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23 Oct 2012 description
report Trócaire

Malala Yousufzai, the 14-year-old activist recently shot in Pakistan, is recovering from her injuries and reportedly making good progress. Back in Pakistan, however, the struggle for education continues.

Inequality has led to two parallel societies in Pakistan. There is the rich Pakistan – home to 36,000 millionaires – and there is the real Pakistan – home to almost 40 million people living below the poverty line.

For millions of young people in Pakistan, education remains an aspiration.

16 Dec 2011 description
report Trócaire

Posted by Alan Whelan

Below I've picked 11 of our most striking photos from a busy 2011, representing Trócaire's work responding to emergencies in Haiti, East Africa and Pakistan and our long term development work in Honduras, Malawi, Mozambique, Palestine and Zimbabwe.


28 Jan 2011 description
report Trócaire

Six months after flooding affected 20 million people in Pakistan, Trócaire has been using donations of €7.7m from the Irish public to help those worst affected.

Trócaire has to date delivered essential food and non-food items to over 135,000 people throughout the provinces of Sindh and Kyber Pakhtunkwa (KPK).

01 Dec 2010 description
report Trócaire

Almost six months after flooding caused a major humanitarian crisis in Pakistan, water levels are still as high as four foot in certain affected areas.

Trócaire is still providing emergency relief in the Dadu district in the Sindh province, which was one of the worst affected areas.

01 Oct 2010 description
report Trócaire

"If people aren't able to plant their crops again in the coming weeks there is a very grave risk that we will see a food crisis in Pakistan in the aftermath of these floods." This is the alarming prediction of Maurice McQuillan, Trócaire's emergency programme manager.

Emergency food distribution.

24 Sep 2010 description
report Trócaire

As the devastation caused by Pakistan's flooding continues, there are increasing concerns for the safely and welfare of women and children. Helen Nic an Ri, Trócaire's Humanitarian Protection Officer, travelled to Pakistan this week to see how the safety of these vulnerable groups could be improved.

"During any humanitarian crisis, it is generally the most vulnerable who are at risk and this includes women and children and other marginalised groups.

30 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

A deteriorating security situation is causing problems for relief agencies in certain parts of flood-hit Pakistan.

Paul Healy, Trócaire's regional manager in the country, said, "We had to defer a distribution of essential aid tomorrow in Peshawar in north-west Pakistan because of security concerns. Yesterday there were gun battles between the authorities and militants and as a consequence the city has been locked down."

"We have to get this aid to the people who desperately need it but we also have to make sure our staff are safe as they go about their work.

30 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

One of the largest ever aid flights to come from Ireland touched down at Islamabad airport in Pakistan yesterday.The plane was carrying tonnes of vital supplies including blankets, tents, hygiene kits and emergency water tanks. The shipment was funded by the Irish government- Irish Aid, and will be distributed to the survivors of Pakistan's floods by Trcaire and other Irish aid agencies.

According to Paul Healy, Trcaire's regional manager in Pakistan, these supplies are badly needed in the worst hit areas of the country.

30 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

"We have just enough food to last for a few more weeks but after that I don't know how we will cope" says Dhani Buksh a flood survivor from the southern province of Sindh in Pakistan.

Dhani Buksh, 70, wades through his flooded cotton crops. Photo: David O' Hare"We have lost everything. Our home is gone. I am seventy and my wife is seventy one. She is ill and we are living in a tent at the side of the road," he said. "I had planted a cotton crop which was due to be harvested soon.

19 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

A national collection will be held this weekend, 21 and 22 August, in Catholic churches across Ireland in aid of survivors of Pakistan's devastating floods. Bishop John Kirby, Bishop of Clonfert and Chairman of Trócaire, is urging Irish parishioners to support collections in their local parishes so as to help Pakistani people cope with the worst flooding in the history of the State. Trócaire is the official overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

Bishop John Kirby is asking parishioners to help raise life-saving funds for Pakistan's suffering people.

06 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

Trócaire's partners have begun evacuating 8,000 people from over 30 villages in western Sindh, as the floodwater from the northwest has moved down into the province.

Earlier this week in Sindh, Trocaire was helping communities to prepare for the worst and get contingency plans in place so that families would be ready to move quickly to higher ground if the waters came. Families were also stockpiling food, water and other essentials.

01 Aug 2010 description
report Trócaire

Donate to our Pakistan Floods Emergency Appeal

At least 1000 people are believed to have died in the worst monsoon floods to hit the country in 90 years.

Trócaire has already launched an emergency appeal and committed €200,000 to help families and communities in the north west of the country.

In Peshawar district, one of the worst affected areas, Trócaire's partners have already begun working in 4 villages where 10,000 people need food, water and support.

Trócaire has been working in Pakistan for over 20 years, making it well placed to respond quickly to this disaster and …

30 Jul 2009 description
report Trócaire

Three months into the crisis in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province there is now the hope that some people can at last return home. Trócaire insists that they are able to do so safely and freely, in compliance with International standards.

Meanwhile, over 1.5 million remain displaced, mostly staying with friends or family in increasingly difficult conditions, particularly as the monsoon is imminent.

International principles on displacement demand that returnees are able to do so voluntarily, and that their security and safety is guaranteed.

13 Jul 2009 description
report Trócaire

Over two million remain in urgent need of assistance due to the ongoing conflict in Pakistan but funds are running out.

"We must pull out all the stops to do as much as possible, as quickly as possible," concluded UN Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes following a four day visit to the crisis zone in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province last week.

Thousands of children are in urgent need of health and educational services, nutritional support, access to clean water and sanitation as well as protection.

23 Jun 2009 description
report Trócaire

Ghani Rehman

As the conflict in North-Western Pakistan continues the plight of the displaced continues to deteriorate as they suffer from shortages of food, drinking water, sanitation and accommodation. In the district of Haripur, 182 families reside in the Pak China Fertiliser Company and although displaced and fearful and happy just to be safe and away from the centre of the conflict. These are considered to be the lucky ones as they can take refuge in the factory, are receiving medical attention and have enough food to survive in the short term.

18 Jun 2009 description
report Trócaire

Trócaire may be forced to end its emergency relief work in Pakistan in August if the agency doesn't secure more funding, it has warned.

Pakistan is in the midst of the biggest humanitarian crisis the world has seen since the horrific days of the Rwandan genocide in the 1990s, the UN has claimed, but the world's governments are not responding adequately.

Trócaire has warned that the regions hosting the millions of people forced to flee the conflict between the government of Pakistan and the Taliban will become a breeding ground for extremism if the world does not react …

04 Jun 2009 description
report Trócaire

As we in Ireland enjoy the recent warm weather and long evenings, people in the new camps for the displaced in Pakistan are happy just to be safe.

The families who are living in the Pak China camp are the lucky ones who have a roof over their head, free medical facilities and enough food to survive.

21 May 2009 description
report Trócaire

Conflict in Swat, north-western Pakistan, is leading to a major humanitarian crisis. 1.2 million people have been displaced since the offensive by Pakistan's army began on May 2, bringing the total number of people homeless to nearly two million. 85% of the recently displaced are women and children living with host families or in spontaneous settlements. Many of the men have stayed behind despite the ongoing conflict, risking their lives to protect their property and bring in the harvest.

Trocaire is urgently calling for funds and support to help the displaced.

14 May 2009 description
report Trócaire

As the conflict between government troops and the Taliban escalates in the Swat valley of northern Pakistan, the number of displaced people continues to grow.

In the last few days, almost half a million people, mainly women and children, have fled the conflict zone in search of safety.

09 Jul 2008 description
report Trócaire


In Afghanistan inflation has reached 17%, mostly on the basis of food price rises. Wheat is the staple, and the country is a net importer. According to the USDA, Afghanistan's balance of payments will worsen dramatically as their food import bill becomes significantly more expensive. Pakistan, which banned wheat exports due to domestic price hikes and shortages last winter, is its principle supplier. The country has no strategic grin reserves, and has been advised not to create reserves as this will compete with consumers.