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10 Oct 2012 description
report Maplecroft

'Arab Awakening' countries at increased risk from 2013 food price shock

Despite strong economic growth, food security remains an issue of primary importance for Africa, according to a new study by risk analysis company Maplecroft, which classifies 75% of the continent’s countries at ‘high’ or ‘extreme risk.’

03 Jul 2012 description
map Maplecroft

As highlighted in Maplecroft’s latest security briefing on the Sahel and West Africa, arms circulation in the region has been enhanced by the fall of Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. The collapse of Gaddafi’s regime and weak state presence and capacity in northern Mali have contributed to enhanced arms circulation and helped fuel the conflict in northern Mali. If the degenerating crisis in northern Mali stays unresolved, it is very likely to spread to neighbouring countries and heighten insecurity in the region.

22 Mar 2011 description
report Maplecroft

Lack of stable supplies may lead to future oil price hikes and regional unrest

Extreme water security risks across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) may lead to further increases in global oil prices and heightened political tensions in the future, according to a new study, which rates the region as having the least secure water supplies in the world.

The Water Security Risk Index and map, developed by risk analysis and mapping firm Maplecroft, rates 18 countries at 'extreme risk' with 15 located in …

24 Jun 2010 description
report Maplecroft

Report says cross border tensions will increase globally as climate change affects water resources

A new report evaluating the water security of 165 countries has rated the African nations of Somalia, Mauritania, Sudan and Niger as being most at risk.

The Water Security Risk Index has been developed by Maplecroft, a firm specialising in corporate risk intelligence, to identify risks to the supply chains and operations of multinational companies. The index uses seven indicators to measure the four key areas surrounding the issue.