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13 Oct 2017 description

By Jan Egeland, Secretary General of the Norwegian Refugee Council and a former United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator

13 Oct 2017 description

National Statement delivered by Ambassador Carl Skau on behalf of Sweden at the United Nations Security Council Briefing on Risk of famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and northeast Nigeria, 12 October 2017, New York.

Thank You Mr President,

I would like to join you in welcoming the Secretary-General to the Council today for this important meeting, and to thank him for his comprehensive briefing.

Secretary-General Guterres,

13 Oct 2017 description

Libya continues to be the main transit point for departure from North Africa towards Europe. UNHCR's interverntions at disembarkation points in Libya focus on the provision of life-saving assistance and protection monitoring, to identify persons in need of international protection, as well as vulnerable individuals, such as unaccompanied and separated children, elderly, medical cases, women at risk or victims of trafficking.

13 Oct 2017 description

12 OCTOBER 2017

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks to the Security Council briefing on countries at risk of famine, in New York today:

Nine months ago, some 20 million people were at severe risk of famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and north-east Nigeria. About 100,000 people in South Sudan were on the verge of starvation.

13 Oct 2017 description
report Oxfam

Authors Pearl-Martinez, Rebecca Publication date 13 Oct 2017 DOI 10.21201/2017.0889 ISBN 978-1-78748-088-9


12 Oct 2017 description
report UN Security Council



Sounding the alarm on famine exacerbated by conflict, Secretary-General António Guterres urged the international community to step up efforts to end violence, ensure humanitarian assistance and foster long-term development in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and other areas of instability-rooted starvation.

12 Oct 2017 description

Despite average rainfall over East Africa, risk of flooding remains high in Sudan and Ethiopia

Africa Weather Hazards

  1. and below-normal rainfall in August and early September has produced moderate to large moisture deficits in parts of southern Burkina Faso and northern Ghana.

  2. Below-average rain over the past three months has resulted in poor ground conditions in the Western Cape province of South Africa.

12 Oct 2017 description


  • Persistent conflict continues to undermine agricultural production and contribute to food insecurity in the Lake Chad Basin

  • Health officials record additional cholera cases in northeastern Nigeria, raising the total to more than 4,200 suspected and confirmed cases, including 57 related deaths

  • Advocacy report indicates that GoRC soldiers abused and exploited Nigerian asylum seekers and refugees in Cameroon


12 Oct 2017 description


  • 31 additional cases were reported.

  • No death reported.

  • No Alert.

Epidemiological summary

  • Total number of suspected cases of cholera reported stands at 4819, with 61 deaths (CFR = 1.3%); 2414 cases in the Muna corridor (Jere LGA), 736 cases in Dikwa, 1625 cases in Monguno, cases in MMC and Mafa stands at 38 and 6 respectively

  • Out of the 144 samples taken, 119 (83%) were RDT positive and 107 (74%) were culture positive.

12 Oct 2017 description


• Près de 900 personnes déplacées suite aux inondations dans le Logone-et-Chari

• 1 700 personnes se déplacent suite à des attaques dans le Mayo - Tsanaga

• La prévalence de la malnutrition chronique est supérieure à 40% dans l’Extrême-Nord

Suivi de la Situation Humanitaire

Suivi de la relocalisation des PDI de Kolofata

12 Oct 2017 description


Key achievements toward the strategic objectives

For the implementation of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) in 2017, the HCT achieved the following:

  • 2.3 million individuals, approximately 77 per cent, have benefitted from food assistance through in-kind and cash/voucher interventions;

  • Approximately 1.1 million people accessed clean and safe water, representing 57 per cent of target;

12 Oct 2017 description
report Inter Press Service

By Miriam Gathigah

NAIROBI, Oct 12 2017 (IPS) - A growing number of African countries are increasingly becoming food insecure as delayed and insufficient rainfall, as well as crop damaging pests such as the ongoing outbreak of the fall armyworm, cause the most severe maize crisis in the last decade.

Experts have warned that as weather patterns become even more erratic and important crops such as maize are unable to resist the fall armyworm infestation, there will not be enough food on the table.

12 Oct 2017 description

Current Major Event

Emerging and Dangerous Pathogens Laboratory Network in WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region

The WHO's Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean (EMRO) has progressed towards establishing an Emerging and Dangerous Pathogens Laboratory Network (EDPLN). The main purpose of the network is to enhance laboratory diagnostic capacity of Regional laboratories and to timely respond to health emergencies in the Region.

12 Oct 2017 description


This report is a comprehensive presentation of all data on migration gathered through IOM’s DTM programme for July-August.

12 Oct 2017 description

The rapid arrival of very large numbers of refugees in concentrated areas tends to accentuate the impact that populations will have on the environment, due to the fact that humanitarian operators manage people and infrastructure based on short-term considerations. This leads to increased pressure on raw materials and ecosystems, and tends to create tension with the host population.

The study has two objectives: