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16 Jun 2014 description

New report: Drones in Pakistan relocating terrorists, not eliminating them

US drone strikes in the tribal areas of Pakistan have caused large numbers of terrorists to relocate to other areas of the country causing an increase in violence across Pakistan, finds a new report commissioned by the Remote Control project. Published today, the report follows the major attacks on Karachi International Airport last week that killed at least 34 people and comes days after the US resumed drone strikes in Pakistan following a five month pause.

23 Jun 2011 description

If you use drones you must confirm and report who they killed, says legal team

GENEVA 23 JUNE 2011. International lawyers have identified an existing but previously unacknowledged requirement in law for those who use or authorise the use of drone strikes to record and announce who has been killed and injured in each attack.

A new report, 'Drone Attacks, International Law, and the Recording of Civilian Casualties of Armed Conflict', is published on 23 June 2011 by London-based think tank Oxford Research Group (ORG).

31 May 2011 description

Jacob Beswick

The focus of this working paper, purposely left open to debate and amendment, in turn, is on civilian deaths caused by drones within Pakistan as reported by eight non-governmental and news organisations.

26 Feb 2010 description

At the beginning of February, ISAF sources announced that a major military offensive was about to be mounted in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. This was Operation Moshtarak ("together"), involving 15,000 US, British and Afghan National Army troops, and would concentrate on clearing Taliban and other paramilitary groups from two areas, one of them centred on the town of Marja.

31 Oct 2009 description

Paul Rogers

During October the Obama administration moved towards a decision on strengthening of US troop deployments in Afghanistan. Most sources in Washington indicated an expansion of around 40,000 troops, but some suggested up to 60,000. Even the former figure would take the US troop totals to well over 100,000 and NATO's overall numbers in the country to around 140,000.

If such an expansion in forces was to be implemented, the US administration would certainly press other NATO member states to increase their commitments.

10 Sep 2009 description

Swimming Upstream to Sustainable Security

"Extremist violence and terrorist attacks are often the final, murderous manifestations of a long process rooted in helplessness, humiliation and hatred. Therefore, any comprehensive approach has to also address the upstream factors, the conditions that help fuel violent extremism." These words come, not from a left-leaning NGO, but from the mouth of John Brennan, a long-serving CIA officer, who is now President Obama's senior advisor on counter-terrorism.