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16 Aug 2018 description

About this report

This research is the fruit of a joint project between the divisions of protection and of policy and humanitarian diplomacy at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), with significant support from the organization’s economic security and water and habitat units and ICRC delegations across the world. It received some financial support from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs through its Human Security Division.

27 Jul 2018 description


The regional appeal, throughout its first year, has supported 15 emergency operations, including ten Appeals and five DREFs. The latter were/are aiming at meeting the needs of approximately two million

people in 14 countries, including five countries of focus: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and South-Sudan. For this 12-month report, these operations were asked to provide a brief overview of their key achievements, successes, challenges and key lessons learned over the past year.

Country wise and regional key main achievements

In Countries:

26 Jul 2018 description

A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

As the rainy season is reaching its peak in Nigeria, different parts of the country have witnessed torrential rain falls in the last one month resulting in widespread flooding. On 13 July 2018, seven states of Katsina in the North West, Niger and Abuja FCT in the North Central, Yobe and Bauchi in the North East, Ogun and Ondo States in the South West have reported devastating floods affecting communities in their states.

24 Jul 2018 description


  • This Operation Update aims to report on the accomplished objectives. Despite security challenges on the ground, the operation has made good progress and so far, 7,528 people have been reached with interventions in the three target areas including 2,925 in Diffa, 2,758 in Maine Soroa and 1,845 in Goudoumaria. Given the limited access to operational sites the operation experienced two (2) months delay in implementing planned activities. One of the reasons of delay at the start of operation is consequent delay in signing of the e-contract.

18 Jul 2018 description

Mënschen hëllefen : agir au profit des plus vulnérables


La Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise a dévoilé son rapport d’activité 2017. Au-delà du bilan de l’année passée, cette présentation a été l’occasion de revenir sur des événements marquants et de tracer des perspectives sur les actions en cours.

10 Jul 2018 description

Abuja –The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), in close cooperation with the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS), is responding to the most urgent needs of more than 22,000 people displaced by the recent armed violence in Barkin Ladi, Riyom and Jos South Local Government Areas, Plateau state.

05 Jul 2018 description

Our Message

While there is room for disagreement about migration policy, the humanitarian imperative means that we must never needlessly sacrifice the survival and dignity of any vulnerable people, including migrants.

26 Jun 2018 description


As wars dragged on in many parts of the world, huge numbers of people struggled to meet even their most basic needs in 2017. In the absence of political solutions, these people seem destined to endure even more violence in the coming year. If humanitarian organizations cannot rise to the challenge and provide greater relief and protection, even more people could suffer.

17 May 2018 description


Description of the disaster

Hepatitis E virus is probably the leading cause of viral hepatitis in the world. The global burden of Morbidity Study (WHO, 2010) estimated that at least 20.1 million people are infected globally by the virus genotypes 1 and 2 every year, out of which only 3.4 million people reported the disease, resulting in 70,000 deaths and 3,000 new-borns baby deaths.

09 May 2018 description

Throughout the history of mankind, people around the world have left their homes, fleeing armed conflict, persecution, poverty or simply seeking better opportunities. Migration can be voluntary or involuntary, but most of the time a combination of choices and constraints lead some to leave, while others stay behind. What needs do people have while on the road? Are those needs different based on the reason for leaving home? What distinguishes someone who is displaced internally from someone who has crossed an international border?

04 May 2018 description

Les histoires des personnes affectées par la crise dans le bassin du lac Tchad.

Le crise dans le bassin du lac Tchad a des conséquences humanitaires dévastatrices. Elle touche le Nigéria, le Niger, le Tchad et le Cameroun.

Les populations affectées par cette crise ont des besoins importants en eau potable, nourriture, abris, soins de santé, etc.

Leurs histoires racontent leur souffrance, leur résilience, leur solidarité et leurs espoirs.

16 Apr 2018 description

Red Cross Red Crescent best practice in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) to prevent, prepare for and respond to epidemics in West Africa

Preparing for and preventing epidemics

Preventing outbreaks of disease is a key priority for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Stopping an outbreak before it spreads out of control saves lives, protects livelihoods and supports long term development.

16 Apr 2018 description

Documenting best practices and lessons learned in Community Engagement and Accountability (CEA) to prevent epidemics in West Africa

West Africa / 2017

26 Mar 2018 description

Hawa’u Dauda, a mother of five, is one of many women in Adamawa State, northeastern Nigeria, who had to trek for miles to fetch clean water every day for the family, despite having a borehole close to home.

“We saw earthworms in the water and stopped using the borehole,” says Hawa’u. “Most of the community abandoned this water point because it was also muddy and full of bacteria. The stagnant water was becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes.”

“Now it is clean and has improved the health of my family and the community,” explains Hawa’u smiling.

21 Mar 2018 description

Preserving the civilian and humanitarian character of sites and settlements is fundamental to the protection of civilians fleeing armed conflict. It is, however, increasingly put at risk today by the presence of, or proximity to, fighters and armed activities. Infringements to the civilian and humanitarian character result in major protection concerns for internally displaced people and refugees hosted in the sites and adversely impact humanitarian actors.

14 Mar 2018 description

Appeal History:

July 2014: A large number of displaced people from southern Nigeria begin arriving in Niger’s Diffa region from northern Nigeria. With local resources exhausted, host communities were unable to cope with the situation. Access to water, sanitation and primary health care was critically low, and immediate humanitarian assistance required.

13 Feb 2018 description

Written by Millicent WANGUI

Even in the age of online media, radio has remained the medium that reaches the widest audience in Africa. This makes radio a critical tool for our work at the Red Cross and Red Crescent. It links us with the rural and remote families we serve by hosting open discussions, getting feedback and sharing life-saving information during disasters and humanitarian crises. Most importantly, radio assists us in bringing communities together and, using their diverse voices to enable them to define their own solutions together.

10 Feb 2018 description

Abuja/Geneva (ICRC) – The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) today facilitated the handover -- from the armed opposition to the Nigerian military -- of 10 women police officers and three university professors.

This operation in north-east Nigeria, with the ICRC acting as a neutral intermediary, was carried out at the request of the parties to the ongoing armed conflict.

"We are so pleased that these 13 people are free and will be able to see their families again," said Patrick Youssef, deputy regional director for Africa.