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16 Aug 2018 description
infographic Insecurity Insight

Every day around the world aid workers are affected by violence and threats. For World Humanitarian Day the Aid in Danger project has published new data on the number of aid workers killed, kidnapped and arrested during the first six months of this year to highlight the risks aid workers face while helping or saving the lives of others. You can access the data on the Reliefweb Crises App and on HDX Insecurity Insight.

12 Aug 2018 description

Elections are an important mechanism in democratic and peace processes. Their purpose is to provide citizens with an opportunity to choose freely their political leaders and allocate power peacefully. However, underlying tensions in a society and high-stake competition can also result in violent and fraudulous elections. Based on its mandate in peace, development and democracy promotion, FDFA is supporting countries in a democratic transition as they address the challenge of holding elections.

A challenge for Human Security

09 Aug 2018 description
report Pew Research Center

By Phillip Connor and Jens Manuel Krogstad

The total number of people living in sub-Saharan Africa who were forced to leave their homes due to conflict reached a new high of 18.4 million in 2017, up sharply from 14.1 million in 2016 – the largest regional increase of forcibly displaced people in the world, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees data.

09 Aug 2018 description


This report compares current humanitarian crises based on their level of humanitarian access. Affected populations in more than 40 countries are not getting proper humanitarian assistance due to access constraints. Out of 44 countries included in the report, nearly half of them are currently facing critical humanitarian access constraints, with four countries (Eritrea, Syria, Venezuela, and Yemen) being considered as inaccessible. Moderate humanitarian access constraints are an issue in eight countries, and 15 face low humanitarian access constraints.

07 Aug 2018 description

created/written by MPH@GW, the online MPH program

In July 2014, a businessman working for an international steel company took a flight from Liberia to Nigeria — and in that moment an already bad Ebola outbreak in West Africa threatened to become a worldwide catastrophe, the very stuff of Hollywood horror films.

01 Aug 2018 description

The most notable trend in Africa on the week of July 22nd was the rise in violence involving Islamist militants across a number of countries.

31 Jul 2018 description


Over 100 monsoon-related incidents have been reported in Cox's Bazar since 23 July, affecting over 13,500 people. In comparison, less than 6,000 people were affected in first three weeks of July. Extensive damage to shelters has been reported and over 550 people have been displaced. WASH facilities and agricultural land have been damaged and humanitarian access severely constrained. Heavy rainfall and landslides resulted in at least five fatalities.

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25 Jul 2018 description

Findings and recommendations for food security analysis: South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen March 2018

1. Executive Summary

24 Jul 2018 description

Key developments in Africa in the week of July 15th include increased attacks by Boko Haram in several states surrounding Nigeria, and targeted political violence in Zimbabwe and Burundi. Regular fighting also occurred in Somalia, Mali, CAR and DRC, while riots and protests dominated the political landscapes in Ghana, Kenya and North Africa.

24 Jul 2018 description

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Drought since April has been inducing displacement in Afghanistan.

Some 51,000 people have moved from Badghis and Ghor provinces to Hirat city. They are reported to be living in informal sites with makeshift shelters. Within Badghis province, approximately 7,000 people moved from the rural areas to the provincial capital and another 560 people were displaced within Muqur district.

Across Afghanistan, drought is affecting the health and nutrition situation of an estimated 4.2 million people.

20 Jul 2018 description
report Women Under Siege

Maiduguri, Nigeria—When a group of women came to Maryam Muhammad and offered to pay for her trip from Maiduguri in Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to take part in the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, she was grateful for their generosity. A single mother of twins, she had no way of supporting her family and had resorted to begging friends and neighbors for money. So she left her children with a friend and accepted their offer. But once in Saudi Arabia, Muhammad was taken to the home of a woman who made her work more than 12 hours a day as a domestic servant.

19 Jul 2018 description
report Insecurity Insight

Security Incidents and Access Constraints



29 June 2018: In Banki town, Borno state, Boko Haram attacked an IDP camp and killed four IDPs before being engaged in an hour-long fighting with soldiers. Source: ACLED


19 Jul 2018 description

Restrictions aimed at stopping extremism shouldn’t deny the people of the Lake Chad Basin their livelihoods.

By Omar S Mahmood

The ongoing terror threat in Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon has led the governments of the Lake Chad region to enact numerous security restrictions in affected areas. While these restrictions are meant to improve security for all, some affect civilians negatively – particularly regarding livelihoods.

17 Jul 2018 description

On the week of July 8th Africa was marked by several important attacks and developments.

16 Jul 2018 description

Blog Post by John Campbell

Below is a visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political violence in Nigeria from July 7 to July 13, 2018. This update also represents violence related to Boko Haram in Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. These incidents will be included in the Nigeria Security Tracker.

July 5–July 8: Communal clashes led to seventy-three deaths in Lau, Taraba.

July 8: Nigerian troops killed fifteen Boko Haram militants in Abadam, Borno.

16 Jul 2018 description

The first in a two-part study examining current dynamics in violent extremist organisations.

This report is the first in a two-part study examining current dynamics with regards to violent extremist organisations (VEOs) operating in the Lake Chad region (Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger). This report examines factionalism within the Boko Haram movement, while the second report profiles current responses and challenges.

About the authors

16 Jul 2018 description

The second in a two-part study examining current dynamics in violent extremist organisations.


This report is the second in a two-part study examining current dynamics with regards to violent extremist organisations (VEOs) operating in the Lake Chad region (Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger). The first report examined factionalism within the Boko Haram movement, while this second report profiles current responses and challenges.

12 Jul 2018 description

The Lake Chad region is being terrorised by two groups, one of which poses a serious long-term threat.


Boko Haram’s split in 2016 saw the emergence of two distinct jihadist movements, with divergent operating methods, in the Lake Chad region. Boko Haram is no longer a single entity and the separation carries wider ramifications, as one of the groups appears to be positioning itself as a long-term threat in a way that the other is not.

11 Jul 2018 description

The world’s uprooted children will ignite a new generation of wars. Can we prevent it?

By: Kathleen Kuehnast, Ph.D.