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20 Jan 2019 description

Key issues in the past week:

18,500 new IDPs reported this week.

A total of 1,500 have been verified as displaced by conflict in 2019.

Food cluster reached nearly 162,000 people in need in 8 provinces with 4,400 metric tons (mt) of food.

18,500 New IDPs reported in the past week

218,000 People assisted in the past week

1,500 Total verified IDPs in 2019

Countrywide conflict displacement

18 Jan 2019 description

À la fin du mois de décembre 2018, 21 Plans de réponse humanitaire (HRP) et le Plan régional de réponse pour la Syrie (3RP) nécessitaient 24,93 milliards de dollars pour assister 97,9 millions de personnes ayant un besoin urgent d’assistance humanitaire. Les financements requis restaient identiques à ceux enregistrés à fin du mois de novembre 2018. Les plans sont financés à hauteur de 14,58 milliards de dollars, comblant 58,5% des besoins financiers pour 2018.

18 Jan 2019 description

PESHAWAR: Hundreds of families have been waiting for compensation in parts of snow-bound central tehsil of Kurram tribal district as the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Unit (RRU) has yet to complete survey of the damaged houses, according to the affected communities.

18 Jan 2019 description
report Frontier Post

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: President of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Maria Fernanda Espinosa will reach Pakistan on a five-day visit today.

According to details, this will be the first visit by a president of UNGA to Pakistan in eight years and the first visit for Espinosa to any country in Asia since assuming office.

Maria Fernanda Espinosa will meet President Dr Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi as well as the representatives of the UN and of civil society during her five-day visit.

18 Jan 2019 description
report Frontier Post

Hafiz Muhammad Aziz-ur-Rehman

HAFIZABAD: As many as 404 mobile teams have been constituted to administer anti-polio drops to 2,57,000 children below five years of age from January 21 to 23. While briefing the District Anti-Polio Committee Chief Executive Officer Health Dr. Muhammad Aslam Chaudhary said that the Health Department has made foolproof arrangements to administer anti-polio drops to all kids in the district and have called upon the teachers, ulema and members of civil society to extend their practical cooperation in making the campaign, a big success.

17 Jan 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight


Burkina Faso

15 December 2018: On the road between Ouagadougou and BoboDioulasso, a Canadian aid worker traveling to Togo for a humanitarian project with the organisation Zion’Gaia went missing.
No further details specified. Source: aOuaga


24 December 2018: In Kinindo commune, Bujumbura Mairie province, Burundian soldiers arrested an employee of the NGO Handicap International while he was at a bar. There is no indication as to why he was arrested. Source: SOS Averages Burundi

16 Jan 2019 description

Last week in South and Southeast Asia, reported fatalities from political violence increased slightly, while instances of targeted civilian violence sharply declined as part of a visible trend since the last week of December 2018. Key developments included ongoing militant violence in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a significant eruption of labour demonstrations in India and Bangladesh, as well as demonstrations in Thailand over a likely delay in the upcoming February elections.

16 Jan 2019 description

ISLAMABAD: Early marriages and the practice of feeding girls less than boys are key reasons for stunting in children, the country director of the Global Aliiance for Improved Nutrition said on Tuesday.

Dr Qaiser Munir Pasha was speaking at a seminar on Adolescent Nutrition in Pakistan: Identifying Opportunities and Setting Priorities, which was organised by the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS).

15 Jan 2019 description


Asia-Pacific remains the world's most disaster-prone region and, in 2018, natural disasters once again affected millions of people. During the year the region experienced a number of sudden-onset disasters that prompted international responses, including Tropical Cyclone Gita in Tonga (February), a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Papua New Guinea (February), Tropical Storm Son Tinh in Lao PDR (August), Cyclone Mangkhut in the Philippines (September) and a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province (October).

15 Jan 2019 description


According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 were the four hottest years on record since 1880 (NOAA, 2018; WMO, 2018). Such rising temperatures are expected to affect agricultural systems significantly and also strain food production (WEF, 2018). It is critical for the 2.5 billion people worldwide depending on agriculture and its subsectors – i.e. crop, livestock, fisheries and forestry − as their main source of livelihoods (FAO, 2017).

15 Jan 2019 description


  • 1,4141 total returns from Iran and Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019
  • 13,511 total returns from Iran since 01 Jan 2019
  • 630 total returns from Pakistan since 01 Jan 2019
  • 7,790 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran
  • 205 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan
  • 5% of returnees from Iran (419 individuals) assisted
  • 75% of returnees from Pakistan (154 individuals) assisted

Return from Iran

15 Jan 2019 description


This is the first IOM Regional Data Report on Asia and the Pacific. This statistical product highlights the complex migration trends that characterize this region of the world. The report is predominantly based on IOM primary data collection activities and covers the whole 2017 and the first six months of 2018.

15 Jan 2019 description
  • Total (observed) arrivals – December: 1,171
  • Total (observed) arrivals - November: 1,275
  • Total (observed) arrivals of unaccompanied/separated children - December: 169
  • Total (observed) arrivals of unaccompanied/separated children - November: 178
  • Total occupancy of government centres – end December: 4,205
  • Total occupancy of government centres - end November: 3,891
  • Total presence of refugees/migrants/asylum-seekers – end December: 4,468
  • Total presence of refugees/migrants/asylum-seekers – end November: 4,165
15 Jan 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight

This monthly digest comprises threats and incidents of violence as well as protests and other events affecting education.

It is prepared by Insecurity Insight from information available in open sources.
All decisions made, on the basis of, or with consideration to, such information remains the responsibility of their respective organisations.

15 Jan 2019 description

10 January 2019 – WHO has been providing support to Pakistan’s Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination and health departments in the Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces to strengthen routine immunization in underserved areas and ensure equitable access to vaccines for children from these areas.

14 Jan 2019 description
report Insecurity Insight

Threats and violence affecting emergency care



22 December 2018: In Mogadishu, al Shabaab militants detonated a VBIED near the presidential palace while police and medics were responding to an earlier, politically-motivated suicide blast. No further details specified. Source: IOL

Middle-East and North Africa

Occupied Palestinian Territories

14 Jan 2019 description

Total arrivals (1 Jan - 13 Jan 2019): 54
Total arrivals (1 Jan - 13 Jan 2018): 886
Total arrivals 1 Jan - 13 Jan 2019 54
Total arrivals 1 Jan - 13 Jan 2018 886
Average daily arrivals in January 2019 so far: 4
Average daily arrivals in December 2018: 12
Dead and missing in 2019 - Central Med (as of 13 Jan) 12
Dead and missing in 2019 - Mediterranean Sea (as of 13 Jan) 14
Dead and missing in 2018 - Central Med (as of 13 Jan) 176
Dead and missing in 2018 - Mediterranean Sea (as of 13 Jan) 194

14 Jan 2019 description

QUETTA, 14 January 2019: It was an uphill task for a 27-year-old Afghan refugee girl to live in a traditional society having no source of income, skills and exposure – but thanks to UNHCR’s Safe from the Start programme which skilled her and empowered her, she is becoming self-reliant.

Born and raised in Quetta, Fareeda Bibi’s family fled Afghanistan due to war. She and her younger sister were very young when their father decided to go back to Afghanistan in search of job opportunities, where he was killed.

13 Jan 2019 description
report Frontier Post

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Another Polio case reported from district Bajaur as the number of polio cases rise to six from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa .

National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) Islamabad notified a polio case from Bajaur District of Tribal Districts.

National institute of Health has isolated wild polio virus from stool sample of 30 months child of village Sheikhan, UC Tali, Tehsil Salarzai, Bajaur District. .