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03 Jan 2014 description
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Malawi is the latest country to join an advocacy initiative by UN Women which urges leaders to make new and concrete national commitments to end violence against women and girls.

A call for greater action to prevent and control breast and cervical cancers

25 Jun 2013 description
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La violence physique ou sexuelle est un problème de santé publique qui touche plus d’un tiers des femmes dans le monde. Cette étude de l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) relève également que la violence du partenaire intime est la forme la plus courante et elle touche 30% des femmes à l’échelle mondiale.

31 Jan 2013 description
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The Mozambican government and aid organizations are struggling to respond to the needs of 150,000 people displaced by recent flooding in the country's southern Gaza Province, says the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

Residents of Chókwè, one of the worst-affected districts, were forced to flee to higher ground when water levels in the Limpopo River started rising rapidly on 22 January.

07 Sep 2010 description
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An increase in the price of bread which sparked three days of riots in Mozambique has been reversed by the government.

Thirteen people died and 400 people were arrested during the riots last week.

The government has pledged to return to the previous price by introducing a subsidy.

Mozambique grows only 30 percent of its wheat needs and has to import the remainder.

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Olivier De Schutter, says governments need to take urgent …

21 May 2009 description
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At a meeting of the Food Agricultural Organization in Rome last year, The United Nations approved the idea of a "doomsday vault" or global seed bank to save humanity.This vault would be safe from any natural or man made disasters, and out of reach of any nuclear bomb. UN Radio's Jocelyne Sambira reports.

NARR: Not far from the North Pole, in a Norwegian town called Svalbard, is a secure deposit room representing varieties of crops from around the world.

01 Feb 2008 description
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The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund has given more than half a million dollars to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to help thousands of families affected by floods in Mozambique.

The people in the flood plains of the lower Zambezi and Save Rivers will receive emergency shelter and non-food assistance, including plastic sheeting, tarpaulins, building tools and materials, as well as household kits.

IOM spokesperson Jemini Pandya says her agency is particularly targeting …

20 Feb 2007 description
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The International Federation of the Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal for more than $5 million to support the Mozambique Red Cross in responding to flooding in the country.

Spokeswoman Anna Nelson says the money will help provide thousands of tarpaulins, blankets and kitchen sets as well as clean drinking water:

"The operation aims to provide shelter to 100-thousand people in the four affected provinces as well as the distribution of 5-thousand tents."

The International …