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09 Jan 2018 description


In Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city, 130 doctors were killed and 150 kidnapped between 2012 and 2014, according to major national newspaper The News.

14 Dec 2017 description

This factsheet provides a summary of the activities that the ICRC carries out for vulnerable migrants and their families in Asia. It explains our approach and describes what we, together with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, do to help protect and assist migrants along migration routes in Asia.

06 Dec 2017 description

The “Ability Sports Festival” brought together over 400 disabled sportspeople and children from across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for a mega sporting meet organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross and Friends of Paraplegics, among other organizations, at the Hayatabad Sports Complex in Peshawar on Wednesday. The event was part of the upcoming celebrations to mark International Day of People with Disabilities on December 3rd.

03 Nov 2017 description

Three years after they were set up, three physical rehabilitation centres have been handed over to the Indus Hospital Network by the ICRC. Over 14,000 people with disabilities have so far benefited from the free, state-of-the-art medical services provided at these centres, located in Lahore, Muzaffargarh and Karachi.

30 Aug 2017 description

Basheer thought he could make it. He was 18, in good health and knew how to swim. But the Evros River crossing takes many victims.

Wet, cold, tired and lost, a mother and son who successfully crossed Evros lay down on the riverbank afterward. Hypothermia killed both. Another family buried their 4-year-old near the river after a train hit her while the family was walking along nearby tracks.

11 Apr 2017 description

The latest newsletter from the ICRC delegation in Pakistan features a variety of articles, including updates on our work in the country, how we're promoting social inclusion for people with disabilities, and our work in Health Care in Danger.

  • In conversation with Rafia Qaseem Baig

  • Revision of police manual handbook on use of force

  • Promoting sports among people with disabilities

  • Seven stranded Pakistanis repatriated from Yemen

  • Managing mortal remains in emergencies

22 Mar 2017 description

The ICRC along with its partners conducted a detailed research study on the patterns of violence against healthcare in Karachi. The report can be accessed here.

12 Feb 2017 description

ICRC/MoFA – (Islamabad) Seven Pakistanis who were stranded in Yemen for more than a decade were repatriated and reunited with their families in Pakistan. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) facilitated their return at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Pakistan. The process of bringing them back to Pakistan was initiated by the Embassy of Pakistan in Sanaa.

08 Aug 2016 description

Geneva/Islamabad (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is deeply saddened by the horrific attack on Civil Hospital Quetta today that has killed over 50 people and injured many more.

04 Aug 2016 description

Islamabad (ICRC) – Handling dead bodies with respect and dignity in emergencies is the theme of a five-day course currently being run by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Islamabad, Pakistan. The course has attracted emergency responders from Afghanistan, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam who will benefit from national expertise.

17 Feb 2016 description

In this issue

  • ICRC - May 2015

  • An interview with Dr Abdul Bari Khan

  • It was not easy to treat APS victims.

  • South Asia Teaching Session on IHL held in Islamabad

  • My ICRC experience

  • Overjoyed father hears son's voice again

  • Operational highlights

  • Cooperation with Pakistan Red Crescent Society

16 Nov 2015 description

Karachi (ICRC) – A research report on violence against health care in Karachi was launched today by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in collaboration with the APPNA Institute of Public Health of Jinnah Sindh Medical University, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre and Ziauddin University. The launch event was attended by representatives of civil society, the authorities, law enforcement agencies, the health-care community, the emergency services and the media.

02 Jun 2015 description

The latest newsletter from the ICRC in Pakistan features a variety of articles, including updates on our work in the country, on reuniting families, and taking a lead on teaching sessions covering IHL.

Table of contents:

An interview with Dr Abdul Bari Khan
"It was not easy to treat APS victims"
South Asia Teaching Session on IHL held in Islamabad
My ICRC experience
Overjoyed father hear's son voice again
Cooperation with Pakistan Red Crescent Society
Operational highlights

12 May 2015 description

The 2014 Annual report of the ICRC is an account of field activities conducted worldwide. Activities are part of the organization's mandate to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war, and to promote respect for international humanitarian law.

Facts and figures

26.2 million people had access to water and sanitation improved.
Read more on water and shelter.

9.12 million people were provided with basic aid such as food.
Read more on aid distribution.

23 Sep 2014 description

The ICRC is working closely with the authorities to support health-care facilities and provide doctors and other health workers with opportunities for continuing education.

In cooperation with Pakistan's provincial health authorities, the ICRC organized a war-surgery seminar and an emergency-room trauma course for medical professionals this August in Peshawar.

31 Jul 2014 description


As a result of a military operation in North Waziristan, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced to various districts in neighbouring Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. From the outset, the Pakistan Red Crescent has delivered emergency aid, medical services, food, water and sanitation.

27 Jun 2014 description

A five-day course on managing dead bodies in emergency situations was held by the ICRC in Karachi earlier this month. It brought together 32 first responders from various organizations working in the areas of emergency management, law enforcement, and medical and legal assistance.

The course focused on topics such as identifying victims and providing tracing services in disaster situations. Experts Richard Ward and John Yoward were invited by the ICRC to facilitate the course in cooperation with ICRC Regional Forensic Adviser Cheryl Katzmarzyk.

14 May 2014 description

Annual Report for 2013: A strong response to complex crises

14-05-2014 News Release 14/81

11 Dec 2013 description

Islamabad/Muzaffarabad (ICRC) – More than six years after it was set up by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Muzaffarabad Physical Rehabilitation Centre has become an autonomous body through an act of the Legislative Assembly of Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The centre will continue to provide services under the supervision of its board of directors for people disabled by mines, bomb blasts, diseases, natural disasters and other hazards. The ICRC will continue to provide the centre with financial and technical support..

01 Oct 2013 description

The world has a unique chance to eradicate polio. With billions of dollars of support and coordinated efforts by governments and international health organizations, it could be the biggest public health victory since the eradication of smallpox. Also in this issue: Fundamental Principles, humanity first; Conflict in northern Mali, shifting sands; Refugees, unexpected guests.

See online edition and previous issues.