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15 Nov 2017 description
report United Nations

FOR many, climate change conjures up images of forsaken polar bears floating on icebergs made from melting ice caps, or hurricanes in the Caribbean turning island paradises into island hells. But the ones who are most affected worldwide are those with the least resources in fragile environments — including people in places like Pakistan.

28 Sep 2017 description
report United Nations

The Department of Field Support is pleased to announce that ten new contributors (Albania, Bangladesh, Canada, Italy, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Pakistan, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Switzerland) have committed to provide contributions to the Trust Fund in Support of Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse. These countries join Bhutan, Cyprus, India, Japan and Norway which have already contributed to the Trust Fund.

These contributions reinforce the Secretary-General’s clear commitment to putting the rights and dignity of victims first.

26 Sep 2014 description
report United Nations

Following are UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, at the high-level debate “Health Care and Violence: the Need for Effective Prevention”, in New York today:

I thank the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), my good friend and colleague Peter Maurer, for organizing this important high-level debate. And I thank all of you for being here during this busy week at the United Nations.

03 Oct 2012 description
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Following is a transcript of UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson’s press conference held in New York, 2 October:

23 Oct 2011 description
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(Islamabad 24 October 2011): “The mission of the United Nations is to build a better world, to leave no one behind, and to stand for the poorest and most vulnerable in the name of global peace and social justice,” said United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, on UN Day 2011.

In Pakistan, United Nations works together in solidarity with the people of Pakistan through 19 UN agencies and offices and with 3,000 national staff, addressing both development and humanitarian issues.

29 Sep 2010 description
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Executive Summary

Women from civil society and senior UN leaders in conflict-affected countries participated in 25 dialogues on conflict resolution and peacebuilding in June, July and August 2010.

26 Jul 2010 description

Remarks at the Brookings Institute, 26 July 2010

B. Lynn Pascoe, United Nations Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs

Let me begin by thanking Brookings for this opportunity to speak about the work of the United Nations in dealing with conflicts around the world.

While academic studies seem to conclude that conflicts have actually been declining in recent years, it doesn't feel that way from our vantage point in New York.

29 May 2009 description
report United Nations

La communauté internationale est de plus en plus tributaire des opérations de maintien de la paix des Nations Unies. Jamais dans l'histoire on n'a dénombré autant de déploiements, puisque plus de 113 000 militaires, policiers et civils sont actuellement présents dans ce genre d'opérations.

Les défenseurs de la paix servant sous la bannière de l'ONU opèrent dans des régions parmi les plus difficiles et inhospitalières de la planète, où ils sont éprouvés, au quotidien, par l'instabilité, la maladie et les violences.

29 May 2009 description
report United Nations

The international community's reliance on United Nations peacekeeping continues to deepen. Deployment is at a record high, with the number of troops, civilians and police totaling more than 113,000.

The personnel who serve under the UN flag do so in some of the most difficult and inhospitable areas on earth, where they face instability, disease and violence on a daily basis.

21 Dec 2005 description
report United Nations


ISLAMABAD, 20 December (UNFIP) -- During a visit by its Board of Directors to Pakistan, the United Nations Foundation reaffirmed its commitment to mobilizing support from the corporate sector, private donors, and the Pakistani diaspora community in support of the United Nations' earthquake relief and rehabilitation efforts.

Building on its initial contribution of $1 million towards UN earthquake relief initiatives, the UN Foundation established the South Asia Earthquake Response Fund to enable private sector donors to support the United Nations' relief and …

22 Nov 2005 description
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Jan Egeland, the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, briefed journalists on a meeting of the International Task Force for Disaster Prevention that he was chairing, along with a representative of the United Nations Development Programme, for the next two days in Geneva. The year 2005, "the year of disasters", had highlighted the need for more effective humanitarian and prevention and preparedness systems, which would be the topic of discussion of the meeting.

21 Nov 2005 description
report United Nations

The following statement was issued today by the Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of internally displaced persons, Walter Kälin; Special Rapporteur on adequate housing as a component of the right to an adequate standard of living, Miloon Kothari; Special Rapporteur on the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, Paul Hunt; Special Rapporteur on the right to education, Vernor Muñoz Villalobos; and Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Jean Ziegler:

"On Saturday in Islamabad, Member States of …

16 Nov 2005 description
report United Nations

Section 1: Overview of the Disaster and its Impact

The 8 October earthquake

An earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck the northern areas of Pakistan and India on 8 October 2005. Its epicentre was 19 km northeast of Muzaffarabad. Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and North West Frontier Province (NWFP) were severely affected. Since that day, more than 1,200 aftershocks have been recorded in the region, some of them close to 6.0 on the Richter scale.

27 Oct 2005 description
report United Nations

27 October 2005 - GENEVA - Jan Egeland, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, speaking at the Palais des Nations on 26 October at the end of the one-day ministerial-level meeting on humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the earthquake in South Asia, told journalists that Member States had pledged $ 580 million at the meeting, bringing the total of recorded pledges to nearly $ 1.3 billion.

20 Oct 2005 description
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Jan Egeland, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, said the earthquake in Kashmir affecting three countries was becoming worse by the day as the extent of the emergency dawned upon the world. The world was not responding as it should be. He was extremely grateful to countries that had contributed helicopters, tents and money, and he was proud of what the UN had been doing from day one of this emergency.

14 Oct 2005 description
report United Nations

DEV/2550, IHA/1097

NEW YORK, 12 October (UNFIP) - The United Nations Foundation Board has announced a commitment of $1 million to United Nations earthquake relief initiatives in South Asia.

10 Oct 2005 description
report United Nations

The Secretary-General is greatly encouraged to see the rapid and large response by the international community to the devastating earthquake that has struck the people of Pakistan, as well as in Afghanistan and India.

The emergency teams dispatched by the United Nations have been working since 8 October around the clock in support of national authorities to ensure a rapid assessment of the needs and an effective coordination of international assistance. To this end, OCHA coordination centres have been established in Islamabad, and in Muzaffarabad close to the epicentre.