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13 Feb 2019 description

The Nigerian authorities must protect people from violence and ensure full respect for freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association before, during and after the country’s upcoming general election, Amnesty International said ahead of the votes scheduled for 16 February and 2 March 2019.

There have been several instances of violence at election campaign rallies in some states in recent months, including the deaths of four people in Kano state in clashes between rival political supporters in December 2018.

12 Feb 2019 description


  • In the reporting Week 05 (January 28- February 03, 2019) sixty-eight new confirmedi cases were reported from Edo(20), Ondo(22), Ebonyi(7), Bauchi(4), Plateau(4), Nasarawa(1), Taraba(3),
    Benue(1), Kaduna(1), Kwara(1), Oyo(2), Delta(1), and Rivers(1) States with fourteen new deaths in Edo(2), Ondo(1),Rivers(1) Plateau(2), Oyo(1), Ebonyi(4 ), Enugu(1), Taraba(1) and Nasarawa(1)

12 Feb 2019 description
report UN Children's Fund


In 2018, UNICEF reached more than 100 per cent on several of its targets in the Humanitarian Appeal for Children (HAC):

• 233,966 (109 per cent) children with severe acute malnutrition (SAM) received treatment at UNICEF-supported treatment centres.

• 3,321,767 (142 per cent) IDPs (including 1,594,448 children under 5 years) were provided with integrated primary health care services at UNICEFsupported health facilities.

12 Feb 2019 description

The number of people facing severe hunger in the world has been steadily rising and remains deeply of concern.

Conflict and extreme climate events remain the main drivers behind severe food crises. Often occurring simultaneously, all dimensions of food security – food availability, access and utilization – are further undermined.

12 Feb 2019 description


Nigeria is Africa’s largest economy, most populous country, and home to a wealth of natural resources (particularly oil and natural gas). Unfortunately, these assets have not translated into inclusive growth for the country due to a lack of infrastructure, inadequate power supply, and overall state fragility. Nigeria generates one of the lowest per capita quantities of electricity in the world: 144 kWh per capita in 2014. The poverty rate is over 50 percent, inequality is on the rise, and the economy is subject to volatile oil prices.

12 Feb 2019 description


  • 2,332 Refugees evacuated temporarily from Libya to Niger as part of the ETM (Emergency Transit Mechanism) from November 2017 – January 2019

  • 1,647 Persons profiled by UNHCR in Agadez seeking asylum

  • 53,510 Persons internally displaced in the Tillaberi & Tahoua regions

Operational Context

The key situations include:

12 Feb 2019 description
  • Following the declaration by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control of a Lassa fever outbreak on 22 January, WHO declared a level two emergency on 4 February.

  • Though Lassa fever is endemic in the West Africa region, there has been a sharp increase in the number of cases this year. In four weeks, the number of cases has already reached two thirds of the total cases reported last year.

12 Feb 2019 description
report Christian Aid

Following the African Union’s Heads of State and Government Summit in Addis Ababa, Christian Aid’s CEO Amanda Mukwashi said:

“Across Africa, most of those forced from their homes by armed conflict and violence are displaced within their own countries, and in fact recent statistics point to a worrying increase in internal displacement on the continent. These people lost everything – their homes, livelihoods, and in many cases their relatives.

12 Feb 2019 description

Benin City – Leaving is hard. Sometimes coming home is harder. Especially for irregular migrants who bear the shame of failure for not confirming popular myths of faraway streets paved with gold.

“When I came back, my family deserted me because their hope of having a child in Europe was dashed. My friends rejected me because I didn’t tell them I left Nigeria. My wife ran away with my kids because she thought I would never amount to anything,” recalled Adeola as he received his business skills training certificate in Benin City, Nigeria.

12 Feb 2019 description

Date d’évaluation : du 30 au 31 Janvier 2019

Date de l’alerte : 10 Janvier 2019

Zone d’évaluation : Le site de déplacés de Kindjandi - région de Diffa, commune de Gueskerou

Localisation : Kindjandi se situe à 65 km de la ville de Diffa sur l’axe Diffa- Nguigmi. Il est accessible en toute période à travers la route bitumée N1.

Coordonnées GPS : Longitude : 13.7379 Latitude : 12.9310

Mouvement de population :

11 Feb 2019 description

Blog Post by John Campbell

Below is a visualization and description of some of the most significant incidents of political violence in Nigeria from February 2 to 8, 2019. This update also represents violence related to Boko Haram in Cameroon, Chad, and Niger. These incidents will be included in the Nigeria Security Tracker.

  • February 2: Election-related violence resulted in one death in Sagbama, Bayelsa.

11 Feb 2019 description

to assist
58 100 people

FAO requires
USD 6.2 million

January – December 2018

Cameroon is facing multiple complex emergencies, mainly in the Far North region due to the Boko Haram insurgency, the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions as well as the crisis linked to incoming refugees from the Central African Republic in the eastern regions. All three are characterized by armed conflict, significantly affecting the population and exacerbating their vulnerabilities.

11 Feb 2019 description

According to UN OCHA, an estimated 823 000 people are living in areas inaccessible to humanitarian organisations in 2018. With the recent hostilities, this figure is expected to have increased further.

Since November 2018, a total of 277 aid workers have been temporarily re-located for security reasons. This affects the delivery of aid to about 390 000 people.

11 Feb 2019 description


This Weekly Bulletin focuses on selected acute public health emergencies occurring in the WHO African Region. The WHO Health Emergencies Programme is currently monitoring 60 events in the region. This week’s edition covers key new and ongoing events, including: