on their own.

16 Jun 2009 description

As violence and upheaval continues in Pakistan, women and children are facing severe hardships with lack of access to cooked foods, latrines and female doctors.

Many mothers fled the conflict areas with their children while their husbands stayed to try to protect their property and crops.

29 May 2009 description

A crisis has emerged in Pakistan as millions of people flee an outbreak of violence in their home communities.

11 Jul 2008 description

When cyclone Yemyin devastated Pakistan in June, 2007, PWS&D responded through the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International network and Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB) to provide desperately needed food, housing materials, medical supplies, hygiene kits and water.

The cyclone caused large-scale damage to roads, communication links, water systems, crops and homes. Some districts saw thousands of people homeless after massive floods caused rivers to burst their banks and dams were breached.

13 Oct 2005 description

In the past week PWS&D has been mobilizing resources and support to help our local partners respond to the devastation caused by Hurricane Stan in Central America and by the earthquake in South Asia.