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26 Jan 2018 description

The budget that the government allocated last year for She Decides – to preserve family planning services – has benefited women in a number of countries, including Ethiopia, Yemen, Mali, Bangladesh and Mozambique. She Decides has also supported several programmes covering multiple countries, such as the West African region as a whole. The Netherlands is spending a total of €29 million on She Decides in 2017 and 2018.

22 Sep 2017 description

The Dutch government is giving an additional €4 million to She Decides. She Decides is the international initiative launched by development minister Lilianne Ploumen to safeguard access to family planning for millions of women in developing countries in the face of the US government’s Global Gag Rule. This policy cancels US funding for aid organisations if their services include access to or information about safe abortions.

23 Mar 2012 description

Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen wants companies, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations to join the government in tackling water problems in developing countries. Today, on World Water Day, he launched the Sustainable Water Fund.

28 Feb 2008 description

Development minister Bert Koenders has earmarked €1.5 million in emergency aid for the victims of floods that have hit Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Dutch aid money will be used to provide food, medicine and shelter to some of the 1.3 million people affected. Across the four countries the floods have driven 120,000 people from their homes.

Koenders' pledge is the Dutch response to an appeal for aid by the United Nations.

15 May 2000 description

Minister for Development Cooperation Eveline Herfkens is doubling aid to Mozambique for 2000 and 2001. On top of the regular annual budget, NLG 100 million per year will be made available over a two-year period for rebuilding the country, which has been ravaged by floods. Minister Herfkens made this announcement on Wednesday 3 May at the international donor conference for Mozambique in Rome. Herfkens set the following condition: Mozambique itself must take the lead in reconstruction and the money should be spent responsibly and transparently.

21 Mar 2000 description

Development Cooperation: Onderwerp: press release - Datum: 21 March 2000 - Nummer: 000

The Minister for Development Cooperation has now appropriated a total of 20 million guilders for aid to Mozambique. 10,608,000 guilders have been spent to date.

Overview of expenditure:

11 February: NLG 100,000 to the Mozambique Red Cross.

19 February: NLG 340,000 to the South African Air Force for fuel.

23 February: NLG 1,500,000 in emergency aid to the UN (WFP, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA).

03 Mar 2000 description

Released by Development Cooperation:

Eveline Herfkens, Minister for Development Cooperation, has appropriated a total of 20 million guilders in aid to Mozambique. To date, nearly nine million guilders has been spent.

Fifty rubber dinghies equipped with outboard motors are being flown in to Mozambique on Friday 3 March. The costs, including transport, amount to 450,000 guilders. Ten Ministry of Defence instructor-operators are also being flown in.

24 Feb 2000 description

Eveline Herfkens, Minister for Development Cooperation decided on Thursday 24 February 2000 to release another 5 million guilders in aid to Mozambique - in addition to the nearly 2 million guilders' emergency aid released earlier. Dutch aid to Mozambique now totals 6,930,000 guilders.

Natural disasters have brought Mozambique to its knees in the past few weeks. The day before yesterday cyclone Eline hit the province of Ihambane before forging a path north and causing serious flooding.