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23 May 2018 description

Le Mécanisme de Réponse Rapide (RRM) a pour objectif l’amélioration des conditions de vie des populations qui ont été affectées par un mouvement de population (déplacement ou retour) suite à un choc (conflit armé, épidémie, ou catastrophe naturelle). Les activités du RRM sont (1) le pré-positionnement de fonds, de stocks et de ressources humaines, (2) la veille humanitaire et Evaluations multisectorielles (MSA), (3) Intervention multisectorielle : Abris/NFI, WASH, Sécurité alimentaire et Protection. Le RRM est financé au Niger par ECHO.

23 May 2018 description

La situation sécuritaire au cours du mois d’avril a été marquée par le début (le 5 avril) de l’opération Amni Fakat, l’offensive militaire de la force mixte multinationale dans la zone de Bosso et des îles du Lac Tchad. En dépit de ces opérations militaires, des incursions nocturnes d’éléments du groupe Boko Haram sont enregistrées dans plusieurs localités du département de Diffa, notamment dans les villages contigus aux berges de la Komadougou et dans la commune de Gueskérou. Aussi, des conflits inter-communautaires continuent de prendre de l’ampleur dans la région.

20 May 2018 description

On 18 May, about forty people carried out an attack on the village of Hagaye located 25 km from Inatès, Tillabery region (bordering Mali). According to local sources, the death toll is reportedly 17 people, and 12 houses have been burned.
Since January 2018, more than 11 000 people have been displaced in the Tillabery region due to the spillover of conflict in Mali. DG ECHO contributes to providing humanitarian assistance to newly displaced through a Rapid Response Mechanism. However, humanitarian access is constrained by persistent insecurity.

18 May 2018 description

After being temporarily suspended in March as the result of concerns from local authorities on the pace of resettlement out of Niger, UNHCR evacuations of vulnerable refugees and asylum seekers from Libya through the Emergency Transit Mechanism has been resumed and 132 vulnerable …

18 May 2018 description

Agadez – IOM, the UN Migration Agency last week (09/05) launched the project Community Stabilization Initiatives in Northern Niger (COSINN) in Agadez, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

More than 27,000 individuals entered Niger in February alone. This important migratory flow across the country increases the pressure on Niger’s already limited resources, leading to the possibility of frustrations and increased tensions for local communities.

17 May 2018 description


Description of the disaster

Hepatitis E virus is probably the leading cause of viral hepatitis in the world. The global burden of Morbidity Study (WHO, 2010) estimated that at least 20.1 million people are infected globally by the virus genotypes 1 and 2 every year, out of which only 3.4 million people reported the disease, resulting in 70,000 deaths and 3,000 new-borns baby deaths.

17 May 2018 description

Plus de cent Soudanais arrêtés au Niger risquent de subir de graves abus, notamment d'être détenus de façon illégale et dans des conditions très éprouvantes et soumis à la torture et à d'autres formes de mauvais traitements, souvent à des fins d'extorsion, à la suite de leur renvoi en Libye la semaine dernière, a déclaré Amnesty International.

14 May 2018 description

REQUIREMENTS 338 million

FUNDING (1) 93 million


All amounts in US$

14 May 2018 description

More than a hundred Sudanese nationals arrested in Niger are at risk of serious abuses including unlawful detention in harsh conditions, torture and other forms of ill-treatment, often for the purpose of extortion, after they were deported back to Libya last week, said Amnesty International.

The group of around 145 people - including women and children – had fled Libya because of the brutal conditions they endured there, and had been living in a displacement camp in the Nigerien city of Agadez where they hoped to claim asylum.

11 May 2018 description



The “Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD)” regional project is a regional initiative that aims to accelerate the demographic transition in order to create the conditions for a demographic dividend that promotes growth and the reduction of gender inequalities between men and women in the Sahel region.

11 May 2018 description

Niamey — Between January 2017 and March 2018, IOM, the UN Migration Agency, assisted 1,310 women, mainly from Nigeria and Liberia, as well as 714 accompanied and 445 unaccompanied children, most notably from Guinea-Conakry and Nigeria at its six transit centres for migrants in Agadez, Dirkou, Arlit and Niamey.

11 May 2018 description
report IRIN

Eric Reidy

Niger has deported at least 132 Sudanese refugees and asylum seekers back to Libya, drawing criticism that it is flouting international law by sending them back to dangerous and inhumane conditions from which they recently escaped.

10 May 2018 description

Millions of people rely on the **Sahel**’s drylands, whose livelihoods depend on livestock production. However, comparably lower investments were recently made towards people in these areas that, in addition to chronic poverty, food insecurity and conflict, have suffered from the effects of multiple droughts.

10 May 2018 description


1,020 Refugees evacuated from Libya to Niger as part of the ETM from November 2017 – April 2018

2,019 Persons profiled by UNHCR in Agadez seeking asylum

10,500 Persons internally displaced in the Tillaberi region

Operational Context

The month of April illustrates the continuity of the increased complexity in the operational context.
The key situations include: