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13 May 2014 description
report The Washington Post

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN — After three decades of hosting the world’s largest refugee population, Pakistani authorities have started to crack down on the flow of Afghans, as fears mount that the U.S. pullout from their war-torn neighbor could trigger chaos on the border.

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15 Jan 2014 description
report The Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A surge in sectarian killings is raising new fears about Pakistan’s stability, as violence against Shiites and other minorities spreads to major cities and increasingly targets the country’s professional class.

Although Pakistan has struggled for decades with bouts of sectarian violence, the death toll rose dramatically last year and the country is experiencing a gruesome start to 2014.

26 Sep 2013 description
report The Washington Post

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Some security officials and relief groups are coming under attack as they struggle to reach victims in earthquake-ravaged southwestern Pakistan, demonstrating the volatile conditions in areas hardest hit by Tuesday’s 7.7 magnitude temblor.

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16 Nov 2012 description
report The Washington Post

By Richard Leiby, Friday, November 16, 10:56 AM

LAHORE — They gathered in a small room in one of this city’s worst slums, a dozen mothers sitting cross-legged with toddlers and newborns on their laps, listening to advice about polio prevention.

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24 Sep 2012 description
report The Washington Post

By Michele Langevine Leiby

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Forced marriages at a young age. Teenage Hindu girls converted to Islam against their will. Children sold into servitude.

These stories often occupy the headlines in the Pakistani media. Now a new report backs up what was obvious: Pakistan is an increasingly dismal place to be a kid.

26 Jul 2012 description
report The Washington Post

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By Richard Leiby

JALOZAI, Pakistan — Haleem Gul and his family shelter under U.N. tarps in the ceaseless sun and wonder when it will be over: The militancy in their tribal homeland, the occupation by Pakistani troops, the numbing days in the refugee camp.

14 Feb 2011 description
report The Washington Post

By Brian Vastag

Washington Post Staff Writer

Monday, February 14, 2011; 4:49 AM

Last July, a set of troubling numbers appeared in a computer at a key weather-forecasting center west of London.

Expect massive, unprecedented rainfall in northwest Pakistan, the numbers said.

But nobody at the center noticed, and officials in Pakistan failed to interpret the signal as a warning.

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28 Mar 2010 description
report The Washington Post

By Karin Brulliard

Washington Post Foreign Service

Sunday, March 28, 2010

PIRANO, PAKISTAN -- In mountains not far from this village, Pakistani authorities say, terrorists are preparing their newest generation of spies, shooters and suicide bombers.