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06 Dec 2015 description

Irish Aid funds a CARE* programme in Mozambique, which seeks to enhance food security by giving farmers the knowledge and training to adapt to climate change. The programme also aims to empower the most vulnerable, in particular women, across households, communities and local authorities

Mozambique is considered to be highly vulnerable to climate change. 75% of the country’s population depend on agriculture for a living but increasing temperatures and erratic rainfall are causing droughts and crop failures.

20 Feb 2007 description

Conor Lenihan TD, Minister of State for Irish Aid and Human Rights, today announced disaster relief funding of €750,000 for the populations affected by severe flooding in Mozambique.

Ireland is one of the first responders to the Mozambique floods. The funding will be made available immediately to key Irish NGOs and international partners.

22 Jun 2006 description

Approximately 250,000 mines were laid in Mozambique during Mozambique's struggle for independence (1964-75) and during the civil war that followed (1975-92)

Halo Trust, one of the most prominent international de-mining organisations, is about to end its operations in the Niassa Province in northern Mozambique, having helped locate all of the mines capable of being found.

31 Mar 2006 description

Emergency & Recovery, Food Security, United Nations - United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP)

28 Dec 2005 description

Conor Lenihan T.D., Minister of State for Development Cooperation and Human Rights, today announced details of a humanitarian and recovery aid package of over €12.8 million for Africa and the Middle East.

11 Nov 2005 description

MAPUTO - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today welcomed a donation of 500,000 Euros (14.7 billion Meticais) from the Irish Government which will be used to assist Mozambicans affected by the country's fourth consecutive year of drought.

"WFP is grateful for Ireland's support to Mozambique as it comes at a critical time ahead of the 'hunger season' which runs from January to March and is when food is typically in short supply and usually unaffordable by the poorest people," said Angela Van Rynbach, WFP Country Director.

18 Dec 2002 description

I am delighted to have the opportunity today to address the Foreign Affairs Committee on the subject of the food crises in the Horn of Africa and in southern Africa.

As we look forward to Christmas the figures concerning famine emanating from Africa are stark. They serve as a damning indictment of our collective failure to address the needs of the most vulnerable at the beginning of a new millennium.

It is estimated that at least 28 million people will be affected by the current food shortages in the Horn of Africa and southern Africa.

10 Jul 2002 description

Mr. Tom Kitt, TD, the Minister of State with Special Responsibility for Overseas Development Assistance & Human Rights, today announced a major new package of Government funding of 3.69 million in support of emergency responses to the massive food shortages which are already taking a tragic human toll across Southern Africa, saying,

18 Mar 2001 description

Liz O'Donnell T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs (with Special Responsibility for Overseas Development Assistance and Human Rights), has announced an unprecedented package of humanitarian and rehabilitation assistance to benefit 21 of the world's poorest and crisis-stricken countries.

08 Mar 2000 description

Liz O'Donnell T.D., Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, has announced the allocation of =A3650,000 to enable the Mozambican authorities to purchase urgently-needed medical supplies for emergency relief.

These funds had originally been allocated in the Ireland Aid Mozambique budget for essential supplies for the Mozambican health services as part of a health sector support programme funded by Ireland and other donors.

06 Mar 2000 description

Ms. Liz O'Donnell, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Foreign Affairs, has called for urgent action on Mozambique debt. Together with her Danish colleague, Jan Trøjberg, the Minister has made a formal request to the President of the World Bank, Mr. Jim Wolfensohn, to convene a donor conference to mobilise the resources needed to re-build Mozambique's shattered infrastructure.

"I fully support the call by the Mozambique Government for early additional debt relief.