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17 Oct 2017 description
report European Union

On Monday 16 October 2017 the Council adopted the EU Annual Report on Human Rights And Democracy in the World in 2016.

2016 was a challenging year for human rights and democracy, with a shrinking space for civil society and complex humanitarian and political crises emerging. In this context, the European Union showed leadership and remained strongly committed to promote and protect human rights and democracy across the world.

31 Mar 2017 description
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Résumé Exécutif

Le monde doit aujourd’hui répondre à un appel à la mobilisation sans précédent face à la situation de quatre pays menacés par la famine, et à la demande croissante d’aide humanitaire et de résilience. Dans ce contexte, il est de la plus haute importance d’informer la communauté de la sécurité alimentaire à l’échelle mondiale et nationale, quant au risque de crises alimentaires et à la sévérité de ces crises. Les parties prenantes ont largement investi dans l’analyse de la sécurité alimentaire et les systèmes d’alerte précoce afin de mieux prévenir et répondre aux crises alimentaires.

21 Oct 2014 description
report European Union

Maputo, 21 October 2014 - The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) has been observing the counting and tabulation processes in all provinces of the country. Despite an orderly election day, these processes have encountered many difficulties and adversities, according to EU observers, stemming from lack of organizational and awareness of tabulation procedures, faulty handling of voting 'actas' and materials and lengthy tabulation methods. Tabulation was in many cases started at provincial level without finishing at district level.

04 Feb 2014 description

Urgent aid to the Central African Republic also discussed at UNICEF Executive Board meeting

NEW YORK, 4 February 2014 – The European Union announced today that it has allocated €320 million ($431 million) through UNICEF to improve the health and nutrition of children and women in 15 developing countries and to help speed progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

04 Feb 2014 description

La question d’une aide humanitaire d’urgence pour la République centrafricaine a également été discutée lors de la réunion du Conseil d’administration de l’UNICEF

NEW YORK, 4 février 2014 – L’Union européenne a annoncé aujourd’hui l’octroi de 320 millions d’euros (431 millions de dollars É.-U.) par l’intermédiaire de l’UNICEF pour améliorer la santé et l’alimentation des enfants et des femmes dans quinze pays en développement et pour permettre d’accélérer les progrès vers la réalisation des Objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement (OMD).

18 Jul 2012 description
report European Union

Reference: MEMO/12/573 Date: 18/07/2012

Brussels, 18 July 2012

The main areas of cooperation between the EU and Mozambique - which has increased over the past few years - include rural development, transport infrastructure and regional economic integration, as well as support for the overall economy (macro-economic stability).

27 Mar 2012 description
Country Brief
Price Analysis

Key Messages

  • Maize prices remained stable during the last quarter of 2011 and beginning of 2012.

  • Overall food security is satisfactory, but some 250,000 people, mostly from the southern provinces, were affected by production losses in 2011, and require assistance.

  • At the beginning of 2012, tropical cyclones caused localized flooding with consequent crop damage in the southern areas.

12 Dec 2011 description
report European Union

Brussels, 12 December 2011

The Council today approved the concept for a new Common Security and Defence Policy mission to support regional maritime capacity building in the Horn of Africa and Western Indian Ocean states. This decision kicks off operational planning for the mission.

31 Oct 2011 description
Country Brief
Annex: Price Analysis

Key Messages

Maize prices increased slightly, with the highest prices recorded in the south where the purchasing power of poor and very poor households is limited.

Overall food security is satisfactory, but areas of concern remain in areas affected by production losses and high food prices.

Despite a dry spell and localised flooding in the first months of the year, national cereal production increased by 5% in 2011.

The Government has implemented measures to support production, but reduced the subsidy on wheat. Social support programs are in place.

21 May 2011 description

Key Messages

In most markets, monthly maize prices have decreased in the reference period due to the beginning of harvests; however prices remain at high levels. Nominal maize price has reached or exceeded the highest levels observed in 2008.

Overall, the national food security situation is satisfactory thanks to newly harvested maize crops available on markets; however different agencies report an alarming situation of hunger and undernourishment.

30 Jan 2011 description
report European Union

The Briefing Note “Mapping EU Support for Sanitation in Africa is based on a full study by WEDC. The purpose of the study is to obtain an overview of the status of the involvement of EU Member States and the European Commission in sanitation-related activities in Africa. It is anticipated that the findings of this work will have the potential to be used for both arguing for greater priority for sanitation within the international architecture and also for individual donors to use in discussing their own Official Development Assistance (ODA).

31 Dec 2010 description

Key Messages

High prices are limiting the purchasing power of most poor households who are now relying on markets.

Food insecurity is reported in Central and Southern regions with an estimated 350,000 people requiring food assistance in the short term.

Food security conditions in the country were not affected by civil insecurity or particular natural hazards during the reporting period, however there are risks of calamities that could damage crop and livelihoods in the coming season.

The Government is implementing policies to support agricultural production and productivity

04 Jun 2010 description
report European Union


Bruxelles, le 4 juin 2010

Réunion entre la Commission européenne et la Commission de l'Union africaine à Addis-Abeba

Le 8 juin, le président de la Commission européenne, José Manuel Barroso, conduira une délégation composée de dix commissaires lors d'une réunion à Addis-Abeba avec la Commission de l'Union africaine.

04 Jun 2010 description
report European Union


Brussels, 4 June 2010

Meeting between the European Commission and the African Union Commission in Addis Ababa

On 8 June the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso will lead a delegation of 10 Commissioners for a meeting in Addis Ababa with the Commission of the African Union. It will be an opportunity to enhance institutional cooperation between the two organizations and to give fresh impetus to the implementation of the Africa-EU Strategy and its 2008-2010 Action Plan.

31 May 2010 description

Key Messages

  • Maize prices have started to rise in many areas but have stabilized in Maputo markets.
  • Food security has been widely affected by drought and localized floods which have caused significant damages to areas planted in several provinces.
  • Different agencies agree on a very high and alarming scale of hunger in the long term.
  • The government is supporting producers for the second season crops.

Mozambique has a total population of 21.78 million with a 1% annual growth rate; 74% of the population lives below the poverty line of 1$ per day; 38% is …

28 Feb 2010 description

Key Messages

Cereal prices have stabilized, but are still very high, restricting normal food access.

Cereal harvest can be affected by below average rainfall in the south and central regions, where the dry spell had already negatively impacted on food security.

Pockets of food insecurity remain in several areas hence agencies agree on a very high and alarming problem of hunger in the long term.

The government is supporting producers through an input distribution programme.

17 Nov 2009 description
report European Union

2974th EXTERNAL RELATIONS Council meeting

16 Jul 2009 description

A few words from the Ambassador

Dear Reader, Cher lecteur,

I'm proud to present to you LINK!, the first newsletter from the European Union Delegation to the African Union, in joint cooperation with all EU Member States representations to the AU.

The establishment of the EU Delegation to the AU last year was an important political statement by the EU: the recognition that the AU and its Commission had become a strategic partner in our relations with Africa, and that, if we wanted to be taken seriously in this partnership, we had to strengthen our presence in Addis.

30 Jun 2009 description

L'année 2008 a été une année de défis pour l'Union européenne et ses partenaires en développement de par le monde. La capacité de l'UE à honorer les engagements en cours en matière d'aides et à répondre à de nouveaux besoins a été mise à l'épreuve par la flambée des prix des denrées alimentaires et de l'énergie et par la crise financière mondiale. La Commission européenne a réagi rapidement pour atténuer l'impact des prix alimentaires élevés sur les pays pauvres.