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18 Mar 2015 description
report Stimson Center

By David Michel and Ricky Passarelli:

Global threats transcend national borders and force actors to seek concrete solutions to common challenges. On the major transnational dangers of our day – conflict, climate change, weapons and beyond – Stimson seeks solutions that will work now and in the years to come. This Spotlight is the first in a series focusing on Stimson’s work around the world to address the major transnational security challenges of our time. - Editor's Note

09 Jan 2015 description
report Stimson Center

By Siddharth Ravishankar, former intern for Stimson's South Asia program:

In September, monsoon rains engulfed India and Pakistan, causing floods that killed hundreds and washed away thousands of homes. During this humanitarian crisis, the governments of India and Pakistan did not cooperate on disaster relief. It remains possible, however, for both countries to become partners during humanitarian crises, paving the way for long-lasting, durable patterns of cooperation.

19 Mar 2013 description
report Stimson Center

Recurring tensions have long set India and Pakistan at odds over the Indus River system they both share. As the downstream neighbor, Pakistan fears that Indian infrastructure or diversions on the river could diminish its water supply, undermining its economy and jeopardizing its food security. As the upstream riparian, India worries that Pakistani caveats and cavils against planned and prospective water projects constrain its ability to develop its own natural resources.