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20 Dec 2002 description

Montréal, le 20 décembre 2002 - DÉVELOPPEMENT ET PAIX vient d'acheminer une nouvelle somme de 30 000 $ aux victimes de la famine en Afrique australe.

20 Dec 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 20 Dec 2002

11 Dec 2002 description

Hunger. Aids. Poverty. Right now many people living in southern Africa are battling all three at once. The massive food shortage affecting countries in the region is the result of a convergence of factors, some natural, like drought and floods, and some man-made. The HIV/AIDS pandemic is further complicating an already difficult situation for millions of men, women and children -- many of who are being orphaned by the disease and the hunger that is spreading across the region.

09 Dec 2002 description

Food shortages, chronic poverty and HIV/AIDS are expected to leave 14 million people in southern Africa facing hunger early next year.

05 Dec 2002 description
report Mercy Corps

In response to the catastrophic hunger crisis in Africa, the executives of the American humanitarian organizations engaged in food aid and the Executive Director of the United Nations' World Food Program have come together to act. Today, we launch a global campaign to assist more than 34 million people who face the very real risk of death by starvation. This crisis is compounded by the HIV/AIDS pandemic, which is devastating the productive populations of many African countries.

05 Dec 2002 description
report Mercy Corps

More than 34 million at risk of starvation in Africa

04 Dec 2002 description
report Tearfund

Christian relief and development agency Tearfund today thanked supporters for their overwhelming response to its appeal to tackle the famine in Southern Africa.

30 Nov 2002 description
report Oxfam

HIV/AIDS is at the heart of the food crisis affecting millions of people in Southern Africa, and it is only a long-term international response that will break the vicious cycle of disease and hunger, Oxfam Community Aid Abroad said today.

27 Nov 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 27 Nov 2002

20 Nov 2002 description
report Baptist World Aid

Baptist World Aid has reissued its appeal to assist those suffering from the drought in Southern Africa.

  • Our people are forced to eat roots and leaves.

  • Mothers are being forced to scrabble in the dirt to find roots, and pluck any leaves from the trees, to find some way of feeding their children!

  • Maize is being eaten green from the stalk, meaning that it has gone by harvest time!

  • Women will trade anything to get food for their families, including their bodies.

13 Nov 2002 description
report Concern Worldwide

Concern has called on the government to make 'special provision' for the food crisis in Africa by setting aside 30 million in the forthcoming Budget Estimates.
Up to 30 million people in Africa are threatened by continent's worst ever food crisis. Some 14 million people are affected in the southern Africa region, while as many as 16 million may be affected in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

The situation in Ethiopia is so critical that Concern has scaled back other work to concentrate on emergency operations.

13 Nov 2002 description

Shipments from 1995 to March 31, 2002

08 Nov 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 08 Nov 2002

07 Nov 2002 description

"Babies will be the main targets in the supplemental feeding programs that are scheduled to start in Malawi in early November. Other beneficiaries include kids under five, and pregnant and lactating women. CRS will work through health care structures that are already established in the country. Food rations will include corn soy blend, soya, beans, groundnuts, milk, oil, and maize flower.

04 Nov 2002 description

"It's getting worse and worse in Southern Africa," reports Ivan DeKam, CWS Disaster Management Consultant. "By the end of the year, there will be a shortfall of 1.5 million metric tons of food in the countries affected by drought."
He is very pleased by the skill and expertise shown by CWS partners in Africa, though more resources are needed.

01 Nov 2002 description

Extracted from UMCOR Hotline 01 Nov 2002
In Tanzania, many displaced people are returning to their homes. United Methodist Bishop Ntambo has just concluded the Annual Conference session. Members who had been displaced were finally able to attend after a four-year absence. UMCOR is responding with financial resources to help meet of some of the basic needs of returnees. You can help with these new beginnings by contributing to UMCOR Emergency Advance