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26 Oct 2016 description

Mozambique: Current (Jul.-Sept.2016) and Projected (Oct.16-Feb.17) Acute Malnutrition situation

Out of the 11 provinces analysed, 2 provinces (Sofala and Zambezia) are in alert and/or serious situation with regards to the levels of acute malnutrition according to the IPC for Acute Malnutrition and one Cabo Delgado is in critical condition.

Current Acute Malnutrtion Situation - July-September 2016

01 Jul 2016 description

Inside the issue

IPC Global News and Features…………..1

  • Working at full Speed in 2016.

  • A "New and Renewed "IPC Global Partnership

  • gFSC and IPC Strengthening their Cooperation

  • Towards a full Harmonized IPC Classification System

-E-learning Course on IPC Version 2.0

IPC Regions and Countries…….…………..3

  • IPC in East and Central Africa

  • IPC in Southern Africa

  • IPC support to CH in West Africa

28 Aug 2015 description

Le septième numéro du Bulletin d’information IPC met en évidence des initiatives importantes et les majeurs développements au niveau mondial, parmi eux : un aperçu du 3ème Evénement Global de l’IPC, organisé dans le cadre de l' Expo Milano 2015, la nouvelle Stratégie d'assurance de la qualité, conformité et apprentissage de l'IPC de l’IPC, le prototype de l’Analyse Indicative IPC, et le partenariat renforcé entre l'IPC et la Commission Européenne.

28 Aug 2015 description

The seventh issue of the IPC Newsletter highlights important initiatives and developments undertaken at global level, among them: insights from the 3rd IPC Global Event, held in the framework of the EXPO Milano 2015, the new IPC Quality Assurance, Compliance and Learning Strategy, the prototype IPC Indicative Analysis, and the strengthened partnership between IPC and the European Commission.

This issue also features recent IPC impacts, results and progress achieved at regional and country level in Africa, Latin America, Asia & Near East.

31 Jul 2013 description

The IPC Team is very delighted to announce the launch of the new IPC Newsletter, which has been redesigned to include feature stories, as well as regular briefing sections of regional IPC news updates and upcoming IPC events. The IPC Newsletter will be issued on a quarterly basis and aims to keep stakeholders and partners informed on on-going IPC activities and results, both globally and in the different regions around the world.