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27 Feb 2018 description

Legalising migrants can boost economic growth, improve international relations and prevent radicalisation.

Algeria and Morocco have for the past decade been important transit and stopover countries for migrants moving to Europe. Many also stop to seek informal work in Algeria’s $548.3 billion hydrocarbon economy and Morocco’s $257.3 billion diversified economy.

04 Jan 2010 description

Situation Générale en décembre 2009 Prévision jusqu'à ' mi-février 2010

La résurgence du Criquet pèlerin dans l 'ouest de la Mauritanie s 'est terminée en décembre et seules subsistent de petites populations résiduelles. Les criquets se sont concentrés dans le nord du Niger et ont formé de petits groupes qui ont été traités par les équipes nationales de lutte terrestre. Une reproduction à petite échelle a eu lieu dans une zone du Sahara central en Algérie et des traitements ont été effectués.

02 Jul 2009 description
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General Situation during June 2009
Forecast until mid-August 2009

20 Jan 2005 description

In the past week, Desert Locust control operations have declined by about 50% in Morocco and 20% in Algeria. Immature swarms persist in northeast Morocco and in some inaccessible valleys in the Atlas Mountains. Similar populations are present in northern Algeria.

30 Nov 2004 description

Immature adults and a small swarm coming from Northwest Africa reached the Canary Islands of Fuerteventura and Lanzarote in the past few days. In adjacent areas on the mainland, intensive aerial and ground control operations are underway against immature swarms in Morocco and Algeria that continue to arrive from West Africa. The swarms are present in the valleys and plateaux of the Atlas Mountains including the Souss Valley, an important agricultural area.

27 Apr 2004 description

The threat of desert locusts in West and Northwest Africa remains "extremely serious", FAO warned today.

27 April 2004, Rome - Despite intensive control efforts, the threat of desert locusts Northwest Africa remains "extremely serious", FAO warned today.

"Widespread laying, hatching and band formation are in progress in the spring breeding of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria," said Keith Cressman, FAO Locust Officer.

01 Jan 2003 description

Data Sources: United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, United Nations Environment Programme, Population Action International