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15 Dec 2017 description
report The Guardian

Majority of refugees to be resettled in the new year are from Pakistan and Afghanistan

Ben Doherty

Nearly 200 refugees from Australia’s offshore detention islands of Nauru and Manus will be resettled in the United States in the new year.

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12 Sep 2017 description
report The Guardian

Rise in boats intercepted by Romanian coastguard fuels fears that smugglers are trying to reactivate dangerous transit passage to Europe

A dangerous new route for refugees trying to reach Europe is thought to have opened up in the Black Sea, which coastguards in Romania are warning could prove more deadly than the current Mediterranean crossings.

04 Sep 2017 description
report The Guardian

So far this year, at least 140 million people across 37 countries have been left in need of humanitarian aid. But most of them will not get it

06 Oct 2016 description
report The Guardian

Hundreds of thousands of Afghans, banished from Pakistan, find destruction, violence and hardship in their homeland

By Sune Engel Rasmussen in Nangarhar

Almost 40 years ago, Allah Noor took his family to a safe haven in Pakistan, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Last week he returned, to a country at war.

30 Sep 2016 description
report The Guardian

Sarah Boseley Health editor

Exclusive: Bank chief Jim Yong Kim vows to expose governments that fail to tackle malnourishment as part of mission to rid world of stunting by 2030

The president of the World Bank has warned he will name and shame countries that fail to tackle the malnourishment and poor growth of their children, as part of a mission to rid the world of stunting.

16 Sep 2016 description
report The Guardian

A new programme of fortification of everyday foods such as bread and oil is being rolled out in Pakistan in an attempt to tackle chronic and widespread malnutrition.

The food fortification programme, which is backed with $48m (£36m) of funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID), will see nutrients added directly to wheat flour, edible oils and ghee at source in mills and factories.

29 Jun 2016 description
report The Guardian

Pakistan’s largest city is struggling to deliver water to residents amid a shortfall and claims of state mismanagement

Sabrina Toppa in Karachi

"There’s nothing here,” says Farzana Khatoun, surveying the dry expanse of land before her. “We don’t even have enough water to wash up for prayer, do our laundry or wash our dishes.” Khatoun cannot simply turn on a tap and expect water to gush out; her home is not connected to the water pipelines of Karachi, the sixth most water-stressed city in the world.

05 Apr 2016 description
report The Guardian

Pakistan and Afghanistan, the two remaining countries where polio is endemic, have joined forces to eradicate polio by vaccinating their children in synchronised campaigns.

The countries – which share a 2,400km porous border – have been bracketed as the major stumbling block in the drive for the global eradication of polio. These countries have been tackling the Taliban’s opposition to the administration of oral polio vaccine (OPV) to children.

08 May 2015 description
report The Guardian

Working for a small NGO, Madeeha Ansari saw temporary, informal schools in Islamabad become more permanent, happier centres for learning

In Pakistan, the word katcha is used to describe something raw – in my head it means “unbaked”. The term katchi abadi is used to describe the temporary squatter settlements found along green belts, off main roads, sometimes fanning out from the edges of a city, at other times enclosed by cosmetic walls in the heart of the elite sectors.

10 Apr 2015 description
report The Guardian

Ankle band that changes colour to remind parents when vaccines are due comes through trials in Pakistan

Efforts to increase the number of children who are vaccinated against infectious diseases such as polio and measles have been boosted by the launch of a new ankle band that changes colour to remind parents when their child’s next vaccine shot should be given.

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09 Feb 2015 description
report The Guardian

After the school killings in December, some Pakistanis in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have turned against Afghans with whom they have lived side by side for decades

02 Feb 2015 description
report The Guardian

The killing of polio workers by militants in Pakistan has led to a surge in cases, but in Karachi there is no shortage of volunteers to fight the disease

Chanda is too scared to permit publication of her full name or photograph. The housekeeper in Pakistan’s sprawling megacity of Karachi is terrified of the local thugs who have been targeting her son for being a polio worker.

27 Nov 2014 description
report The Guardian

Despite new cases setting back the effort to eradicate polio, health officials believe the crisis will be brought under control in 2015

Jon Boone in Islamabad

International health officials in Pakistan believe they can resolve the country’s polio crisis in the coming year, despite the number of cases of the crippling disease soaring to their highest level in 14 years.

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01 Oct 2014 description
report The Guardian

Once on track for polio eradication, Pakistan now faces a setback as a result of inaccessibility, violence and misinformation

Pakistan is heading for one of its worst years for polio in recent times. According to figures from the global polio eradication initiative (GPEI), 166 cases of polio have been verified this year, compared with 28 at the same time last year.

17 Sep 2014 description
report The Guardian

Geologist and locals can help NGOs to prepare for an uncertain future for mountain-based communities

Rosalie Tostevin

This week a landslide in Kashmir killed more than 400 people and left hundreds of thousands stranded by flooding. As the world adjusts to a changing climate, scientists expect to see rising numbers of landslides like this.

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28 Aug 2014 description
report The Guardian

Local villagers flee as ceasefire fails and Indian and Pakistani troops trade shells and gunfire across the Kashmir border

Thousands of Kashmiris stayed in shelters near the disputed region's de facto border on Thursday after Indian and Pakistani border troops traded gunfire and shelling overnight, despite an attempt by their commanders to defuse escalating tensions.

03 Jul 2014 description
report The Guardian

Mass vaccinations for children to help stem spread from those fleeing hostilities in North Waziristan

Jon Boone in Islamabad

The Guardian, Thursday 3 July 2014 11.12 EDT

For years the red pins stuck into the large map of Pakistan on the wall of one of the UN's most experienced polio-busters have shown the disease in steady retreat. Where once they could be found all over, the pins – each one representing a child killed or crippled by the disease – had been pushed back by relentless public health campaigns into just three clusters.

26 Aug 2013 description
report The Guardian

North Waziristan cases follow militants' vaccination ban, while Israel starts mass inoculation after virus detected in sewage

The battle to eliminate polio has hit apparent setbacks in northern Pakistan, where new cases are being reported, and in Israel, where the discovery of the virus in the sewage system has led to a mass immunisation campaign.

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03 Jun 2013 description
report The Guardian

On 24 June 2012 a boat carrying refugees on the 6,000-mile journey from Pakistan to Australia sank with the loss of 94 lives. The Guardian spoke to the survivors and tells the story of international criminal networks and a web of corruption across the far east. Their accounts reveal the plight of desperate refugees forced to pay exorbitant sums.

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22 Apr 2013 description
report The Guardian

Kofi Annan

Vaccinations against polio have spared more than 10 million people from the disease – showing the value of global initiatives

The battle against polio is an extraordinary example of what can be achieved when we work together. This terrible disease, as my generation knows well, once cast a shadow over childhood across the world. Before the development of an effective vaccine nearly 60 years ago, it paralysed and killed up to half a million people every year.