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15 Feb 2018 description

This policy brief represents the first attempt to map the number of children living in conflict settings around the world. More than half of the world’s children live in a conflict-ridden country, and more worryingly, one in six children lives very close to a conflict zone – that is, less than 50 km from where the actual fighting takes place.

01 Jan 2017 description

The world reached a level of conflict deaths in 2014–2015 that is unparalleled in the post-Cold War period. The ability of the international community to contain some of the conflicts that have the greatest regional impacts determines whether we will see a long-term trend of intensified conflict, or a return to lower levels of violence.

Brief Points

• There has been a slight decline in total battle deaths from 2014 to 2015.

22 Mar 2013 description

PRIO Report on Water Scarcity in Bangladesh

On the occasion of World Water Day 2013 (22 March), PRIO has published a new report on water scarcity and transboundary rivers in South Asia, titled Water Scarcity in Bangladesh. Transboundary Rivers, Conflict and Cooperation (PRIO Report 1/2013). In addition to reviewing bilateral agreements on water cooperation in South Asia, the report investigates water scarcity in Bangladesh and explores institutional mechanisms and strategies for basinwide and multilateral cooperation on the management of transboundary river water.

30 Sep 2010 description

Executive Summary

In the aftermath of 9/11, madrasas have become a subject of great controversy. In Afghanistan, it is commonplace to blame Pakistani madrasas for the recruitment of Afghan youths to militant groups. In response, the Afghan government has initiated a comprehensive reform of the Islamic education sector. However, despite the massive focus on the institution of the madrasa, very little analytical attention has been given either to Afghan madrasas or to the connections between religious education in Afghanistan and across the Pakistani border.