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09 Jul 2007 description

On 8th July OCHA released a situation report, main issues as follows:

1. Figures confirmed by National Disaster management Authority (NDMA) on 6th July 2007 are: homeless 100,000 in Balochistan, 50,000-60,000 in Sindh; Affected: 2,000,000 in Balochistan and 150,000 in Sindh.

2. Balochistan: the Provincial Government has initiated a survey of the post-cyclone status of the province's infrastructure, medical facilities and social support.

3. Sindh: according to NDMA, the situation in flood affected districts of Sindh has improved significantly.


04 Jul 2007 description
  • On 3rd July Frontier Post reported the briefing made by the Commonder 70 Brigade Zahid on the relief operation. The Pakistani Army started relief operation in Naal with 16 tonnes of relief goods, 4 motor boats, 6 pickups, 2 10-wheeler trucks, and an ambulance. The team repaired the road at Dhal.

    - Army's bousers were also handed over to Relief Party Tehsil Naal. A helicopter of Pakistani Army arrived 70 Brigade. Nearly 2.5 tonnes of relief goods were distributed among affectees in Mouza Kombi, Mouza Hori and Mouza Maroki.

03 Jul 2007 description
  • On 2nd July Mercy Corps reported that In the wake of flooding in Pakistan, they are purchasing food, medicine and other essential humanitarian items to deliver to families in need. The government of Pakistan's most-affected province says the number of people impacted by the flooding has risen to more than 1.5 million; of those, 50,000 have been evacuated to safer places.

    - On 3rd July Frontier Post is reporting that according to Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), 10 helicopters carried out the operations in Turbat, Nasirabad, Nodez, Kalatuk, Solaband, Sibbi, Jacobabad, …

29 Jun 2006 description

Summary and Highlights

Days since October 8th Earthquake: 263

- UNJLC ceases operations on 30 June. A presence will be maintained in Islamabad until 31 July.

- Most primary roads are open at time of writing, though recent heavy rains have caused an increased risk of landslides.

- The alleged ban on distribution in Bagh is not in force for Agencies/NGOs that are not financed by the government.

- UNJLC has a substantial amount of furniture available for donation to Agencies/NGOs registered with OCHA.

1. UNJLC Ceases Operations

UNJLC ceases operations on 30 June.

02 Jun 2006 description


    The Election Commission has requested all Agencies and NGOs to refrain from distribution during the elections in AJK mid July.

    - Should Agencies/NGOs need to distribute during this period, permission from the District Returning Officer (DRO) needs to be obtained.


    All UN/NGO movement outside of municipal boundaries requires notification of four government agencies.

    UNDSS expects more stringent security measures leading up to the elections which may restrict UN/NGO operations.


25 May 2006 description

Summary and Highlights

Days since October 8th Earthquake:228

- In Muzaffarabad, the AJK government has announced more stringent security measures for travel of internationals.

- It has been confirmed that the population of 18 villages in the area of Muzaffarabad will be moved into camps.

- WFP has announced that the UN camps in Muzaffarabad, Bagh and Batagram will be retained until 31 August.

1. Security

The AJK government has announced that in Muzaffarabad all travel for internationals outside of the city centre requires the approval of four government agencies.

17 May 2006 description

Bulletin 47 - Logistic Update/May 11th - 17th 2006
Days since October 8th Earthquake:221

Summary and Highlights

- The UNJLC Cargo Movement Coordination Cell will close on May 31st as UNHAS is ceasing its operations.

- UNJLC and HIC have developed a QuakeZone MapKit which can be used to create maps with collected data and to build on existing spatial data.

10 May 2006 description

Logistic Update/May 4th - May 10th 2006
Summary and Highlights

- UNJLC continues to map the status of tertiary roads which are important for reaching settlements, and is looking for an agency to take over road mapping and reporting at the end of its operation.

- The population of 17 villages in the area of Muzaffarabad may be moved to camps as the area in which the villages are located is prone to seismic activity. This would bring the number of IDPs in Muzaffarabad up to approximately 70,000.

03 May 2006 description

Period, Thursday April 27th – Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
Summary and Highlights

- The ERRA-UN Early Recovery Plan was officially approved on April 29th, meaning that the next phase of the operation will soon be underway.

- Road access has largely improved across the affected area due to the good weather and ongoing repair work, and a tremor on the morning of May 3rd in the Mansehra region does not seem to have had a serious effect on road conditions.

28 Apr 2006 description


    A riot occurred in Dhirkot after a local died in police custody.

    - There were incidents of stone throwing and police vehicles were burned.

    - Another protest is said to be planned in Rangla over the issue but this remains unconfirmed.


    Protests were held on April 27th and shops are all closed today (April 28th) over rising prices for goods.

    - This has had little impact on UN and NGO movement, however no security clearance will be granted on April 30th due toanother protest scheduled to take place in protest of highway tolls.

    During …

26 Apr 2006 description

Logistics update / April 20th - 26th 2006
Summary and Highlights

- It is expected that agreement on the ERRA-UN Early Recovery Plan will be reached within the next few days, which should lead to an increase in levels of activity.

- ERRA has expressed an interest in continuing the LSS pipeline tracking project with the possible assistance of CWS (Church World Service).

- Humanitarian air capacity has decreased once again this last week with the redeployment of the two UNHAS Kamov 32s and the Mi-26.

1. Operations Update