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04 Aug 2009 description
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Lloyd Pierson of the U.S. Africa Development Foundation (USADF) rejects claims that foreign aid has had little impact in Africa. He says aid is most effective when programs are well defined, have proper oversight and get directly to the people they are aimed to help.

10 Jun 2009 description
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Cape Town - The annual report of the Africa Progress Report says that despite authoritarian and corrupt leaders, wars and coups, the overall trend in Africa is towards less conflict, more democracy and greater development.

Selected highlights from its 2009 report:

Progress in the areas of governance and education are mixed, with more democracy and access to education on the one hand, but coups d'etat and low school enrolment still …

22 Aug 2007 description
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Elizabeth Guthrie and Walker Ristau

Flooding has affected millions of Africans throughout the continent in recent days.

From Senegal to Somalia, from Chad to South Africa, hundreds of thousands have been forced from their homes, and many more need food and other supplies. Countries along the Sahel, a stretch of savannah south of the Sahara desert, have been hit particularly hard.