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27 Apr 2015 description
report JEN

Bannu city is the headquarter of Bannu Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Bannu is an oldest city founded in ancient times. However the foundation of the present Bannu was placed by Lieutenant Herbert Edwardes in 1848. Due to its geographical location and proximity to Afghanistan Bannu was once a British military base used for action against Afghan border tribes. Bannu has borders with east of Khost province of Afghanistan, 35 km east of North and South Waziristan, 127 km south of Kohat and 143 km north of Dera Ismail Khan.

14 Apr 2015 description
report JEN

At the end of March, JEN team visited Muzaffargarh, a district in southern Punjab to carry out post distribution monitoring. JEN had implemented an emergency non-food items distribution project there for flood affected people in December, 2014. It was satisfactory to note that project beneficiaries were utilizing non-food items provided by JEN.

26 Mar 2015 description
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In short term emergency project where time is short and assistance is critical, a humanitarian organization can rely upon community elder for SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time bound) implementation of the project, provided; that the community elder is sensibly selected. Previous experience of the community elder with a community based organization makes him/her more suitable person as he/she knows the know-how of community work.

12 Feb 2015 description
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Mr. Khana Mir is an elderly person displaced from North Waziristan Agency to district Bannu due to military operation. He is father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. Two of his sons are affected by polio virus aging 32 and 35. His third son is daily-wage laborer in the local market.

Mr. Khana Mir works as a security guard in a restaurant and earns 8000 PKR per month. Besides this he receives monthly food ration assistance from World Food Program. Government and other humanitarian organizations have also supported his family.

04 Dec 2014 description
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The internally displaced persons of NWA have a large number of livestock with them. This livestock is in a very poor living condition. They need feed, shelter and prevention against diseases. JEN is working to facilitate the IDPs having livestock. JEN distribute livestock relief packages having feed, shelter, de-wormers, while a team of Veterinarians are working on vaccinating the animals against diseases.

20 Aug 2009 description
report JEN

Internally Displaced People (IDPs) from Swat received relief items from many humanitarian organizations while they were spending life in camps or with host families.

After the clearance of some areas in Swat, IDP has been started to return to their hometown. During this period, JEN's staff interviewed some people from Swat who were about to go back to their origin. One of them told us that

"Many organizations supported us when we were facing terrible situation and were in need of help. We are very satisfied by the packages because these items have almost fulfilled our needs.

26 Jul 2007 description
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On May 31st, the Assistance for Reforming the Educational Environment was completed thanks to the support of Japan Platform, individual donors and NGOs.

Today, we would like to pass on to you the local people's messages.

The children expressed that "the reinforced tents protected us against rain and strong winds.

01 Mar 2007 description
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JEN distributed winter clothes to 254 schoolchildren in the village of Bringbun, Heveli in the Province of Bagh last October. The Mitsui Sumitomo Smile Hart Club and the Japan Knitting Association kindly contributed all of the woollen knits for the children, such as, sweaters, vests, scarves and caps.

Memoona Batool, an 8-years-old girl says:

"I got a chestnut sweater. I am happy with my favourite colour. I wore it on the Eid holiday (an Islamic feast day). It is very cold in the winter, but I am fine as I wear the sweater everyday. Thank you Japan for the sweater."

22 Dec 2006 description
report JEN

1) Basic Information

Situation after the Disaster

A devastating earthquake of 7.6 in magnitude hit the northern part of Pakistan on 8 th October 2005. The death toll reached over 70,000 in the North Western Frontier Province (NWFP) and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), in addition to 3,5 million survivors affected by the disaster. People lost their houses and all their belongings.

01 Dec 2006 description
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1) Basic Information

Conflict Issues/Needs

-A Long Battle and The Largest Number of Refugees in History

The fighting that began in 1979 with the invasion of the former Soviet Union has intensified over the years, forcing many Afghans to flee their home. As a result, they sought refuge in neighboring countries like Pakistan and Iran. Internal ensued after the withdrawal of the Soviet Army in 1989.

28 Jul 2006 description
report JEN

One March day, as we were putting up a classroom tent at a public all male high school in Kalamula village, we found ourselves surrounded by the village children. We recognized a few of them wearing familiar looking jackets.

They were jackets distributed by JEN to the children for the winter, as a part of JEN's post disaster education support program.

20 Jul 2006 description
report JEN

From January through April, JEN distributed 249 classroom type tents for children who had lost their schools and were being forced to study outdoors in the harsh, winter air.

From the 1st of May, we began reconstructing 2 public elementary schools in the Bedhal union council of Haveli tehsil. The new school buildings are earthquake resistant.

Many children believe that the earthquake happened for religious reasons, and the fear that has been so deeply planted in them remain, leaving behind great scars yet to begin healing.