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23 Jan 2018 description

Key findings

  • UN agencies, NGOs, and government employees sharing the same workspace helped collaboration and information sharing.

  • Sector-specific and cross-sector coordination meetings allowed agencies and government actors to share information that reduced delays and increased collaboration between actors.

  • The lack of reliable baseline data greatly hampered efforts and delayed carrying out assessments and distributions properly during the response.

06 Dec 2017 description

La réflexion menée sur le renforcement des capacités de la Croix-Rouge française et sur la mise en place d’un dispositif de réduction des risques récurrents de catastrophes concerne toute la zone des Antilles. En effet, celle-ci est exposée aux ouragans, séismes, inondations, et est d’autant plus vulnérable qu’elle est composée de nombreuses petites îles isolées.

10 Nov 2017 description

Près de deux mois après le passage de l’ouragan Irma, chacun conserve à l’esprit les images d’un drame meurtrier : des maisons balayées, des populations privées d’eau potable et d’électricité, des écoles détruites, des centres de soins submergés. Oui, dans la nuit du 5 au 6 septembre dernier, les Caraïbes et singulièrement Saint-Martin et Saint Barthélémy, étaient confrontées à l’une des épreuves les plus terribles de leur histoire.

08 Nov 2017 description

WMO report highlights impacts on human safety, well-being and environment

6 November 2017 (WMO) - It is very likely that 2017 will be one of the three hottest years on record, with many high-impact events including catastrophic hurricanes and floods, debilitating heatwaves and drought. Long-term indicators of climate change such as increasing carbon dioxide concentrations, sea level rise and ocean acidification continue unabated. Arctic sea ice coverage remains below average and previously stable Antarctic sea ice extent was at or near a record low.

06 Nov 2017 description

Un rapport de l'OMM met en évidence les répercussions sur la santé humaine, la qualité de vie et l'environnement

02 Nov 2017 description

Crisis overview

Tropical Storm Maria formed in the central Atlantic Ocean and is the tenth most intense on record. At its peak, the hurricane caused catastrophic damage and numerous fatalities across the north-eastern Caribbean, and is considered to be the worst natural disaster on record in Dominica. It also caused catastrophic damage in Puerto Rico.

14 Oct 2017 description

Key Figures

4 Wi-Fi hotspots for the population

4,094 unique users

240 GB of data used by the population

3 Ambulant Wi-Fi operations

272 unique users

13 GB of data used by the population

18 calling operations

910 beneficiaries

5 satphones strategically positioned in out-of-coverage parishes


25 Sep 2017 description


Maria, the 13th named hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season, became a category 5 hurricane near the Leeward Islands on Monday September 18 th, 2017. Hurricane Maria impacted Dominica at approximately 9:35pm on September 18 th as an extremely strong hurricane with wind speeds of 155 mph. Maria then impacted Antigua and Barbuda, Montserrat and St. Kitts and Nevis on September 19th, 2017 and the Virgin Islands September 19 – 20, 2017.

25 Sep 2017 description
report Sea Mercy

13 Days that changed the Caribbean

22 Sep 2017 description

This document has been prepared to provide information to Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the IFRC and their partners on the CARICOM institutional and legal framework for regional humanitarian response in case of disaster, which is currently being tested in the context of the response to Category 5 Hurricane IRMA and Category 4 Hurricane MARIA that strongly impacted the Caribbean region.

22 Sep 2017 description
  • Hurricane MARIA continued moving north-west, strengthening. It passed offshore of the Dominican Republic on 21 September and was located 70 km of Grand Turk island on 22 September at 6.00 UTC, as a category 3 hurricane.
  • Heavy rain, strong winds and storm surge could still affect central and southeastern Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands, Puerto Rico, northern and eastern Dominican Republic, northern Haiti as well as US and British Virgin Islands on 22-24 September.
21 Sep 2017 description
  • Hurricane MARIA continued moving west-northwest over the Caribbean Sea, strengthening. It made lanfall near Yabucoa (Puerto Rico) on 20 September at around 10.30 UTC as a category 4 hurricane. On 21 September at 6.00 UTC, it was located 90 km away from the Dominican Republic as a category 3 hurricane.

21 Sep 2017 description
map MapAction

Map showing the track of Hurricane Maria over the Caribbean, their wind speed estimate and forecastpath

20 Sep 2017 description

Tropical Cyclone MARIA-17 : Path and Wind Speed Zones (as of 18 September 2017)

This map illustrates the tropical cyclone MARIA-17 path with low, medium and strong wind impact zones observed and predicted at 18 September 2017. The tropical cyclone path and wind speed zones were derived from Joint Research Centre data (Warning 8 issued the 18 th September 2017 at 09:00 UTC). This is a preliminary analysis and has not yet been validated in the field. Please send ground feedback to UNITARUNOSAT.