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21 Sep 2017 description
report European Commission

The European Union and the United Nations have launched a new partnership to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls, backed by an initial dedicated financial envelope of €500 million.

What is the EU-UN Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls?

21 Sep 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund

Only 15 countries worldwide have three essential national policies that support families with young children – UNICEF

New report says around 85 million children under five live in 32 countries that do not offer families two years of free pre-primary education; paid breastfeeding breaks for new mothers for the first six months; and adequate paid parental leave – three critical policies to support children’s early brain development

20 Sep 2017 description

Country Operations

In 2018, there will be Humanitarian Response Plans in 23 countries: Afghanistan, Burundi, Chad, Cameroon, CAR, DRC, Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. The HRPs for Cameroon, Chad, CAR, DRC, Somalia, Haiti, Sudan, Nigeria (and potentially Niger and Afghanistan) will be multi-year Plans.

Deadline for Completion

20 Sep 2017 description

In August 2017, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) recorded 3,173 deaths and injuries from explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 70% (2,228) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

At least one death or injury from explosive violence was recorded in 26 countries and territories last month. The five worst impacted countries were Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and Iraq according to civilian casualties.

20 Sep 2017 description

19 September 2017 – Pakistan, being one of the last 3 polio-endemic countries in the world, has launched the first national immunization days campaign of the 2017–2018 low transmission season during which more than 37 million children under the age of 5 will be vaccinated against polio. The campaign is taking place in all the districts/agencies of the country with a few local operational adjustments.

20 Sep 2017 description


ICA is a WFP corporate programme design tool, used in over 20 countries around the globe. It provides evidence to support strategic placement and combination of four broad programmatic themes: Safety Net, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Early Warning and Disaster Preparedness.

20 Sep 2017 description
report ACTED, Start Network

Executive summary

How can the humanitarian sector in Pakistan build more effective systems for humanitarian action? And how do we need to work together to achieve it? These were the questions we attempted to answer during Start Network’s ‘The Future of Humanitarian Action in Pakistan’ conference, held in July in Islamabad, with the support of ACTED and the Humanitarian Leadership Academy.

20 Sep 2017 description

Update on assisted voluntary repatriation to Afghanistan

  • 2,480 refugee returnees were assisted upon their arrival in Afghanistan from 22 to 31 July.
    Since the beginning of the return operation 42,161 refugee returnees were assisted.

  • Majority of refugees are coming from Pakistan (41,533) and smaller numbers from Iran (533) and other countries (95).

  • The second Jirga delegation of refugee representatives from Pakistan was received by Afghan President in Kabul on 29-30 July.

20 Sep 2017 description

Update on assisted voluntary repatriation to Afghanistan

  • 33,733 refugee returnees arrived at UNHCR’s Encashment Centres in Jalalabad, Kandahar and Kabul from the beginning of return operation on 4 April until 30 June 2017

  • Refugees have been assisted to return in 2017, with an overwhelming majority from Pakistan (33,325) and smaller numbers from Iran (319) and other countries (89).

  • About 58% of refugee returnees are under 18 years old. Among them, more than 11,000 children are in schooling age.

19 Sep 2017 description

Pakistan – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, is backing a Pakistan government initiative to register up to a million unregistered Afghans believed to be living in Pakistan.

The documentation process, which was approved by Pakistan’s cabinet in February as part of the country’s Policy on the Repatriation and Management of Afghans, started on August 16th and has now registered some 70,000 Afghans.

19 Sep 2017 description

- In August 2017, the average retail price of wheat and wheat flour negligibly decreased by 1.2% and 0.9%, respectively; the price of rice Irri‐6 negligibly increased by 0.2% and that of rice Basmati slightly increased by 1.7% from the previous month (July 2017);
- Headline inflation based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) negligibly increased by 0.19% from July 2017, whereas it has slightly increased by 3.41% from the same month last year (August 2016);

19 Sep 2017 description
report Save the Children

Around the world, there are too many refugee children who haven’t just lost their homes, they’re also losing their futures every single day.

More than half of all the refugee children in the world – 3.5 million children – aren’t in school.

19 Sep 2017 description

- 1,337 undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan
- 18,231 undocumented Afghans returned from Iran 85,488 total returns from Pakistan since 01 Jan 2017
- 263,230 total returns from Iran since 01 Jan 2017
- 95% of returnees from Pakistan (1,204 individuals) assisted
- 5% of returnees from Iran (785 individuals) assisted 138 unaccompanied migrant children (UAM) from Iran, 0 from Pakistan
- 34 Medical Cases (MC) from Iran, 0 from Pakistan

Situation Overview

19 Sep 2017 description
report Voice of America

Ayaz Gul

A suicide blast near one of Pakistan's two main border crossings with Afghanistan has wounded at least 22 people, including several members of the security forces.

Monday evening's attack prompted Pakistani authorities to swiftly suspended all traffic at the southwestern Chaman post.

Officials said personnel of the paramilitary Frontier Corps were heading to the border crossing when a suicide bomber ambushed their vehicle and blew himself up near a busy public spot.

Splinter group takes credit

19 Sep 2017 description
infographic Government of Pakistan

Sectors: Protection, Livelihood, Health, CBDRR, WASH, Shelter

Districts: Peshawar, Nowshera, Charssada, Kohat, Tank, Bannu, Dir Lower, Chitral, Shangla, Lower Kohistan, Hangu, Manshera

Total UCs Covered: 83

18 Sep 2017 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of Disaster

The rains during the recent Monsoon season have been quite heavy resulting in the emergence of dengue cases from Peshawar by the mid-August 2017. These cases continued to rise and by 24th August a sudden surge was noticed with a number of patients admitted in the major government hospitals of Peshawar.