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24 Apr 2018 description

As at 31 March 2018, UN-coordinated Humanitarian Response Plans (HRP) and the Syria 3RP Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan require US$25.31 billion to meet the humanitarian needs of 131.1 million crisis-affected people in 26 countries.

24 Apr 2018 description
report Government of Japan

H.E. Mr. Takashi Kurai, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, inaugurated a healthcare project in District Rawalpindi, Punjab on Monday 23rd April 2018. The Government of Japan has contributed US$ 83,230 to Al Mustafa Trust – a Non-Governmental Organization, to improve their basic healthcare services for underprivileged communities. The inauguration ceremony was also attended by NGOs representatives, staffs of the medical center and members of local communities.

24 Apr 2018 description

Heavy rainfall and flooding continues in Kenya, Somalia, and costal Tanzania

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. Due to poor rainfall since November western Namibia is in a severe drought. Conditions may worsen as limited rain is forecast next week.

  2. In southwestern Madagascar, an uneven and inadequate rainfall distribution since the start of the rainfall season has resulted in severe drought. Drought conditions are likely to persist.

24 Apr 2018 description

Islamabad, 23 April 2018 - A ground-breaking collaboration between the United Nations, the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Pakistan has helped the people affected by natural disasters and displacement in Balochistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).

23 Apr 2018 description




23 Apr 2018 description

Key issues

• In the past week, more than 23,000 people have been newly displaced, according to initial reports.

• The prolonged dry spell is having an increasingly direct impact on affected communities.

• Fighting and attacks on checkpoints along major roads hamper humanitarian movements.

23 Apr 2018 description

(The charts below are based on figures from the Italian Ministry of Interior and UNHCR estimates. All figures are provisional and subject to change)

Total arrivals (1 Jan - 22 Apr 2018): 7,720
Total arrivals (1 Jan - 22 Apr 2017): 36,846

Total arrivals 1 Apr - 22 Apr 2018 1,424
Total arrivals 1 Apr - 22 Apr 2017 12,554

Average daily arrivals in April 2018 so far: 65
Average daily arrivals in March 2018: 34

Dead and missing in 2018 (as of 22 Apr) 522

Dead and missing in 2017 (as of 22 Apr) 1,150

23 Apr 2018 description

Waseem Ashraf Butt | Muhammad Akbar Notezai

On the road from Quetta to Naukundi in Balochistan, the news fixer is clearly worried. The reason: the main source of income in his hometown (population: 20,000) is human smuggling. In fact, he asks, “Are you trying to snatch people’s livelihood from them?” The question is not in jest: his own relatives are also part of the racket.

22 Apr 2018 description

One of the main drivers of humanitarian needs in Afghanistan in 2018 was displacement due to conflict with more than half a million people forced from their homes due to fighting. Many of these people remain in displacement across the country, as conflict prevents them from returning to their areas of origin.

Almost 11,600 Afghan citizens returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan in 2018. While the number of returnees is less than the same period last year, a larger influx from Pakistan is expected in the second half of the year.

22 Apr 2018 description
report Mixed Migration Hub

Covering mixed migration to, through & from NORTH AFRICA MIXED MIGRATION HUB

About: MHub is the regional knowledge hub and secretariat for the North Africa Mixed Migration Task Force, comprising of DRC, IOM, OHCHR, RMMS, Save the Children, UNHCR, UNICEF and UNODC. It promotes a human rights-based approach to ensure the protection of people moving in mixed and complex flows to, through and from North Africa.

21 Apr 2018 description


The aim of the mapping of social safety nets (SSN) was to explore the potential for alignment between humanitarian cash assistance and SSN in forced displacement situations. It considered various aspects of SSN, including programme design, targeting and the legal and regulatory framework. The mapping categorised 18 countries based on the opportunities and challenges with including refugees in the national social safety nets.


20 Apr 2018 description
report World Bank

A World Bank Spring Meetings panel discussed concrete climate actions and adaptation strategies to build a more climate-resilient South Asia.

Last summer’s monsoon hit South Asia particularly hard and left nearly 1,400 people dead and displaced millions of others.

In the last sixty years, such weather extremes have become more common in the subcontinent and, without urgent action to limit carbon emissions, their impact on communities will likely get worse.

20 Apr 2018 description

Geneva – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, reports that 18,575 migrants and refugees entered Europe by sea through the first 108 days of 2018, with about 40 per cent arriving in Italy and the remainder divided between Greece (38 per cent) and Spain, at roughly 20 per cent. This compares with 43,645 arrivals across the region through the same period last year, and 205,613 at this time in 2016.

In comparative terms, then, current arrivals are running at 42 per cent of last year’s pace, and at just over 9 per cent of 2016’s.

20 Apr 2018 description

In March, just over 4,400 refugees and migrants entered Europe via Italy,
Greece and Spain. Arrivals to Greece (1,250 versus 2,400) increased by almost 100% while arrivals through routes to Spain (1,500 versus 1,300) and Italy (1,050 versus 1,060) remained consistent with the previous month. In the first three months of the year some 16,640 refugees and migrants arrived to Europe by sea compared to nearly 31,000 that arrived in the same period last year, marking a 106% decrease.