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22 Feb 2018 description

This lesson learning paper was developed with the objective of identifying key learnings from the XCSEL project’s mainstreaming of DRR practices over the course of three years working with rural and peri-urban farmers in Mozambique. They key focus was to understand how DRR practices were applied, the key results and to what extent these practices will continue to be applied by the farmers in the future.

21 Sep 2017 description
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The Global Hunger Index (GHI) is designed to comprehensively measure and track hunger globally and by country and region. Calculated each year by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), the GHI highlights successes and failures in hunger reduction and provides insights into the drivers of hunger. By raising awareness and understanding of regional and country differences in hunger, the GHI aims to trigger actions to reduce hunger.

06 Mar 2017 description

“Investing in a response now is an investment for the future”

(MAPUTO, 2 March 2017) - Aid agencies are calling on the international community to assist communities affected by Cyclone Dineo following yesterday’s launch of an appeal by the United Nations.

The agencies work together as the COSACA, a consortium of humanitarian NGOs composed by Concern Worldwide, Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE supporting the Government of Mozambique. The appeal for USD10.2 million will support 150,000 people with lifesaving assistance for the next three months.

01 Aug 2016 description

EU and Austrian Development Cooperation provide 1.6 million Euro to increase resilience and adaptation to climate change

Maputo, 1 August 2016. The European Union and the Austrian Development Cooperation have provided a consortium of international organizations working in Mozambique with 1.6 million Euro to help vulnerable communities adapt to climate change and increase their resilience. Mozambique is experiencing its worst drought in 35 years as a result of the El Niño weather phenomenon.

20 Apr 2016 description
report Concern Worldwide

Persistent drought has devastated Malawi’s crops, leaving millions in need of food aid. Caomihe Debarra, our Country Director in Malawi, told us what she’s seeing on the ground.

Worst crop failure in a generation

15 Dec 2015 description
report Concern Worldwide

This publication is a synthesis of lessons from more than a decade of Concern Worldwide’s disaster risk reduction (DRR) programming in the area of community resilience. Based on research in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Haiti, Mozambique, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Niger, and Ethiopia, this publication describe Concern’s approach to DRR and community resilience and offers lessons and guidance on how to use DRR to build resilience.

The publication presents lessons learned in the following themes:

05 Feb 2015 description
report Concern Worldwide

By Crystal Wells, Senior Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

It was a day like any other. Noemia Mario was working around the house with her four children when a wave of water suddenly came crashing down around them. Within seconds, a flood engulfed the family’s home. Noemia had no time to collect food or belongings. She clutched her children and boarded a passing canoe, surrendering their home and all that they owned to the milky brown deluge.

19 Jan 2015 description
report Concern Worldwide

Heavy rainfall has caused severe flooding across Southern Africa, affecting at least 135,000 people in Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe. The flooding is so widespread in Malawi that the country’s president declared half of the country to be in a state of disaster. The number of people impacted by the floods is likely to increase in the coming days, as more rains are forecasted.


22 Jul 2014 description
report Concern Worldwide

By Crystal Wells, Communications Officer, Concern Worldwide

Orlando Albinho spent much of his 40 years collecting coconuts from the tops of leafy palm trees and selling them in the local market or to nearby factories that made soap and oil from the dried white flesh.

Three years ago, everything changed.

What used to be miles upon miles of coconut groves in and around Quelimane, the provincial capital of Zambezia in central Mozambique, are now forests of matchsticks, their slender trunks barren and stripped of their leaves.

27 May 2014 description
report Concern Worldwide

Message from the Chairperson

As Chairperson I have the great privilege of working with extraordinarily dedicated Council members and staff throughout the organisation. The commitment to working with the poorest people in the developing world and fulfilling our mission is very evident throughout the organisation.

17 May 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

By Maurice Geary, Logistics Advisor, Concern Worldwide

When the rains came in Zambezia Province in central Mozambique, people collected their belongings and left their traditionally built homes behind to head for higher ground. They resettled in scattered pockets, often under very basic shelters constructed from palm leaves held up by stick frames.

07 May 2013 description
report Concern Worldwide

The latest IMF World Economic Outlook highlights a surge in economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. While such a trend is welcome, it should not be a cause for complacency, argues Connell Foley, Director of Strategy with Concern Worldwide

Given the generally negative perceptions of Africa amongst the general public, it is heartening to read the latest IMF World Economic Outlook report suggesting that growth south of the Sahara will hit 6.1% next year.

08 Oct 2012 description
report Concern Worldwide

Posted by Bernadette Murphy

Peter Anderson, head of Concern Worldwide in Northern Ireland, recently travelled to Mozambique. There, he saw the impact of our charity work, tackling hunger and malnutrition in one of Mozambique’s most isolated areas. Watch Peter’s trip on UTV on 9 and 10 October.

Ulster television (UTV), the Newsletter and Press Eye Photography accompanied Peter on his trip.

30 May 2011 description
report Concern Worldwide

Foreword from the Chief Executive Officer

15 Apr 2008 description
report Concern Worldwide

Following the flooding of the Zambezi valley in Mozambique, Concern was quick to respond with much-needed help. Now, as the heavy rain has stopped, these emergency activities are coming to a close.

Though the floods are receding, there is still a lot a work to be done. 100,000 people have had to leave their homes, and are now living in resettlement zones along the banks of the Zambezi.

06 Mar 2008 description
report Concern Worldwide

Over 100,000 people are homeless as a result of the flooding in Mozambique. The government has reported that 258,000 people are in need of food, water and sanitation.

Though water levels have been dropping, Mozambique is still in the middle of the rainy season. As such, it won't take much for the situation in the country to deteriorate again in the days and weeks to come. Some estimates predict that Cyclone Ivan is expected to lead to more rainfall in the coastal belt of the country.

As a result of the flooding, cholera is now becoming a serious problem.

04 Feb 2008 description
report Concern Worldwide

Concern staff members Silvia Collazuol and Nyararai Magudu, recently visited Tambara District in Mozambique and reported their findings to the web team. Here are their reports in their own words.

Silvia Collazuol, Concern's National Education Coordinator:

'Mozambique has been hit by floods again, nine months after the waters receded in 2007.

23 Jan 2008 description
report Concern Worldwide

Heavy rains in Mozambique have begun earlier than predicted, causing the Zambezi River to overflow, which has resulted in devastating floods. The United Nations warned last week that Mozambique's floods could be the worst in recent memory. During the last several days, 50,000 people have been displaced-losing their homes and possessions.

The situation is serious. More rainfall is expected, and if the waters continue to rise, as many as one million people could be affected.


Every year around January, the Zambezi River floods.

22 Jan 2008 description
report Concern Worldwide

Remko Berkhout, Concern's Country Director in Mozambique, reports from the flood-affected areas in central Mozambique, giving impressions from the search and rescue missions that Concern have been participating in since early January.

"We're not going and that's the end of it!" says Carlos leaning back against a coconut palm, staring stubbornly past us into the bush. There are pots boiling on a stove. Three children are playing around, chasing a chicken.