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22 Sep 2015 description

The Mozambican government has signed an accord with international institutions and donors for an aid package regarding the 2016-2020 period, reports the AIM national news agency.

The deal was signed by the World Bank, African Development Bank, European Union Commission, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Austria and Canada. In respect to the previous accord for 2009-2015, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Denmark did not sign.

04 Jun 2014 description

The former rebels of the RENAMO (Mozambican National Resistance) claimed attacks conducted this morning in the central Sofala region, reports the national AIM news agency.

15 Aug 2012 description

The drought striking various areas across the globe, including the US, is causing a sharp rise in the price of certain commodities, in particular maize. According to the South African media, the decline in maize production and therefore drop in availability has boosted the price by 40 percent in respect to the same period last year, due also to the weakness of the rand in respect to the US dollar.

01 Oct 2008 description

"While people are willing to leave the camps, they need at least the basic conditions such as not to end up on the street, with enough money to rent an apartment or buy food for a few months, while being able to sign up children in schools": such are the expectations of the migrants who have been forced out of their homes in the wake of the wave of xenophobic violence last spring.

05 Jun 2008 description

D'ici fin juillet les immigrés actuellement hébergés dans des camps d'accueil regagneront leurs quartiers d'origine et ceux qui le souhaiteront seront aidés pour rejoindre leur patrie. C'est ce qu'a déclaré à la télévision sud-africaine Dorothy Mahlangu, ministre de la province du Gauteng, la plus frappée par les attaques contre les étrangers engagées le 11 mai, d'une durée deux semaines, ayant fait au moins 62 victimes et 670 blessés.