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21 Dec 2017 description

The latest version of the Fair ‘n Square website, which was first launched in 2015 by Handicap International (HI) in conjunction with UNICEF, looks at the ways in which children and adults with disabilities in Mozambique are discriminated against on a daily basis.

01 Dec 2015 description

*Mozambique was declared free of landmines in September 2015. Handicap International played a leading role there since launching its demining efforts in 1998. Deminers have since cleared more than 16 million square meters of land, neutralized 6,000 antipersonnel mines and 5,000 unexploded remnants of war. Grégory Le Blanc, Handicap International’s Head of Mission in the country, explains the benefits of this demining for the people of Mozambique who, until very recently, lived under the constant threat of mines. *

17 Sep 2015 description

Mozambique was officially declared mine-free on Thursday, Sept. 17. As one of the country’s main mine operators, Handicap International hailed the announcement as a victory for the people of Mozambique. Liberated from this threat, which has caused thousands of casualties, Mozambicans can finally turn the page on this chapter of their history, and enjoy the opportunities for growth that were previously impossible with so many landmines present.

23 Jun 2014 description

At the opening of a conference to review the progress of the Mine Ban Treaty, Mozambique, the summit’s host, is expected to announce the imminent completion of mine clearance activities on its territory. Handicap International welcomes this major achievement by Mozambique, once one of the most mined countries in the world.

23 Aug 2013 description

When meningitis finnished running a brutal course through little Shany Hermínio’s body, she was left with psychological and physical developmental delays. At first, her family lived close to a hospital, and her mother could bring Shany to a rehabilitation clinic for physical therapy. But when the family moved to Malhangalene, one of Maputo, Mozambique’s poorer, rundown neighborhoods, trips to the hospital proved too costly. Shany’s rehabilitation stopped.

18 Jul 2013 description

Usko the German Shepard stands alert, waiting for his handler Norberto’s command as they face a narrow strip of land marked off by bright tape. It looks like an ordinary piece of land—a grassy patch ready for use as a garden or a children’s play area.

But in Mozambique, where countless landmines were laid over decades of war, a seemingly safe piece of land cannot always be trusted. This area is a suspected mine field, threatening any who enter.

08 Mar 2012 description

Handicap International has been performing humanitarian demining actions in countries affected by anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions for over 20 years. These demining and mine clearance activities aim to restore land and livelihoods to local people. Most accidents caused by explosive devices occur during daily activities such as harvesting and gathering food or collecting wood. Some farmers cultivate marked mine fields at the risk of their lives because they have no other way of feeding themselves, their family or community.

01 Mar 2012 description

For over 20 years, Handicap International has been implementing humanitarian mine clearance actions in countries contaminated by antipersonnel mines, notably in Mozambique. The organisation began its activities in the country in 1986, with an emergency intervention in the context of the civil war (setting up orthopaedic workshops and physiotherapy services). The first mine clearance operations were launched in 1998. Implemented by a range of stakeholders (NGOs, government etc.) the work to clear the country of mines is still underway today.

06 Oct 2011 description

Executive summary

Children with disabilities from around the world are suffering from sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and verbal sexual abuse. This affects both boys and girls. It is a gross violation of their rights.

30 Sep 2009 description


Korab Mula (27) from Albania lost his two arms and injured both legs when he stepped on a mine and then fell on another one in June 2000. With international assistance, he was fitted with conventional prosthetic arms, but they give him problems and he cannot use them which has caused him to feel dejected and depressed. Only with more advanced electronic prostheses, which are not available in Albania, does Korab stand a realistic chance to train up for a job, and even get married.

29 Feb 2008 description

Our projects and our team

In 2007, we were responsible for monitoring five overseas projects funded by two Canadian donors:

1. A landmine clearance project in Mozambique. This project is cause supported by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)'s Mine Action Unit (MAU) and the Social Justice Fund of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Union.

2. A socioeconomic reinsertion project in Angola. This project is financed by the CAW Social Justice Fund.

3. In Burundi, a Mine Risk Education and victim assistance project. This project is supported by CIDA's MAU.


27 Mar 2007 description

On Thursday 22 March a series of blasts occurred at a military armoury killing 101 people and injuring close to 500. Rockets and artillery shells rained down on populated areas, some of them exploding in people's houses. About 20 tonnes of military equipment, some of it dating back to the country's civil war in the 1970s and 1980s, was stored at the site.

17 Mar 2000 description

Depuis dimanche dernier les pluies ont repris dans la région de Save. Plus grave, les prévisions météorologiques annoncent des pluies jusqu'à la fin de la semaine sur l'Afrique Australe : Botswana, Zimbabwe, Afrique du Sud et Mozambique. Nous reproduisons ci-dessous les derniers éléments adressés par Nicolas Bordet, le Directeur de notre équipe à Maputo et dans la province d'Inhambane :

15 Mar 2000 description

Nous avons reçu hier ce témoignage de notre équipe dans la province d'Inhambane au Mozambique, où la pluie continue de tomber.

14 Mar 2000 description

Le Mozambique fait face aux plus graves inondations depuis cinquante ans en Afrique Australe. Après trois semaines d'inondations catastrophiques, les eaux ont commencé à se retirer, laissant apparaître des paysages dévastés. Malheureusement, les pluies ont redémarrées rendant les conditions de vie et l'organisation de l'aide plus difficiles encore.