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23 Aug 2015 description
report Tearfund

By Mark Lang

First the floods came, then the cholera but neither have stopped the local church saving lives in Mozambique.

Heavy rains in January left a huge swathe of the country under several feet of water, killing 158 people and affecting 160,000 others, with 50,000 being made homeless.

But training by Tearfund partner Codesa to make local churches more outward-looking and focused on people’s physical needs as well as their spiritual ones, has proved invaluable in limiting the suffering of survivors.

26 Jan 2015 description
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Across Mozambique, flooding has killed dozens of people, disrupted the lives of 90,000 others, destroyed 10,000 houses and brought down bridges and power supplies in Zambezia Province, according to Tearfund.

Over the weekend (from 24 January onwards), the Anglican Diocese of Niassa, one of Tearfund partners in Mozambique, will send response teams to some of the worse affected areas: Milange, Morrumbala and Mocuba districts in Zambezia province, and Mecanheles district in Niassa province.

06 Mar 2012 description
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Tearfund partners are supplying emergency aid to people affected by the worst tropical storms to hit Mozambique in years.

Winds of more than 130mph and torrential rains recently struck the country’s coast causing severe flooding which has wrecked thousands of homes, agricultural livelihoods and infrastructure.

The provinces of Maputo, Gaza and Zambezia in southern and central Mozambique took the brunt of cyclones Dando and Funso and heavy rains caused major flooding along the Incomati, Limpopo, Umbeluzi rivers in the south and many more rivers in Zambezia province.

27 Oct 2009 description
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Poor communities in Mozambique are finding a dogged and determined advocate for their rights in the form of the local church.

This is illustrated by the progress that's been made persuading the country's government to understand and respond to the needs of those living with HIV.

Tearfund partner Rede Christa, which is Portuguese for Christ's Network and is made up of Christian charities and agencies, was formed to mobilise the local church to speak out and act on HIV.

The statistics show why it was spurred on to do so; out of a population of 21 million, 1.5 million …

11 Mar 2003 description
report Tearfund

A major humanitarian emergency in Iraq could plunge millions of people facing food shortages in Africa further into crisis if world attention and aid efforts are redirected to the Gulf, says Christian relief and development agency Tearfund.

04 Dec 2002 description
report Tearfund

Christian relief and development agency Tearfund today thanked supporters for their overwhelming response to its appeal to tackle the famine in Southern Africa.

08 Oct 2002 description
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Christian relief and development agency Tearfund today thanked supporters for their overwhelming response to its appeal to prevent famine in Southern Africa. More than =A34.3 million has been pledged since the appeal was launched in June this year, enabling Tearfund partners in the region to help ease the effects of the devastating food crisis.

29 Aug 2002 description
report Tearfund

Relief and development agency Tearfund today thanked its supporters for raising £4 million to help ease the desperate food shortages in Southern Africa. The appeal total continues to rise.

26 Jul 2002 description
report Tearfund

14m people across southern Africa face the prospect of starvation and disease epidemics as famine threatens the region.

10 Jun 2002 description
report Tearfund

Tearfund, one of the UK's largest relief agencies, is this week launching an emergency appeal for funds as millions of people across southern Africa face desperate food shortages. The agency's partners in the region believe a humanitarian catastrophe will unfold in the coming months if rapid international action is not taken.

28 Feb 2000 description
report Tearfund

Churches in flood-ravaged Mozambique have launched emergency aid programmes to care for people made homeless by the devastating torrential rains and tropical cyclone which have hit the country in recent weeks.