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03 Mar 2000 description

The US announced Wednesday it will send in 900 rescue troops, but the nation's still in dire need.

Corinna Schuler - Special to The Christian Science Monitor

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE - Maj. Heinz Katzke saves hundreds of lives a day. But when the fuel runs out, and the sun goes down, the South African military pilot wearily, but reluctantly, sets his chopper back down on the tarmac at Maputo International Airport.

Each night for the past week, thousands of stranded people in Mozambique's flood zone have been left behind. "You see the people below on rooftops and trees ...

29 Feb 2000 description

By yesterday, three weeks of pouring rain and cyclones had left 1 million homeless.

Corinna Schuler - Special to The Christian Science Monitor

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - Helicopters raced to save Mozambican villagers who were clinging to trees and rooftops yesterday, as floodwaters ravaged southern Africa for the third straight week.

"Our pilots have seen people sitting on rooftops as the waters were rising ... unable to reach them," says a shaken Maj.