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12 Jul 2013 description

The NORCAP standby roster strengthens the UN, international organizations and governments' efforts to build resilience and respond to crisis. With 149 person-years in the field last year, NORCAP’s contribution in 2012 was the largest in the history of the roster.

in 2012, NORCAP sent experts on 348 missions around the world, amounting to 1784 person-months - or 149 years - in the field. The main priorities were support to UN and national government's responses to the Syrian refugee crisis and the conflict in Mali.

19 Feb 2013 description
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Preliminary Report


Armed violence has powerful, lasting impacts, inflicting severe injuries and impairments and leaving behind broken families, fearful communities and societies in which violence is the norm. It is a daily fear and fact of life for millions of people, particularly those in low income countries and in the marginalised urban zones of more developed countries.

01 Feb 2013 description
report CCCM Cluster


Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share the second edition of the Global CCCM Cluster Newsletter.

This edition provides an update on cluster tools, partners and operations, and highlights issues of current concern to the cluster. In particular, it focuses on the importance of effective partnerships in CCCM operations, and considers how global initiatives such as the Transformative Agenda will impact cluster strategies.

23 Jan 2013 description


  • Winter temperatures remained above normal in December

  • AGE activity down by more than 25 per cent compared to November

  • 82,293 Afghans voluntarily returned to Afghanistan by November

  • CAP 48 per cent funded in 2012

21 Jan 2013 description


  • In November, General inflation, based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased by 6.9% year-on-year basis compared to 7.7% in the previous month.

  • The price of main staple cereals reached an all-time high in November.

  • The Government increased the wheat support price from Rs.1,050 per 40 kg to Rs.1,200 per 40 kg.

  • Prices of poultry products increased significantly, whereas marginal fluctuations were observed in prices of other major food commodities.

16 Jan 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund

Significant achievements for children in a challenging year

By Chris Niles

NEW YORK, United States of America, 31 December 2012 – It’s been another challenging year for UNICEF and its partners – responding to a wide range of humanitarian needs under less-than-ideal financial circumstances.

But significant gains have been realized, particularly in the fight against disease and child mortality.

10 Jan 2013 description

The marketing of farm inputs and outputs has become a major problem for farmers in Pakistan. Farm input supplies are irregular, characterized by shortages and high prices at critical times. This report reviews the input and output policies for cereals implemented in Pakistan during the period 1996–2010. Pakistan has a long and varied history of intervening in farm input and output markets, going back decades before the period under review. Most significantly, in the wake of economic reforms launched during the 1980s, it has withdrawn from most of the commodity markets except wheat.

09 Jan 2013 description
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English version
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Arabic version


  • Humanitarian actors in the MENA region seek to foster greater collaboration, emphasizing the importance of partnerships and recognizing the value in diverse humanitarian approaches.

  • The number of Syrian refugees in Egypt has increased significantly since June 2012. The UN and humanitarian partners are seeking to address their main protection concerns.

09 Jan 2013 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • We have reached 49,310 children in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA with protective services as of end of December, including 21,165 girls. Life saving mine risk education has been provided to 64,884 children and community members in 2012.

  • More funding for child protection in KP and FATA is urgently needed to continue programs in 2013. Lack of funding has forced World Vi- sion to end its child protection support in Jalozai Camp, and UNICEF to end its child protection support in New Durrani Camp, as of the end of 2012.

08 Jan 2013 description

In this issue:

UN-SPIDER at a glance

  • UN-SPIDER supports APSCO Training course on Earthquake Monitoring

  • International Meeting of Crowdsource Mapping successfully concluded

  • Typhoon Bopha: UN-SPIDER facilitates activation of Charter

News from our Regional Support Offices

  • SUPARCO/FAO issue study on rapid crop damage assessment in Pakistan in 2012

  • International Workshop on flood risk mapping using spatial technologies

07 Jan 2013 description


As of the 31st December, a total of fifty eight wild poliovirus (WPV) cases (55 type-1, 2 type-3 and 1 mixed type-1 & type-3) have been reported from twenty eight districts/tribal agencies in 2012. Fifteen Sabin Derived Polio cases have also been reported so far. Moreover WPV-1 has also been isolated from 81 out of 212 environmental samples (of the available results) collected from large urban population in four major provinces indicating the continued widespread of wild poliovirus.

04 Jan 2013 description


  • In October, general inflation, based on Consumer Price Index (CPI), increased by 7.7% on a year-on-year basis compared to 8.8% in the previous month.

  • Prices of poultry products saw significant fluctuations, while marginal fluctuations were observed in prices of other major food commodities.

  • Marginal decreases were noted in estimates of international wheat production with little impact on prices.

04 Jan 2013 description


  • Acute Respiratory tract infections (ARI) accounted for 32% or 1,359 cases of the total patients (4,306 consultations) in all age groups and is showing 0.2% decrease in percentage of ARI patient visits as compared to week 51, 2012.

  • Other Acute Diarrhea (OAD) accounted for 4% or 167 cases of the total patient consultations in all age groups by showing 0.2% increase in percentage as compared to OAD patient visits in previous week.

  • Confirmed Malaria (MAL) shared <1% or 1 case of all patient visits in current week.