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27 Dec 2005 description

As we approach the final stage of the 90-day NATO Disaster Relief Operations in Pakistan, The Land Component Command Civil Military Cooperation teams (CIMIC) are sprinting to the finish line. They are working hard to bring as much aid as possible to those affected by the October 8th earthquake here.

27 Dec 2005 description

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- NATO Disaster Relief Team in Pakistan helicopter crews have flown more than 1,000 relief flights delivering relief aid to earthquake survivors in Pakistan's remote Kashmir Mountains own more than since beginning flight operations here November 6.

21 Dec 2005 description

ARJA, Pakistan -- The NATO troops of the Headquarters Support Battalion of the LCC FCE help the students of the district by setting up tents in their spare time.

20 Dec 2005 description

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- The German helicopters belonging to the NATO Disaster Relief Team have transported more than 1500 tons of relief goods and over 3500 victims in the Kashmir region.

08 Dec 2005 description

ISLAMABAD , Pakistan - NATO's short -term relief mission is focused on delivering assistance to as many survivors of the 8 October earthquake as possible, helping pave the way for other agencies to begin the process of longer-term assistance and reconstruction.

02 Dec 2005 description

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Situated near the epicentre of the devastating October 8 earthquake here, the District of Bagh in Pakistani Kashmir spans some of the most beautiful, yet treacherous terrain in the world. Day by day, snow covering the tops of the jagged Himalayan peaks creeps down the mountains, threatening many earthquake survivors.

16 Nov 2005 description

1. Situation update:

NATO continues relief efforts transporting relief items, evacuating people, treating patients and building winterised shelters.

Please be advised that this situation report hold new information regarding EAPC nation donations for Pakistan earthquake relief efforts.

UN OCHA distributed request to provide water purification units to the following sites: Pattika, Deollian, Dhani and Nauseri (Neelum Valley), Ghari Dopata, Hattian Bala, Chinari and Chakothi (Jhelum Valley), Bana (Allai Valley), and Batagram district of North-Western Frontier Province (NWFP).

13 Nov 2005 description

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN -- NATO continued expanding its relief efforts today in the air and on the ground as NATO helicopters evacuated hundreds of earthquake victims from remote villages; NATO medics treated hundreds of patients while continuing to expand their hospital facility; and NATO engineers worked with the Pakistani Army to build winterized shelters.

NATO Engineers expand relief efforts; move in water purification capability

As night-time temperatures in the higher elevations drop, NATO engineers began building winter shelters for those left homeless in the higher elevations …

09 Nov 2005 description

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - NATO's medical team near Bagh, already treating hundreds of people a day, reached a new milestone today as a sophisticated 60-bed inpatient facility opened its doors.

In a race against time, NATO medics have already been caring for hundreds of people per day with medical teams combing the area by car and foot treating the injured and sick.

06 Nov 2005 description

1. Situation update:

On 3 November 05 NATO and UNHCR agreed to extend air-bridge operation in Pakistan, with NATO providing further air-support for transportation of the UNHCR relief items to Pakistan from 4 November 05. UN Joint Logistics Centre (UN JLC) reiterates the urgent need for mobile air-traffic control tower, a fuel farm and aircraft de-icing equipment.

To date NATO has operated 64 relief flights to Pakistan. Today, 6 November 05, 3 (three) C-130 are scheduled to leave from Turkey with UNHCR relief items.

05 Nov 2005 description

NATO is delivering urgently-needed supplies to Pakistan via two air bridges, from Germany and from Turkey, delivering several tons of supplies each day as temperatures drop and millions of people remain without shelter. The first air bridge, from NATO's AWACS base in Geilenkirchen, Germany, is being used to move relief supplies donated by NATO member and partner countries.

03 Nov 2005 description

MONS, Belgium - An Italian C-130 Hercules carrying 10.4 tons of tents and blankets landed in Islamabad yesterday bringing the total relief supplies flown into Pakistan by NATO to over 1000 tons. On that same day, four more C-130s and a B-747 flew in some 86.2 additional tons.

02 Nov 2005 description

1. Situation update:

Relief operations are continuing in Pakistan. It is estimated that up to 70% of the villages have no roads access and up to 80% villagers in 15.000 villages still lack proper winterised shelter. Near winter conditions in the high elevation of the area make helicopters as the only means for emergency supply transportation. There is serious concern that those living in villages above 5.000 feet or higher should relocate to pre- established camps.

01 Nov 2005 description

Mons, Belgium - The first elements of the NATO field medical team, which moved on Sunday to the Bagh area, are now setting up a hospital in the earthquake stricken area. In the rough terrain, preparing the chosen location has proven tougher than initially expected. However the team still plans to have the field hospital constructed within the week, able to deliver a range of sophisticated medical care, including surgery, to victims.

30 Oct 2005 description

1. Situation update:

Ongoing live-saving operations are continuing in north-eastern part of Pakistan. Pakistan's government raised the official death toll to 55.000, with estimated 78.880 injured, many of them remain stranded in isolated mountainous areas, without food, shelter or sanitation.

30 Oct 2005 description

To ensure accuracy and avoid confusion due to delays or cancellations flights in transit are not included. This list therefore only includes flights that have been completed and delivered their cargo.
This information is based on the best data available as at 1200 CET 29 October.

30 Oct 2005 description

Mons, Belgium - Advance elements of a Dutch medical team arrived in Pakistan yesterday and should be ready to treat casualties at the beginning of next week. In addition advance teams of the of the Valencia-based NRF land component headquarters and a Spanish engineer company are arriving today. The main elements are expected to arrive in Pakistan later this week.