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01 May 2012 description
Humanitarian Accountability Report
HAP Secretariat Report

The HAP membership and its Secretariat have released the annual review of the "year that was", the 2011 Humanitarian Accountability Report. This year's report was published in conjunction with the 2011 HAP Secretariat Report.

05 May 2011 description

The report begins with an overview of accountability in the humanitarian system in 2010 written by John Borton, an experienced consultant and researcher. Borton identifies areas of both positive development and continuing need in relation to accountability. Positive developments include an increase in the proportion of evaluations considering accountability to intended beneficiaries and the positive impact of certification systems, such as HAP’s, on organizational performance and accountability towards affected population.

01 Oct 2010 description

In addition to the numerous international humanitarian organizations that have country offices in Pakistan, HAP now has 9 member agencies that are headquartered in Pakistan. A number of these agencies are very active in working towards accountability and transparency of the relief efforts in Pakistan.

06 Aug 2010 description

The worst floods in Pakistan's history have so far displaced over 3 million people and killed over 1,500 people. As the water sweeps south, there is an urgent need for a quality response to the unfolding crisis.

26 Nov 2009 description

Kohsar Welfare & Educational Society (KWES) was founded in 1997 as a humanitarian, non-political organisation in Pakistan and is certified by the Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy. KWES takes a community development approach which focuses on the prioritisation of needs being set by the community and the implementation of projects coming from these priorities.

20 Nov 2008 description

Lack of quality leads to death and hard reactions by disaster-survivors

On 15th November, while en route to monitor a distribution centre in Warchoom, HAP field staff, along with other travellers, were held at a blockade in the road near the village of Wam. Villagers had blockaded the road in protest over the lack of appropriate shelter. It came to light that the community's frustration and anger was exacerbated in recent days by the death of a young boy.

05 Nov 2008 description

Type: Natural Disaster - Earthquake

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 04:54:18 AM

Magnitude: 6.4

Location: Baluchistan province in south-western Pakistan

Epicenter: The epicenter of the quake was in Chiltan Mountains, 80 kilometers northwest of Quetta (capital of Baluchistan) aftershocks of 4.5 and more continue to occur.

Terrain: Harsh and inaccessible

Weather: Extreme

On November 1, current Government of Pakistan (GOP) figures and preliminary field assessments indicate the earthquake killed more than 160 individuals and injured approximately 500 …