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20 Jun 2016 description

The 2015 Annual Report covers the essence of the GICHD's work over the past year through its core activities: furthering knowledge, promoting norms and standards and developing in-country and national capacity.

It is organised according to the Centre's three strategic objectives as outlined in the 2015-2018 Strategy. Additional sections explain the GICHD's work on International Humanitarian Law, Outreach, and a description of its Resources and Governance.

13 Nov 2013 description


Mozambique’s mine action programme has evolved through various stages of strategic planning. Although the size and scope of the programme have made planning a challenging undertaking, planning structures have gradually been shaped to make the process more accurate and effective. As the first major mine action programme to be approaching completion of its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention (APMBC), Mozambique’s experience holds many lessons for other mine action programmes.

15 Oct 2013 description

The GICHD held a Survey and Mapping Training in Gondola, Mozambique, from 20 to 26 September. The workshop was a joint collaboration between Mozambique’s National Demining Institute (Instituto Nacional de Desminagem - IND), the UNDP and the GICHD. It covered the various aspects of mapping for the survey and clearance of minefields and included map reading and drawing; GPS and compass skills; mapping for non-technical survey; and completion report mapping.

12 Apr 2013 description


In 2012, the GICHD’s work was guided by the new Strategy 2012-2014 and its two key objectives, which are to accelerate progress towards global clarity on the extent of contamination and to enhance the capacities of national authorities in mine-affected countries.

22 Apr 2005 description


1. During the first three months of the year 2005, the GICHD continued and consolidated its activities in the fields of operational assistance, research and support to instruments of international law. It also started its training initiative in mine action information management (see para. 4 and 11 below).


2. The first core activity of the GICHD is the provision of specific operational support and assistance to on-going mine action activities and programmes, including those run by the UN.