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29 Apr 2014 description
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24 Jun 2013 description
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FOCUS - South and South-East Asia


24 Feb 2012 description
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FOCUS - Sahel: The food crisis looms

A future in dotted lines Log book of a mobile team at the gates of the Sahara Deprived of food and income “Many are those who would not cope without solidarity”

26 Dec 2011 description
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The current floods in Cambodia, which have affected more than 50,000 families and destroyed 20,000 hectares of crops, or even tropical storm 12-E in Nicaragua, which has caused floods, landslides, considerable destruction of housing, social and economic infrastructure and massive population displacements, are two recent examples of little known humanitarian emergencies. Such crises have not mobilized much, but ACTED still intends to deliver a response.

17 Aug 2011 description
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FOCUS Horn of Africa: a predictable crisis - FOCUS Corne de l'Afrique : une crise prévisible

Economic development at the heart of recovery in Cote d’Ivoire - Une activité économique pour se reconstruire en Côte d’Ivoire

Food distributions in Tillabery, Niger - Distributions alimentaires à Tillabéri au Niger

Pointe Noire able to fight Polio (Congo) - Pointe Noire à même de combattre la polio (République du Congo)

Launching the Afghanistan Livelihoods Network - Lancement du Afghanistan Livelihoods Network

28 Feb 2011 description
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ACTED engages Kyrgyz youth in the promotion of peace and development (Kyrgyzstan)

The benefits of developing the milk value chain (Nicaragua)

Building the Pokot communities' resilience to drought through strengthening livelihoods and improving access to water (Uganda)

Opera makes its debut at the Bactria Cultural Centre (Tajikistan)

Another type of reconstruction in Haiti

Durable skills for durable futures in Iraq

Water to develop areas for the reinstallation of repatriates (DRC)

FOCUS : Amid the devastation, basic living conditions restored for …

31 Dec 2009 description
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Chad: Five years at the heart of the desert

In the field

  • Female volunteers participate to an ACTED project in Pakistan
  • Back to School in Gaza (oPT)
  • Building boats in the Delta (Myanmar)
  • Opening- up of Kouki (CAR)
  • The issue of drought in the Horn of Africa (Uganda)
  • The "Sanitized village" programme: At the heart of the sanitation issue (DRC)
  • ACTED-PSF Cambodia: A multidemensional struggle against HIV/AIDS

OXUS Tajikistan: Khosiat and her candyshop

17 Nov 2009 description
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Haiti: 55 kilometres of dredging and embanking of the Artibonite River and its irrigated perimeter - ACTED has distributed 240 tons of food to 5,000 beneficiaries who have dredged/embanked more than 55 kilometres of the Artibonite River since July 15 (embanking of its primary, secondary and tertiary irrigation canals). These works enable the sanitization of the environment, the increase of rice production and the reduction of floods for the Bocozelle, Grande Saline and Desdunes populations, in the Artibonite Department.

30 Sep 2009 description
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Kit distribution in Erbil

On August 19th, ACTED distributed kitchengardening and agricultural kits to 49 vulnerable IDP and local families in Makhmur district of Erbil Governorate to support their livelihoods. Kits contained potato tubers for planting, a variety of seeds and an assortment of key tools such as shovels, rakes and hoes.

23 Jul 2009 description
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Flash News

ACTED in Pakistan

Distributions of hygiene and household kits to vulnerable IDPs in North West Frontier Province

ACTED in Pakistan, in cooperation with OFDA, has started a distribution of hygiene and household kits to IDPs living in public buildings and with host families in Peshawar, Nowshera, Mardan and Swabi Districts. As to date ACTED has distributed 606 hygiene and 785 household kits. ACTED will proceed with the distribution in the coming weeks, eventually reaching 6,100 IDP families.

30 Nov 2008 description
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Flash news


ACTED Uganda is part of a consortium of NGOs currently implementing a three-year Drought management project in North Pokot (Western Kenya-Uganda border).

16 Nov 2007 description
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ACTED Uganda: ACTED responds to ?oods in Eastern Uganda

The eastern part of Uganda has been affected by unusually heavy rains since July 2007. The rains resulted in massive ?ooding and landslides affecting thousands of people with mass displacement occurring. Houses, sanitation systems, roads and bridges have been destroyed and food crops have either been damaged or washed away. Tragically, most of the ? ood affected areas are those that have recently returned IDPs within their communities. The returnees had just started a new life outside the IDP camps when the ?oods hit.