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01 Aug 2017 description
report Malaria Consortium

Malaria Consortium supports one last season under the ACCESS-SMC project in Nigeria

For the 25 million children who live across the Sahel, where there is a seasonal surge in malaria incidence, the World Health Organization recommends seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) as an effective tool in the fight against malaria. SMC is an antimalarial drug that prevents children under the age of five years old from getting malaria during the four month rainy season. One treatment per month reduces malaria cases by as much as 75 percent.

15 Jun 2016 description
report Malaria Consortium

Abuja, Nigeria 15th June 2016 - “Mortality rates in those states where we ran our severe malaria project fell from 25 to just one percent. These results are, in part, due to the project and show that the use of injectable artesunate for severe malaria works.”

24 Apr 2015 description
report Malaria Consortium

New project prepares to provide seasonal malaria protection in Zamfara and Sokoto

(Nigeria) As World Malaria Day 2015 approaches (25th April), a new project in Nigeria prepares for the distribution of preventive malarial treatments to an estimated 792,132 children under five years old, in 2015 alone, in Zamfara and Sokoto states.

08 Oct 2013 description
report Malaria Consortium

Following a World Health Organisation policy recommendation last year, Malaria Consortium has become the first organisation in Nigeria to fully implement a new approach to prevent malaria illness among children under five known as Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC).