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14 Sep 2018 description

This revised Emergency Appeal seeks a total 1,329,991 million Swiss francs, representing a reduction by 361,215 CHF over the initial budget of 1,693,785 million Swiss francs. This reduction reflects the new operational strategy of the Mauritanian Red Crescent (MRC) following the geographic repositioning and implementation constraints. The revised Emergency Appeal focuses on Livelihoods and Health activities, with no significant change in the response sectors in relation to the initial plan of action.

03 Sep 2018 description


  • Le 21 Mai 2018, Une mission “Go and See” de réfugiés ivoiriens en provenance du Togo a été reçu à Noé (frontière Ghana-Cote D’Ivoire). du 22 au 25 Mai, HCR Togo et Cote D’Ivoire ainsi que les partenaires ont assisté les réfugiés à rencontrer les différentes autorités administratives à Abidjan, Divo et Gagnoa et faciliter les échanges sur le processus de rapatriement.

21 Aug 2018 description

Ce rapport d’activité fait la synthèse des activités du Résultat 5, connu également sous le nom de l’initiative de financement des risques de catastrophes en Afrique, appelée « ADRF » (Africa Disaster Risk Financing) ou « l’Initiative ADRF », entre le 1er juillet 2016 et le 30 juin 2017. Ce rapport donne un aperçu des activités accomplies jusqu’à cette date, tout en relevant les priorités et les enjeux à venir.

15 Aug 2018 description

Mauritania hosts over 2,000 urban refugees and asylumseekers and more than 56,000 Malian refugees in Mbera camp established in 2012 in the arid south-eastern region close to the Malian border.

Despite the conclusion of a peace agreement in 2015, large-scale returns of Malian refugees are not expected due to persistent violence in northern Mali. In July alone, 19 new arrivals were registered in Mbera camp.

02 Aug 2018 description

Les crises en Afghanistan, au Bangladesh, en Haïti et dans la région du Sahel parmi les plus sous-financées

01 Aug 2018 description

FAO sounds alarm on overlooked emergencies where humanitarian aid is urgently needed

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Haiti and the Sahel are among most severely underfunded crises

30 Jul 2018 description

Mauritania, Jul 30 2018 (IOM) - Since 2015 IOM, the UN Migration Agency, has been assisting victims of human trafficking in Mauritania. Sahel populations have always been very mobile, but in recent years a complex economic situation and the difficulty of finding jobs has pushed more and more people to seek jobs abroad. Unscrupulous traffickers seize on this desperation by promising men and women well-paid stable jobs away from home.

27 Jul 2018 description


The regional appeal, throughout its first year, has supported 15 emergency operations, including ten Appeals and five DREFs. The latter were/are aiming at meeting the needs of approximately two million

people in 14 countries, including five countries of focus: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia and South-Sudan. For this 12-month report, these operations were asked to provide a brief overview of their key achievements, successes, challenges and key lessons learned over the past year.

Country wise and regional key main achievements

In Countries:

17 Jul 2018 description

Strategic Update

• In May, the Ambassador of European Union visited Mbera camp to have a first-hand account of EU-funded interventions carried out by UNHCR. In the framework of the EU-UNHCR mission, the Ambassador also visited WFP food and nutrition related activities.

11 Jun 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on June 17.

DAKAR, Senegal, Jun 11 2018 (IPS) - Hope, smiles and new vitality seem to be returning slowly but surely in various parts of the Sahel region, where the mighty Sahara Desert has all but ‘eaten’ and degraded huge parts of landscapes, destroying livelihoods and subjecting many communities to extreme poverty.

29 May 2018 description

This Emergency Appeal seeks a total of some 1,693,785 Swiss francs to enable the IFRC to support the Mauritanian Red Crescent Society (MRC) to deliver assistance and support to some 17,400 people for 9 months, with a focus on the following areas of focus and strategies for implementation: Food security, Health (nutrition) and Livelihoods. The planned response reflects the current situation and information available at this time of the evolving operation and will be adjusted based on further developments and more detailed assessments.

25 May 2018 description
report European Commission



10 May 2018 description

Bamako a abrité, du 7 au 8 mai 2018, une réunion de planification sur le programme « Promotion de la Paix et du Développement durables par le renforcement des compétences pour la vie et le travail dans le Sahel ». Cette grande rencontre de deux jours a permis aux participants d’élaborer un cadre de résultats du projet, ainsi qu’un calendrier de mise en œuvre, à travers le partage d’expériences avec des pays du Sahel, mais aussi d’autres pays tels que le Cabo Verde, la Gambie et la Guinée Bissau.