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10 Feb 2017 description

An influx of former refugees returning from Pakistan has put intense pressure on services.

By Fahimullah

When Qareeb-ul-Rahman returned to Afghanistan after years living in the Akora Khatak area of Pakistan, his primary concern was how his six children would be able to continue their education.

Like many other recent returnees from Pakistan, he settled in Jalalabad, the provincial capital of the neighbouring province of Nangarhar.

24 Jan 2017 description

Whole families live and work in brick factories, struggling to pay off impossible debts.

By Mahfooz ul-Haq

Sajid, 13, has been working in a brick-making plant ever since he was taken out of school three years ago.

He spends 12 hours a day heaving a handcart full of earth from one place to another. His father and four siblings, the youngest of them only six years old, work alongside him soaking, shaping and drying the bricks.

08 Nov 2016 description

Ongoing surge of violence means that villagers are continuing to flee their homes.

By Gul Ahmad Ehsan

Lost in thought, Abdul Khaliq stood leaning against a wall by the side of a road in Lashkar Gah, the provincial capital of Helmand province.

He said that his family of 15 had been forced to flee their home in Nawah district by a recent Taleban offensive sweeping the southern province.

11 Nov 2014 description

By Ahmad Shah

Influx from North Waziristan puts strain on already overburdened system.

Pakistani refugees who fled a massive counter-terrorism operation and sought sanctuary in Afghanistan this summer say tens of thousands of their children are missing out on an education.

The Pakistani army campaign in North Waziristan, launched in June, has caused large-scale displacement into neighbouring provinces of Afghanistan.

22 Aug 2014 description

Health officials say disease had disappeared in Khost province but re-emerged with a refugee influx from Pakistan.

Health officials in the Khost province of southeast Afghanistan have warned of a polio outbreak, noting that they have recorded one case and that more are likely.

They raised the alarm after tens of thousands of civilians arrived in the province from over the border in North Waziristan, fleeing from a Pakistani army offensive launched in mid-June.

23 Apr 2012 description

Series of coordinated strikes suggests national security forces unable to preempt insurgent attacks

By Mina Habib - Afghanistan
ARR Issue 429,
17 Apr 12

Kabul residents say they have little faith in the ability of the Afghan security services to protect them after dramatic attacks hit the city this week.

A number of key locations in the capital were targeted, with dozens of militants firing on the Afghan parliament, the national army academy and the Sherpur district, home to senior government officials and diplomats.

14 Mar 2012 description

Open Minds project is an IWPR initiative in Pakistan which addresses the extremist propaganda that fosters discord and negative impressions of the West, by offering a fact-based, analytical approach to discussing and disseminating information on critical social issues.

Only around 50 per cent of Pakistani pupils go on from primary school to middle and higher secondary schools. These young people are a prime target for recruiting efforts by terrorist organisations.

18 Nov 2009 description

Reporting Central Asia

Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan has relocated next door to Tajikistan, but analysts doubt it will move back into Central Asia.

By Ainagul Abdrakhmanova, Aida Kasymalieva, Inga Sikorskaya, and Anara Yusupova in Bishkek, and Lola Olimova and rdasher Tahamtan in Dushanbe (RCA No. 595, 18-Nov-09)

Central Asia's most feared Islamic group is back in the news, with reports that it has regrouped in northern Afghanistan close to the border with Tajikistan.

16 Sep 2009 description

Islamic religious leaders in Pakistan have been speaking about the importance of the media while conservative youth have expressed a desire to get their points of view across, as part of IWPR's new schools journalism project Open Minds Pakistan.

Open Minds, which trains secondary school-age students in journalism skills, works in several madrassas (religious schools) in conservative Islamic areas.

28 Oct 2005 description

Refugees are returning home in increasing numbers, bearing tales of mistreatment and forced repatriation.

20 Aug 2004 description

The sudden closure of camps along the Pakistan-Afghan border drove thousands into a danger region beyond the reach of relief agencies.

By Hakim Basharat in Kabul (ARR No. 130, 20-Aug-04)

Last March, Shamsul Haq and his family were given 72 hours to leave their home of four years in the Azam Worsak refugee camp in the Southern Waziristan area of Pakistan.

"We took our belongings from our house with us, but there were some families who took nothing with them," said Shamsul Haq.

Shamsul Haq, a native of Baghlan province in northern Afghanistan, was one of more than 4,000 …

01 Apr 2004 description

More than a million displaced people still prefer life in Pakistan's makeshift camps to the uncertain security situation back home

24 Feb 2003 description

Disappointed returnees are making the long journey back to Pakistan or Iran after international aid doesn't live up to expectations.
By Mustafa in Kabul (ARR No.49, 24-Feb-03)

Like nearly two million other Afghans, Najibullah came home from a refugee camp in Pakistan last year, drawn by promises of new housing, plenty of food and the prospect of employment.

08 Nov 2002 description

Students from Afghan diaspora who've returned to study in Kabul complain that they haven't been treated fairly.

09 Aug 2002 description

Hazara gunmen could scupper efforts to return displaced Tajiks and Pashtuns to Bamyan.

09 Jul 2002 description

The return of refugees is causing resentment among ordinary Afghans

18 Jun 2002 description

The number of Afghan refugees returning home following the over throw of the Taleban has surpassed all expectations.

28 May 2002 description

Refugee families depend on the money their children earn from working Peshawar's looms to survive.

28 May 2002 description

The authorities in Islamabad are making sure that the former residents of a Peshawar refugee camp never return.

21 May 2002 description

Afghan universities are to offer places to hundreds of students returning from exile in Pakistan.