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10 May 2018 description

10 May 2018

The seventeenth meeting of the Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) regarding the international spread of poliovirus was convened by the Director General on 30 April 2018 at WHO headquarters with members, advisers and invited member states attending via teleconference.

26 Oct 2017 description

Joint news release CDC/GAVI/UNICEF/WHO

26 OCTOBER 2017 | GENEVA/NEW YORK/ATLANTA - In 2016, an estimated 90 000 people died from measles - an 84% drop from more than 550 000 deaths in 2000 - according to a new report published today by leading health organizations. This marks the first time global measles deaths have fallen below 100 000 per year.

28 Sep 2017 description

In polio-endemic countries, frontline workers are utilizing every opportunity to ensure no child is left behind

13 Jun 2017 description

13 JUNE 2017 | GENEVA - World Health Organization Director-General elect, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has welcomed contributions and pledges of US$1.2 billion for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. The pledges were made at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta, USA which is being attended by 32 000 Rotarians from around the world.

“It is humbling to see again the power of this incredible global partnership to generate funding to fight one of the world’s most horrible and debilitating diseases,” said Dr Tedros.

13 Mar 2017 description
report Theirworld

This week we have been marking International Women's Day with inspiring stories about people who are tackling gender inequality. Here we look at the continuing attacks on girls' education. Around the world there are 121 million children and adolescents who don't go to school.

Girls make up 53% of those out of primary school and 52% of of those out of lower secondary school, even though only 48% of the world’s under-15 population are girls, according to the Global Partnership for Education.

26 Oct 2016 description

It has been a difficult year for the global campaign to eradicate polio. In August, two new wild polio cases were reported in Nigeria, which accounted for half of the global count in 2012 yet had not recorded a single wild polio incident since July 2014. It was a year away from being certified polio-free by the World Health Organization.

06 Oct 2016 description

Polio this week as of  4 October 2016

  • The new Global Polio Eradication Initiative web site has been launched! The site features a new design, allowing visitors to see the latest information on the programme, interactive data visualizations and media content including photo essays and videos. All resources from the previous website is available on the new site as well.

29 Sep 2016 description

Polio this week as of 27 September 2016

15 Sep 2016 description

Polio this week as of 13 September 2016

  • The regional polio outbreak response in Nigeria and the Lake Chad basin continues, within the broader humanitarian emergency response. Polio teams on the ground, at national, regional and global levels are closely coordinating with the humanitarian emergency response teams, other UN organizations and NGOs, to maximise the impact of all available resources and ensure that polio vaccine and broader health interventions can reach the most vulnerable and at-need populations in the region.

07 Sep 2016 description

In Nigeria, one new wild poliovirus type 1 (WPV1) case has been reported, from Borno state, following confirmation of two cases in August. Regional outbreak response across north-eastern Nigeria and the Lake Chad sub-region is continuing within the broader humanitarian emergency context. Detection of new cases at this point is not unexpected or unusual, particularly as surveillance is being strengthened (including by conducting retrospective acute flaccid paralysis case searches).

31 Aug 2016 description

Launching soon: the new look of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative web site! Keep a lookout for the new design, which will allow visitors to see the latest information on the programme, interactive data visualizations and media content including photo essays and videos. Existing resources from our current website will be available on the new site as well.

12 Aug 2016 description

In Nigeria, wild poliovirus type one (WPV1) has been detected from Borno state. Virus was isolated from two local government areas (LGA) of Borno; in Gwoza LGAs, in a child with acute flaccid paralysis (AFP – onset of paralysis on 13 July) and close healthy contacts of that child; and in Jere from a close healthy contact of a child who had developed AFP symptoms on 6 July. Both cases are reported by ‘advanced notification’ this week and will be reflected in the official data next week.

27 Oct 2014 description
report Rotary

CONTACTS: Vivian Fiore - Vivian.fiore@rotary.org, Phone: +1 (847) 866-3234 (US)


01 May 2014 description

Polio this week

The data table below is as of 30 April 2014

08 May 2013 description
  • Two new wild poliovirus (WPV) cases are officially reported this week, both from Nigeria, bringing the total number of WPV cases in 2013 to 26 (compared to 53 at this time last year). Additionally, a new circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 (cVDPV2) case is reported in Pakistan. Please see country-specific sections below, for more information.

14 Feb 2013 description
  • On 8 February, two health facilities in Kano state, Nigeria, were attacked, killing eleven people, including health workers, and injuring several others.
  • Such attacks on health workers are absolutely and unconditionally unacceptable, and must be condemned in the strongest terms. Our sympathy goes out to the victims and their families.
07 Sep 2012 description
  • The outbreak in Katsina, northern Nigeria, is continuing, with four new wild poliovirus (WPV) type 1 cases reported this week. Katsina has reported 16 cases of WPV1 since May, more than any other state in the country. Katsina now accounts for 40% of all WPV1 cases in Nigeria since May. Upwards of one-third of children remain under-immunized in the state. During the most recent supplementary immunization activity (SIA), nearly one-third of children were missed in Katsina city (the most populous part of the state and location of the bulk of cases).

03 Sep 2012 description
report Voice of America

Vidushi Sinha September 03, 2012

The three countries where polio is still endemic - Nigeria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan - are conducting aggressive immunization campaigns to vaccinate more children against the disease. Experts say with India now polio-free and the total number of cases at the lowest level ever, this is an opportunity to change history and irradicate the disease entirely. To reinforce that commitment, many world leaders will be meeting in New York this month.

27 Aug 2012 description

Nigeria is the only country in the world to report wild poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) in the past four months.


  • Two new cases were reported in the past week (both WPV1s from Katsina), bringing the total number of cases for 2012 to 72. The most recent case had onset of paralysis on 23 July (WPV1 from Kaduna).